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Bridge your “generation” gap with Rock Band, The Who

July 3, 2008

townsend.jpgSo you don’t agree with your kids’ choice in rock music? Don’t like the sounds of Green Day or Good Charlotte or, perhaps, you’ve never even heard of those bands. Well, parents take heart, you can school your kids about iconic 1960s hits from British Invasion superband The Who on the video game, “Rock Band,” which maybe your kids have or want to have.

The makers of the best-selling video game will release twelve downloadable songs from The Who on July 15, including legendary hits such as “My Generation” and “Who Are You.”

“I’m of fan of ‘Rock Band,’” Who guitarist Pete Townsend said on the band’s website. “I play the game with my son and girlfriend and love the way it brings different generations together through music. I like the idea that people of all ages will be having fun playing our songs.”

“Rock Band” makers Harmonix Music Systems Inc, Electronic Arts and MTV Games consulted with Townsend and Who lead singer Roger Daltrey to hand pick the twelve songs. A list can be found on The Who’s Web site,

The release of The Who’s songs on “Rock Band” comes on the heels of another famed rock group’s video game launch. Rival Activision released its latest addition to the Guitar Hero series, “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith,” last Friday. The game features 30 Aerosmith hits and caricature versions of band members rocking out on stage.

Let the video game battle of the bands begin.

(Reporting by Jennifer Martinez)


so what? Those games are terrible

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

The who are just kids – at the Glastonbury festival last week Leonard Cohen (75) wowed the audience


rock and roll will never die…my generation is a new generation – gaming. cooool. sign me up

Posted by spike | Report as abusive

Kids don’t agree with their parents choice of music? Don’t kid yourself. My 13 year old daughter doesn’t need a video game to introduce her to the great music of the Who. She’s found out all by herself!

Posted by Stephen Roden | Report as abusive

I’m 19, and I don’t listen to any new music, really. Classic Rock is the only actual rock, in my eyes. The Who being on Rock Band makes them even cooler to me – I love both Rock Band and The Who, so it’s awesome. Can’t wait to play Baba O’Riley!

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

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