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Miley Cyrus in Hollywood’s pressure cooker

July 30, 2008

The heat has been cranking up for months around 15-year-old singer and actormiley1.jpg Miley Cyrus, and it rose even higher this week as the star fended off a much-publicized advertising offer from a condom maker and confessed to feeling overworked on her hit Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana.”

From the media firestorm around Miley come conflicting reports about her life and career, and one wonders if the young woman is more pawn than princess in a red hot Hollywood chess game. It all brings to mind the recent, personal meltdowns of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, who also broke through to fame as teenagers.  
Dr. Kimberly Williams, a pediatric neuropsychiatrist at New York University’s Child Study Center, said the national media spotlight can be too much for young stars like Cyrus. “This is just a typical teenager who just has peer pressure, social issues at school to worry about, and so now we add the weight of the nation and that kind of scrutiny,” Williams said.
miley3.jpgEven though Cyrus wears a purity ring signifying her chastity until marriage, media reports this week said she received a $1 million offer from LifeStyles condoms to appear in an advertising campaign for the company. 
Cyrus’ representative told E! News the star had not even received an offer and that she would not even consider it. A spokeswoman for Lifestyles declined to comment.
Separately, Cyrus told E! News in an interview that she think her Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana” may be nearing its end. Cyrus portrays Hannah, who at school is just an average teenager but has another, secret life as a pop singing sensation.

“We’re thinking this is our last season,” Cyrus told E! The star said that she has played Hannah Montana since she was 11, and she added that the heavy work load included shooting “two seasons in one last year.”
But her representative downplayed Cyrus comments, telling E! that “Hannah Montana” not only starts production on a third season August 4 but also has an option for a fourth beyond that. A “Hannah Montana” movie is scheduled for a spring 2009 release.
“You’ve got a stressed out, depressed teenager who still has to go and go and go, and no one has time to hear, ‘Oh Miley, you’re tired,’” Williams said.
In April this year, a photo of a Cyrus apparently topless and covered with a only sheet emerged from a Vanity Fair magazine photo shoot by famed photographer Annie Liebovitz. Many Cyrus watchers saw it as far too adult for a 15 year-old, and Cyrus had to apologize to her fans. Yet this month Cyrus released a new pop CD called “Breakout” that she described as “grown up.”

Spears, 26, is an alumnus of the Disney star factory as she appeared on the Disney Channel as part of the Mickey Mouse Club when she was a child. Like many child stars, she encountered personal problems later in life and was briefly hospitalized twice earlier this year for psychiactric evaluation.

Lohan, 22, was a child star in Disney movie “The Parent Trap” in 1998. In recent years she has had problems with substance abuse and was arrested for driving under the influence, as she became known as a regular on the party circuit.

Is Miley headed for the same? We can only wait and watch.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


what a joke! someone just Posed her pictures to hot ones and then uploaded to the famous free interracial dating club mixedmate DOTC o m you know it is a free interracial dating site.. so she is said to seek her darling there!

Posted by ivy | Report as abusive

i know people think she is a bad girl but in real life she is really fun, at least i thinks so.i know she has done little things that a little over rated but teenagers are all like that and thats whats she is a tipical teenage girl.yea she is a little different than most teens cause she has a little fame but thats one is ever gonna change that. sure people can talk and the press can talk about it but who cares!!

Posted by C.A.G. | Report as abusive

I have to say, people pay way too much attention to this stuff. I’m one of them but I don’t scrutinize her. I’m 18, and I’ve made many mistakes but they’ve all taught me how to be a better person. I bet Miley is a good person, but it’s probably hard for her to be in the spotlight all the time. Like these pictures being posted all over the web of her… I personally haven’t taken any pictures like that but many young girls have. I think everyone should just let her make her mistakes and learn from them personally. I mean come on, we all know she dated Nick Jonas, she took a few risk-ay pictures,7 Things probably is about Nick…so just stop asking the questions and let the girl live her life. Honestly, maybe that’s all she wants or needs. Now, I’m done with my rant.

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

“Spears, 26, is an alumnus of the Disney star factory…”
should read “Spears, 26, is an alumna of the Disney star factory…” unless she changed her gender recently.

Posted by Latin Geek | Report as abusive

I feel sorry for miley, she’s being used. Her purity is really what caught my attention, and this feelings of wanting to “grow up” is what is going to kill her. Disney channel stars always want to prove they are “grown up” after they leave disney channel and that’s where they ruin their lives, because they go way above and far beyond what it means to be an adult. I just hope she gets some sense knocked into her before she’s hurt. I would hate to see such purity tainted.

Posted by CFM | Report as abusive

i think she should slow down a little stay on disney and every 1 should just leave her alone alittle and shes not going tune out like the others

im your number 1 fan rock on miley and dont let any one let u down love u :)


leave her alone. do you know how many girls kiss their boyfriends? are they bad people? if you don’t want young kids looking up to her than whatevs. miley is a sweet caring girl and its mean to pick on her. do you think a 15 yr old would want to stay on hm? shes outgrown it so all you idiots get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Wait and watch? You sound like you want her to turn up like Spears and Lohan!

Posted by Micky | Report as abusive

So the 15 year old girl that all the little kids look up to wants to grow up. Big deal. Let her have her fun and live her life. I don’t even like her and I think the scrutiny and media attention she faces are way too much for any 15 year old to handle. I am 18 and I know that just having your parents watching a lot of the things that you do can be frustrating, let alone millions of people watching your every move.

Also, can I point out that sure, Britney and Lindsay Lohan didn’t turn out ok after their stints with Disney and the fame that came with it. BUT others like Hilary Duff seem to be doing ok. It’s a matter of who is there to support them when things get tough and it seems the ones with strong family ties turn out okay.

Furthermore, I think parents need to stop relying on famous media figures as role models for their kids. I mean, sure, little girls can look up to Miley Cyrus as a role model, but she can’t be the only one. The parents have to model and teach good behavior, and teach the kids about a diverse range of role models – ranging from celebrities to political and social figures. Let the kid develop their own perspective that isn’t wrapped up in Disney’s (or any other channel/company’s) money making scheme. Companies are made for profit, not to raise your child. Back to what I was saying — If you rely on a 15 year old to model good behavior for your child, you have to realize that the girl is going through adolescence and with it comes peer pressure and hormones and a need for self-expression. Being famous and looked up to doesn’t allow Miley to make some of the silly mistakes that many girls her age might, and it definitely doesn’t allow for self expression and trial and error as she has to keep up her Disney image under all circumstances.

Posted by courtney | Report as abusive

For one, i am almost fifteen years old , and i very much look up to Miley Cyrus as a role model. Dispite the pictures she has taken every other 14-18 teen age girls take ‘innapropriate’ pictures and posted them on either Myspace , Facebook, or through picture messaging through cell phones. And i personally love Miley’s new album Break Out, its pure , and amazing. And with the whole condom avertising i don’t think any 15 year old should get that offer, so LifeStyle should really think before they ask a miner that. And if miley doesn’t do Hannah Montana anymore , i know she’ll keep making amazing music.

Posted by marisa | Report as abusive

look lets be realistic. everyone does stupid things in life and honestly the only reason why its any different with her is because shes a celebrity. who cares if she takes nude pictures, who cares if she sleeps around. may i be honest? I’m pretty sure articles like this and people making their lives impossible is the reason why 99.99% of celebrities become crack heads by 18. let them live. they’re only human. how would you like to have cameras around you all the time and people making your life impossible. let her live, and for the record children are eventually going to be exposed to the harsh realities of adult life so lets stop trying to sugar coat them on cute little shows like Hannah Montana. This is why the world is so corrupt people don’t let kids see the real side of things and once they’re exposed to it they freak out and rebel against you and in the end your wondering “oh my god how could this happen to my child..” well lets be realistic about situations here Miley’s not perfect and i know none of us are so who are we to point fingers? remember every time you point a finger at someone there’s three more pointing right back at you!

Posted by bianca | Report as abusive

Honestly, people need to leave poor Miley alone. Imagine how hard it must be to have millions of people watching your every move and judging you all the time. That would be bad for an adult, but imagine being only 15. What does it matter to YOU what she does, especially if you don’t even have kids who might look up to her? Miley’s behaviour is pretty decent compared to that of a lot of celebrities’ and of a lot of ORDINARY teenagers. Believe me, teens today are very slutty and sexual. Have you seen the pictures they post on nexopia, facebook, etc? How about the sexually explicit music videos they watch and the foul music they listen to? And some of the behaviour is atrocious. Miley’s pics are nothing. Sure, she shouldn’t have taken the ones with the bra, but everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be so harsh, give her break. And if your child looks up to her, just keep them away form those pictures. How hard can it be to keep an eight year old away from a certain site? Either block the site with the offending pictures, or supervise your child while they are on the Internet/computer, which is something parents should be doing anyway. Just mind your own business, leave Miley alone. She seems like a good person. That’s all.


I think miley won’t end up like lohan and spears I mean she is only a teenager she is growing up I’m a teen too all teens go thru these kinda of thing but for her it is harder because she can never go any where with out everyone trying to get a picture so that they can sell it

Posted by ricky729:] | Report as abusive


This is an email that I wrote to because they apparently were going to charge my credit card by “auto-renew” for another years membership. This made me so angry because my niece received this email, not I. Obviously, this company doesn’t have enough money, so they have to “Auto” our money out of our pockets too. I hope all parents & family members take notice of this practice, then complain!!! I wonder if they will “auto-respond” or if I will get an actual real-time response.

My niece received the following message at the end of an email sent from MileyWorld:

We’re writing to let you know that your membership will be automatically renewed for another year on Oct 01, 2008. If that’s cool, you don’t need to do anything and your credit card will be charged $29.95. If you don’t mind missing out on this year’s all new membership packet (including the exclusive DVD!) and all your new friends here at MileyWorld, hey, we’ll miss ya! You are able to cancel your renewal by logging into MileyWorld, selecting “My World” then “Profile” and turning your renewal status to OFF on the accounts tab. Please fill out a support ticket if you need assistance.

I am outraged that this email went to my niece. It is a good thing I looked at the email too. Do you really think a nine year old is going to tell me Miley World is going to auto-renew her membership unless I log on & change the auto-renew???? She could care less…she is NINE. She only cares about Miley & what is on the website. I am sending a copy of your email, along with a copy of this, to the NYS Attorney Generals office as well as the FCC. Considering how little regard this company has for the members, I suspect I wont be the only one filing a complaint. I am also going to post this on every Parent section on every Miley Fan website I can find, because parents need to know that they are about to be AUTO-CHARGED without their knowledge. I certainly don’t recall seeing a toggle button stating Auto-Renew when I signed up. I wonder if other parents have the same issue. This company, the Cyrus Family & all other affiliated entities probably have soooo much money that they could care less about this issue, but as a consumer, I certainly care!!!

Posted by Allison | Report as abusive

Like another post here I am the victim of the deceptive practices of Mileyworld and ready to get an attorney and file a class action lawsuit. Mileworld is responsible to contact the authorized party and not children who are not legally able to authorize payment. I have sent two emails to their “customer service” without response and can’t contest it since it was a debit and not a credit card I charged it on.

I have had it and can’t believe the audacity of this site to bill without notice credit cards and then claim they have given proper notice. Please post if you would like to join a class action suit and let’s see if a multimillion dollar lawsuit gets their attention.

Posted by Hal | Report as abusive

Same deal here. I just found out that my daughter’s membership has been ‘auto-renewed’ (I found out by seeing it on my credit card statement). Mileyworld support claim they sent me an email (they didn’t) prior to the autorenewal. They didn’t. Nor did they email a billing statement. REALLY annoyed. As if they’re not making enough money already. Mileyworld says that since it’s more than 14 days since the renewal, they can’t reverse it because our ‘personal membership packet’ has already been processed. Baloney.

Posted by Pat | Report as abusive

Same with me. The email went to my 8 year old daughter. I tried calling the 800 number that showed up on my bank statement along with their debit of $29.95 and you can’t even talk to anyone; they just refer you back to The website states that they will not refund my money, but I sent them email damanding that the money be returned to my account because I did not authorize it. They are supposed to respond within 48 hours. This is a very sneaky way for them to do business. Doesn’t the Cyrus family have enough money? How sad . . .

Posted by Renee | Report as abusive

not only do they not contact the parent, when we just tried to “uncheck” auto enroll…the updated page comes back with “renew my membership next year”..checked…you are actually UNABLE to change the designation.

sign me up for that class action suit!

Posted by pj | Report as abusive

Same thing has happened to me, except the debit card info on file was hooked up to an older acct. with no money in it. So now, in addition to the 30, I owe $53 in overdraft fees to my bank. I have emailed them twice, am disputing the charges through my bank, and have contacted my lawyer.

This company is a complete scam.

Posted by Angie | Report as abusive

Count me in for a class action suit I can’t get them to respond to any emails and I did dispute the charge on my debit card. I can’t log in because my daughter doesn’t know her log in so I can’t even get in to cancel the account.


we also just had this happen. i never received an email, my 9 year old checks her account every 3 months…and they are telling me the same thing. Besides the FCC, who can we complain to! ridiculous! and i would imagine this is going to snowball as we were the first people to join this NEW site!

Posted by wendy | Report as abusive

I also was auto renewed by Miley World and received no email notification. I am taking this as far as I can and if anyone has a link to a class action lawsuit, I would like the information.


I found out only by receiving a credit card statement about this “auto renewal” scam. I also tried to go through the “customer support” email process and was absolutely disgusted by the way I was treated in response. They blew me off saying an email was sent out (yes, we all know it is CHILDREN opening Miley World emails) and I had 14 days to respond. Completely ignored requests for phone and address to contact someone. Said they took me off the auto renewal for the next time my subscription came up. I am just livid at the business practices of this website. The only reason I joined a year ago was to get concert tickets, which of course didn’t happen through the website. I didn’t complain then, but now I’m just fed up with the way this website treats the fans. I also will complain to FTC, join any class action lawsuit, etc. These people have got to be stopped.


Another website to post all these complaints and warn the consumer is:


I just became the next member of this scam. I would love to be part of a class action scam. Why would I even care to read e-mails that come from mileyworld? The only reason I joined was to get my daughter tickets to a concert…and that didn’t even work!


They got me too. Not only did they auto-renew but they also changed the expiration date on my credit card to make the charge go through. The card that I had on the account had an expiration date of 7/08. They changed it to 10/08 so they could charge me for another yearly membership in September. What a fraud. I am disputing it with my credit card company now. The good folks at MileyWorld would not help me.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

They got me too! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

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