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Bail for Bale – Batman the Bizarre

July 23, 2008

bale.jpgIt’s so strange it could make the plot of a Batman sequel.

Welsh-born actor Christian Bale has issued a statement denying allegations of assault made against him by his own mother and sister while he was in London for the European premiere of “The Dark Knight”, in which he plays Batman alongside the late Heath Ledger’s Joker.

He was at a London police station for around four hours on Tuesday answering questions about the alleged incident, and apparently escaped the waiting camera crews and paparazzi by whizzing out through the back entrance in a van with darkened windows.

Police have said that a 34-year-old has been released on bail and will be asked to return to a police station in September pending further enquiries. They didn’t name Bale, but the response was to a question about him and it is their way of confirming news about celebrities.

So now Bale is expected to join the cast and crew on red, or perhaps black carpets in Barcelona and Japan to promote the movie. There is little reason to think that the somewhat¬†bizarre events in¬†London will affect its performance in theatres. In fact, the publicity surrounding the arrest and questioning may actually heighten interest in a film already breaking box office records, in no small part due to the fascination surrounding Ledger’s acclaimed performance. He died of an accidental drug overdose shortly after completing the film.


He’s such a talented actor, so I hate to see this. I hope he’s innocent. I hope it’s a misunderstanding. My children like him tremendously.


I agree, I love him as an actor and respect
the effort he puts into each role.
I hope it’s all a misunderstanding that has
been exaggerated by the press.

Posted by L | Report as abusive

Of course he is innocent. His mother and sister should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

Considering how Christian hates media circuses and has managed to stay out of trouble in the public eye for over two decades, I doubt there was any serious wrongdoing on his part.
His mother and sister on the other hand, should be ashamed of themselves for filing charges when no one was hurt or in danger of being hurt.

Posted by Michele | Report as abusive

I think its quite ridiculous how his mother and sister would bring such alligations up.Its just a family dispute,he is a very private man,i dont blame him for being a private person.The media/papparazzi can have what they see from the actor out in public or hear about films an actor has done but does that give them the ability to know EVER detail of their life?No way!The media takes what they overhear and make it a bigger issue,its just extra cash in their pocket to do a story.
Christian bale is clearly a good decent man,and to have his mother talk trash about his wife and him is disrespectful.What kind of mother talks that way?The only kind who is cruel.He is an innocent man,this issue wont bring him down or his career.He’s always going to be magnificent actor to me.


We honestly don’t have much to go on, all we know is what we’ve gotten from the media. We also do not know him personally so we can not say what kind of man he really is, let’s be honest. All we know is that it’s a very private matter and his mother and sister should not have gotten the authorities involved unless like Michele mentioned, if someone was hurt.
If they just had a screaming match, that’s a private matter. Who doesn’t scream at their family sometimes? Just because he’s famous, now we all have to hear about it from the media. I can just imagine how horrified he is that this is now public knowledge being as private as he is.
It is really sick the way they can blow things out of proportion or twist words just to make money.
I think we should respect Mr. Bale and do
ask he has asked us to do and please respect his privacy.

Posted by Laurie | Report as abusive

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