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George Michael has tip for Obama – team up with Clinton

July 22, 2008

michael.jpgGeorge Michael has a tip for U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama — team up with former rival Hillary Clinton — as the British pop star joined the growing band of celebrities rallying behind the senator for Illinois.

Michael, 45, touring North America for the first time in 17 years, told fans — including “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker — during a concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden: “I know you guys all need a change.”

While he admitted he doesn’t know what kind of change Obama would bring if elected — saying that after “months of watching CNN” he still does not know what Obama or Clinton stand for, but if Obama “takes on Hillary, I’ll know he’s got some balls.” He said Obama and Clinton were the strongest team.

Michael, has sold more than 85 million records with hits like “Careless Whisper” and “Faith,” rocked the New York arena during the first of two shows in the city, as he nears the end of a seven week, 22 city North American tour.

Michael rose to fame in the early 1980s as one-half of the singing duo Wham!, which scored the huge hit single “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”  But it was as a solo artist with 1987′s “Faith” that he broke into the ranks of pop superstars. 

Michael, whose given name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, ran into trouble with police in Beverly Hills, California in 1998 when he was arrested for engaging in a lewd act in a public restroom. He pleaded no-contest, was fined a small amount and ordered to perform community service. The incident forced him to openly disclose his homosexuality and his relationship with American Kenny Goss.

During Monday’s show he dedicated his song “Amazing” to Goss, who was in the audience, and commented at one point that gay marriage should be legal in New York.

Other celebrities to back Obama include Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg.

– Reporting by Michelle Nichols


Why doesn’t this guy keep his views to himself. The vast majority of us here in America don’t support gay marriage and we don’t like homosexual celebrities telling us what to do.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

GMT – sorry to burst your bubble but the vast majority DO support gay marriage and love homosexual celebrities. You are sadly insecure and don’t speak for the rest of us.

Posted by GMT's Reality Check | Report as abusive

…While George Michael admitted he doesn’t know what kind of change Obama would bring if elected — saying that after “months of watching CNN” he still does not know what Obama or Clinton stand for,…” This statement makes him sound like one of the ignorant Republicans.

Posted by George Hamilton | Report as abusive

my dear george glad your supporting the democratics!!!
and yess gaymarriage should be legal in the big apple too
the wheels are in motion so it wont be long!!!
in holland we have the gaypride soon and there is a policeboat this year had to think of you and its a positive thing!!!

love yvonne from hollandxxx

Posted by yvonne | Report as abusive

Quit watching Fox news Steve. Get some fresh air and ask a real person what they think. I don’t really care if gays get married, I just dislike Hillary Clinton.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

Who gives a sh– who Oprah, George Michael or Hanks supports for President. I think they are all mis-using their power- trying to influence the masses. We have become a nation of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. We act as tho we know these people. Reality TV…oh yeah! really real. IT IS NOT REAL FELLOW AMERICANS. When a candidate comes from nowhere and has done nothing and you vote him as our candidate for president. That is not REAL. We are a nation that can be sold a bill of goods just because it is different and and offers a change (or at least it appears to be). Turn your TV’s off for two weeks and really study the candidates. Not what the press or public opinion says about them. The press and politicians can market anything with good placed special interest money. A few million of us did not buy it.

Posted by jheckerman | Report as abusive

Steve, in this country, people are still able to express their views, such as you have done here. You are no longer in the majority pal. You’re probably still upset that women can vote and African Americans are no longer considered property. The world is changing, get onboard or get left behind!

Posted by straight white liberal female | Report as abusive

I grow tired of people saying they would rather not hear celebrities use their influence to push their political opinion. It is dubious that if these people had the same amount of press they would not do the same thing.

Also, in my personal opinion, celebrities tend to have a little more knowledge when it comes to politics and the environment than the average voter. They spend more time in other cultures, in other environments, and have much more access to high political figures.

I would much rather hear what these celebrities may have to say as opposed to some guy off the street who simply has an opinion because Fox told him so. Ditto heads.

As for Steve, you’re an imbecile. I suggest you do your homework on statistics before sending out preposterous comments.

An Obama/Clinton ticket. Wouldn’t think twice. They’d have my vote in a NY minute!

Posted by tina | Report as abusive

Gay marriage should be legal and this is coming from a married woman in NYC. Out with the darn republicans already.He’s right about a few things he said last night at the concert. We do need a change already. This country has gone down enough.
I went to the George Michael concert last night and he was amazing. You’re a rockstar George.

Posted by GOGM | Report as abusive

People, just because someone is a good entertainer does not mean they are very intelligent. Voting for someone or something you know nothing about shows a lack of common sense, plus critical thinking. This is how Hitler got into power.

Posted by DKS | Report as abusive

THANK YOU Reality Check …


Posted by KRISTIN | Report as abusive

This the the FREDOM OF SPEECH U.S. of A…….We must take comments from where they come from …..And realize that indeed, entertainers voice DOES matter because they are quoted …….
I actually attended last nights concert…and forget the political bs…this man ROCKED THE HOUSE…Better than he EVER sang and danced……Almost 3 hours and the man satisfied all walks of life…..And all were present……Why can’t we just all GET ALONG….SENSIBLY ???

I’m a straight man yet have always adored this mans music and seemingly pleasant personality for 20+ years now….he brought down a NY crowd that doesn’t easily do so…..

GREAT JOB, by George….

Posted by Drew | Report as abusive

Hey GMT,

Working on collecting and destroying stockpiles of loose-nukes so that your
hated terrorists don’t get ahold of them seems a fairly major accomplishment
and shows great courage and intelligence. Thank you, Senator Lugar as well.

George Bush has aided he terrorists at every (calculated) turn and has made this world a friggin’ mess . . . call me crazy all you like but sometimes it seems almost as if it’s what he wants . . .

I’m looking forward to President Obama’s first 100 days. Too bad impeachment is still sort-of off-the-table.

Posted by BH | Report as abusive

I live in Lansing, Michigan and I certainly wish that George would find it in his heart to add either East Lansing at the Breslin Center or Detroit at the Palace where he played a couple of times in the 80s to his calendar. I can’t afford to go out of state to see him with gas prices the way they are. I would give just about anything to see him live again after 20 plus years. I bought the three cd version of 25live last year! – I am suprised that it’s not released in the stores over here…anyways it was great to see him on Good Morning America last week, but where is he on Oprah? I’m shocked that she didn’t have him on her program again to discuss the tour, his new cd and upcoming book deal, not to mention Eli Stone and American Idol appearances. As for the negative posts I won’t waste my breath because the uneducated people just can’t help themselves with their stupidity. I read that George is going to have a new studio cd coming after the tour. I hope I don’t have to wait another 20 years for the next studio cd! One last plea: George please don’t stay away so long in the future for us American’s. We have put our Faith in you for a long time – for me it’s been since I saw you and Andrew on American Bandstand in 1983. You’re FANTASTIC!

Posted by Tim S. | Report as abusive

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