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Creation Festival: rock’n'roll but no sex and drugs

July 7, 2008

creation4.jpgMOUNT UNION, Pa. – From Woodstock to Glastonbury, summer music festivals have long been heaven for kids wanting to get in trouble a long way from home.

Creation is different. One of the biggest Christian music festivals in the United States, it has a dress code (no bare bellies for girls, shirts to be worn at all times by both sexes) and alcohol and drugs are strictly off limits.

Click here to see the Reuters story about the festival and an audio slideshow.

Amy Grant , a pioneer in Christian music who made a surprise appearance at Creation last month, said most of the 70,000 people attending the festival listen to secular as well as Christian music. She attended the Bonnaroo festival as a fan herself.

“I loved it and I thought I can’t believe there’s nobody here singing about Jesus,” she said.

“Creation is unique in that it’s all bands and people who sing about faith so you’re having this unbelievabably earthy experience out in the middle of nature and connecting with the Creator,” she said.

amygrant.jpgShe was a pioneer on the Christian music scene in the 1980s and 1990s but after a divorce and a move into the mainstream, Grant admits she “fell off the map” for a while.

She stepped back into the limelight at Creation, making a surprise appearance with Hawk Nelson, a band whose members are around half her age.

Her appearance raised eyebrows among some in the crowd who said there were mixed feelings towards an artist seen as having abandoned Christian music for a time.

But Grant, 47, said she didn’t feel like it was a “return to the fold,” and the only reason she felt nervous before going on stage was that she hadn’t been touring for a while.

“I didn’t really feel out of the fold,” she told Reuters in an interview.  “I don’t think there’s a 15-year-old out there that had that impression and I didn’t have that impression.”

PICTURE: Reuters/Mike Segar


Music without drugs, there is a novel idea. Maybe they can aspire to likes of the back street boys… Good artists use drugs, im not sure why, but if thats what it takes to have inspired music, so be it.

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