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HBO eager for more big-screen ‘Sex in the City’

July 11, 2008

Ladies, get ready to gulp more Cosmopolitans. Enthused by the box office success of the recent “Sex and the City” movie, HBO executives are working with distributorsexcity2.jpg Warner Bros. to lay the groundwork for a big-screen sequel. That word from HBO’s programming president, Michael Lombardo, who told a group of TV critics yesterday that interest in a follow-up film at Warner Bros. is “enormous.” Think Mr. Big.

“They’re trying with our help to put that together now,” he said. “Everybody associated with that project was really heartened by the enthusiasm from fans …  so absolutely — there’s a lot of energy behind thinking about another ‘Sex and the City’ movie.” As for when the film might materialize, he added, “I can’t say.”

Warner Bros. had nothing official to add, though a studio insider said plans for a “Sex” sequel were only in their infancy. The first film is still playing at the multiplex.

Coming to theaters four years after ending their six-season run on HBO, columnist Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) and her gal pals unleashed a frenzy among the show’s female fans, who organized large catherings to catch up with their heroines’ exploits. The movie also proved a marketing bonanza for designer merchandise. Since its May 30 release, the film has grossed nearly $345 million worldwide, easily ranking as one of the biggest chick flicks of all time.


The thought of a sequel is great,but i believe that the final minutes of the film closes the story perfect.The TV series started with a birthday celebration(Miranda’s Birthday) and the film ended with Samantha’s Birthday.Also the words “4 women entered a new phase in their lives” and the images of younger 4 women groups going to the clubs doesn’t leave anything more to be told by Carrie and her friends.It is like passing the torch to the next generation of women.But of course the producers may have something else in their minds.

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Steves recent challenge on whether Karl Rove should be a analyst for Fox News shows severe neural limitations. All one needs to do is watch any Sunday news show, MSNBC, CNN etc and you would find most of analysts have worked for a President or were a major player in a presidential campaign. I would wager that Steve is actually aware of this fact however, and it is more of an attempt to get Rove canned from Fox News because he is provides a shrewd political observation and threatens the whitewash being given to Barack Hussein Obama.

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