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Holy Jolie! Those baby names are so…well…normal

July 15, 2008

angelina.jpgYou could almost hear the collective groan from reporters and commentators the world over when they learned the names of Angelina Jolie’s twins. Pencils, mine included, were sharpened for stories of outlandish celebrity baby names. OK, Jolie and partner Brad Pitt didn’t go for “Jack and Jill” exactly, but Vivienne Marcheline was remarkably restrained for the bizarre-baby-name age, and Knox Leon was only slightly more whacky.

Nicole Kidman had got people nicely warmed up with “Sunday Rose” for her recently-arrived daughter, who, incidentally, was born on a Monday.

The Daily Telegraph caught the mood with a tongue-in-cheek commentary saying Jolie had “failed the name game”, calling her choices “shockingly conventional.”

Celebrity baby name lists remind us of glories past, for which many of us secretly pine. Remember Princess Tiaamii (daughter of model Jordan and Peter Andre)? Or Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence) and Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza)? Angelina, we deserved better.


The celebrity whelps are to be called Equanimity and Fossil Fuel, reflecting the celebrity couple’s twin passions for Buddhism and renewable energy sources. “By the time Fossil Fuel celebrates his 70th birthday, he will be the only Fossil Fuel left,” Jolie said, in an interview with Larry King. “That’s the point we’re making”.

Posted by Harry Hutton | Report as abusive

Congragulations to the Jolie-Pitt family,
I hope all is, and remains, well!

ps. the names are both beautiful, sentimental & unique in their own right.

Posted by Catia | Report as abusive

- to the person who said that, and to anyone else who agrees with it- angelina and brad were already paid! buying the magazines (or not buying them) will only affect the magazine companies- it won’t stop the money from going to charity! but, I am looking forward to seeing these babies, as much as I think it’s disgusting that the publicty has no boundaries, and follows “starlets” from the womb and won’t leave them and the families alone until they get pictures.

Posted by leslie carlilyle | Report as abusive

I am also a Aniston Fan but I want to send a congradulations to both of the parents, People seem to put down Aniston and saying that Brad is much better with Angie than with Jen but put yourself in her position, he hooked up with Angie after their filming together. To Brad and Angie, enjoy your beautiful kids and take it one day at a time, and Angie needs to take a break, she works too hard. God bless u and the kids

Posted by Cass | Report as abusive

It’s non of our business, they can name what they want for their babies & they can do whatever they want for their money.

And does it make any difference to the economy if you dont buy the magazine….hell no!

Posted by Lenox | Report as abusive

An ‘epitome’ of love and family values are they? EVERY woman wants Brad Pitt? Sorry to disillusion you but they are two adulterers and I much prefer my husband – a man who stands by his commitment and has done for 20 years. I certainly would not want a man like Brad Pitt because he cannot be trusted – he made vows of commitment to Jennifer Aniston and then broke them. These comments are interesting to say the least because they show how shallow some people’s views of marriage and commitment are in the USA, and before you say it -its the same in the UK.

Posted by Ann Canton | Report as abusive

Congratulations to them both. I think alot of thought goes into their choice of names for their children. Its only the fact they are famous that people are able to make rude comments. Would people have been happy if they had chosen common names instead of names that stand out and are original.If I could have raised millions for third world countries by selling the first photos of my babies, I would have done the same. Or they could have put masks on them and hidden them away like the Jackson guy did!!!!


No one can deny that the most beautiful woman and man in the world deserve to be together, they will undoubtedly make beautiful babies! I think Angelina is an interesting, a woman of many facets, can’t blame Brad for taking up the challenge of wanting to be with her. I was a Jennifer Aniston fan, but now think that Brad and Angelina were destined to be together. I wish them and their brood all of the best!


I love this couple and I’m just happy for them!

Posted by bonnie | Report as abusive

Here’s to a happy life for the babies. Whether Angelina Jolie is more wonderful than Jennifer Anniston is irrevelant. Just like everyone else on this planet, they are people and as such are not perfect. What they name their babies is their business, not a cause for public alarm or adulation. I applaud their charitable giving; there are some in their position who do nothing for others. However, EVERYONE with the ability to give as much as they do should feel extremely privileged to have that ability.

Posted by Joy | Report as abusive

Yes, the money is going to charity, but THAT money comes from us, the American people. So in a way it hurts many of our pocket books and the economy.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

brad and angie are great and the family – wow,God Bless u guys for the money going to the charity! very few would think of such


I personally love the names- they obviously gave them great thought. Congrats to Angie and Brad! I for one am buying the magazine so say what you want but it’s win-win

Posted by Christina | Report as abusive

I also try to give to charity, as much as I can, but never have been able to give as much as I want. I applaud and thank Brad and Angie for their generosity, and as one poster stated, that money is coming from us, so not only do I applaud you, I give you a standing ovation. Bless you and your wonderful family!

Posted by Mer | Report as abusive

Weird names like Pax and Knox are the least of their issues. 6 kids being raised by two uncommitted people, one of whom is publicly open about her long string of bi-sexual affairs and the other who left his wife to be with her. Both say they have no plans to marry or commit to each other any more than “what today brings.” It doesn’t sound like the “ideal” family to me. The kids daily live with the possibility of walking in on Mommy with some woman or Daddy walking out on them for some other woman. They should keep some of the money from the sale for the therapy those kids are going to need. Or maybe to get themselves some now to overcome their own issues so they can make a loving commitment of permanence to each other and their children.

Posted by Florence | Report as abusive

To Robinkay98′s comment asking people to not buy the magazine the baby pic’s are going to be published in. The pic’s sold for 11 million dollars and all that money is being donated to humanitarian causes. Angelina and Brad have been working very hard at helping those in need and have never used their children to profit in any way. I don’t understand how You can jump to the conclusion that that would be the case now. Help others, buy the magazine.


Was it Sunday Rose or Sunday Roast that Nicole Kidman called her daughter? These daft celebs forget it’s their poor children who have to live with these ridiculous names.


These \’stupid\’ baby names are considered unique by their parents. I\’ve even found a baby name generator on-line, whereby names are chosen according to favorite season,color and flavor. It\’s a sign, I think, of the way our culture is unravelling at the seams. People are losing faith in our politics and in our Hollywood royalty, who are not helping the situation with Ryder and Camera (yes, Camera), Coco, and Fifi. We\’ve got toy trains, paparazzi periphenalia, perfume, and doggies all represented here. I see no tributes to grandfathers, presidents, or social benefactors.

We\’re losing it quickly. Our children will think their parents were on drugs, just like all the Sunshines, Moonbeams, and Soleil Moon Frye\’s are quite aware that they may have been conceived on LSD in a field somewhere.

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