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Christie Brinkley says won’t marry again

July 12, 2008

brinkley.jpgModel Christie Brinkley walked away from a brutal divorce trial agreeing to pay $2.1 million to her ex-husband, Peter Cook, whose dirty laundry was aired in court in testimony describing his affair with a teenage assistant and how he ponied up $300,000 to keep her from tellling anyone.
And so it may come as little surprise that Brinkley, 54, a 1980s magazine glamour queen who has been married four times, has no plans to head back to the altar.
“I’m not going to marry again,” Brinkley told the New York Post in a story published online on Friday.
“I know too much about the marriage laws and divorce laws,” she said. “Getting cook.jpgmarried again would not be a very intelligent thing to do.”
Cook will probably be remembered as Brinkley’s most notorious husband, after five days of testimony that revealed his $3,000-a-month porn habit and the lengths he went to keep his affair with then 18-year-old Diana Bianchi a secret.
The New York Post reported that brinkley2.jpgBrinkley’s estate is worth an estimated $60 million, and that she gets to keep her 18 houses in the divorce settlement.
Brinkley, who was photographed in stylish clothes as she came and left the courtroom, said there was one good reason to settle the case.
“I was down to my last outfit!” she joked. “It had to end.”
    (Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


I think Brinkley is a gold digger and jumps from one man to the next.

Posted by Tania Cook | Report as abusive

What a shame, she seems such a nice person but met this horrid, repulsive man.

Why on earth should she have to have a divorce “settlement”?
He committed adultery = Grounds for divorce = Good bye Peter.

I just don’t understand the law!

Besides, with Christie as a wife, why on earth would any man have a porn habit?!

My best wishes to Christie. Hopefully she will meet a genuine, loving man, without the need to marry him.

Posted by Martin C | Report as abusive

For the record, gold digger? She is a gold digger? Come on! This impish disgusting pig of a poor excuse for a man should be ASHAMED to ask for money from his WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should refuse that and get out of TOWN! SHEESH! He deserves nothing but his filthy palms and a bad record.

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

Didn’t she do the same thing to Billy Joel? Wasn’t she cheating on him, while on her lovely ski trip, the wonderful ski instructor? Huh? What goes around comes around, she should have lost everything, for being a 2 faced swine. And she had a child with Billy Joel, yet still went on to cheat on him, not caring about the effects on her daughter. How could anyone possibly care for her.

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

She should now just spend time with her children and forget about men for a while. She needs to take time our for herself and her kids and not worry about even dating for a while. Four marriages failed. Hope she finds peace with herself and her life.

Posted by ginger | Report as abusive

I just think that it’s a devastating thing to go through for everyone. I know how it is.It’s too bad that Mr.Cook didn’t place more value on what he had but we all make mistakes. I think Ms. Brinkley is a lovely person who just wants peace and happiness in her and her families’ life and I admire her for that. She’s a wonderful parent. I’m sure Mr. Cook regrets many things that he’s done but I’m sure he loves his kids so much that he will get the help he needs to be a healthy person for them. No one wants to go through what they went through, ever. It takes years off of your most prescious life. I hope the parents of Christie or Peter are not experiencing too much pain through all of this and I hope everyone gives them their privacy. God bless you all.

Posted by Salli Sobsey | Report as abusive

When Christie goes through a divorce, she seems to pull out the legal big guns taking full custody of her children. The court hearings for her 3rd divorce were thankfully closed…but she would not walk away until that husband relinquished all rights to his son. How devastating. With her fourth, and hopefully last husband, Christie had every reason to be upset with him. But yet again, she used her money and financial resources to stamp out another Dad from his kids. After 4 marriages — makes you wonder…she must not be a picnic.

Posted by Elise | Report as abusive

I think Christie has her hands full with Peter Cook. It appears that he is going to “torture” her and be rebelious. He uses her children to do it. He is set on revenge, because he is a nobody without her. As a parent, Christie is a true victim with this “waste product of a man.” If my daughter was that upset about flying, there would be no way I would force her on a plane. He apparently is not looking at the best interest of the children, but his own need to irritate Christie. Unfortunately, they have children together, therefore they have to remain in contact. Christie you only have 8 more years of this nonsense and then the kids will probably avoid him like the plague. The truth always comes out in the end.


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