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Comparing Barack Obama to Britney and Paris

July 31, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama has yet to sign a record contract orhilton.jpg party until dawn in Hollywood with a paparazzi entourage — but that’s not stopping his presidential rival, Sen. John McCain, from comparing him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
A television ad from the McCain campaign airing for the first time on Wednesday opens with images of the two blond starlets, before cutting to shots of Obama waving to adoring crowds. With the familiar chant “O-ba-ma” as background noise, a female voice intones: “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world. But, is he ready to lead?”
The ad’s script makes no mention of Britney — a pop singer — and Paris — a celebrity heiress — other than the visual cues. Britney is shown walking in a crowd with an umbrella behind her and Paris is seen striking a regal pose, apparently for photographers.
obama.jpgBritney, 26, and Paris, 27, have legions of fans and detractors who watch their every move. But will McCain’s attempt to link Obama with Hollywood celebrity fly with voters?
Last week, McCain struggled for media attention as Obama toured the Middle East and Europe. Obama’s speech in Berlin drew a crowd of more than 200,000, while McCain had lunch at a German-American eatery in Ohio.   

 (Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)  


McCain is getting desperate. The Cainite camp are not addressing top issues. Now they are attacking our young and talented. I have always felt that McCain doesn’t like anyone too young or anyone too old. He is bitter and grumpy. Here is an example that happened yesterday when asked a question he just got tired of answering the question and abruptly changed the subject, then went to another questioner without finishing what he was saying.
In McCains townhall yesterday in Aurora, McCain stopped short of telling a story of a man that said he had two trucks for his buisness and the gas tax…. (what happened?) McCain changed the subject and didn’t finish. Can you see this happening at a world summit. Is McCain suffering from Dementia?

Posted by Edwardo | Report as abusive

I am not sure who I will vote for this November, but the last line of the article is very misleading. McCain was not only having lunch in Ohio – he was there for the Live Strong Summit with Lance Armstrong. Please be more responsible in your reportings.

Posted by amanda | Report as abusive

Obama is playing the race card by clarifying that he isn’t a bubble-gum pop celebrity?!? Boy, McCain IS desparate, isn’t he????

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Come November one of two things will happen, Obama will be elected President or remain a Senator.

But McCain will go down in History as an American Hero who used injured troops to play politics.

How else do you describe McCain accusing Obama of not going to see the troops merely because there wont be photo ops even though the facts dont support this.

Posted by Raymond Micheals | Report as abusive

Of course McCain is desperate, he has nothing to offer but 4 more years of the same tired, old policies.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

It’s about time someone, including the McCain campaign, started calling it like it is. I am not sure about using Spears and Hilton in a commercial to do it but fact is Barrack Obama is a media made candidate who has been over-hyped from news outlets like CNN and MSNBC since he first spoke at the Democratic Parties national convention in 2004. He is not a candidate that is factually supported by great achievements of delivering the people unto the land of milk and honey despite what he might want to have you believe. Instead of addressing the facts the he doesn’t have much experience, Obama would rather say people are trying to scare the American public against him because of what he looks like. The man has no eperience! Doesn’t matter what color he is. George W Bush had no experience! Doesn’t matter what color he is. But Obama would rather defelect and continue to perpetuate the lies that he his steeped in presidential know how. Remember, according to Obama’s speeches John McCain is weak on the economy but Obama is the way to go. I guess from all those national economies that Obama has tweaked and worked to turn from teetering on recession to successful economic barons. Exactly, WHAT?

Cnn dubbed him an “up and coming SUPERSTAR.” Four years later, one senatorial term of which half he has spent campaigning to already be president and not working as senator for the American people, he is all of a sudden prepared to be president? What has he done? Not, what has he said? His racial manipulations don’t surprise me at this juncture either. He used them to attack Hillary Clinton when she was giving a speech seemingly trying to connect with voters of darker skin color when she said that it took a president to pass the civil rights legislation several decades ago that people like Martin Luther King fought to implement and she went on to imply that she would work for the dark skin colored community the same way if she was elected president. Obama manipulated that situation at a time when he was polling very poorly among those who CNN referred to as “black” voters and he lied and made up their own definition terms of the words Hillary Clinton used and the Obama campaign put out rhetoric that what Hillary said was racist and discriminatory and Obama himself said it was disrespectful of Martin Luther King. Obama said that a short factual historical time-line of the American legislative civil rights act process was disrespectful. So it doesn’t surprise me that he would usurp the truth again and supplant it with more manipulative and racially discriminatory rhetoric and call the truth disrespectful this time as well.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

Sorry to be honest, but most Obama supporters ARE voting for Obama because he is black. Ask any Obama supporter you meet why they will vote for him and you’ll get answers like “he has a message of hope”, “he will bring change”, or “he is more in tune with the American people”. Then ask them to explain any of these cliches and you’ll get the same answer that Obama gives, more cliches.
The only one of those answers that actually applies to Obama and not McCain is that of being in touch with Americans. Obama has that figured out, similar to Britney and especially like Hilton, who is famous for being famous. We shouldn’t elect a president for his stage presence, but unfortunately we do. :(

Posted by Ptrizzle | Report as abusive

Misses me by a mile how lauding Barack Obama’s celebrity is going to get voters to switch their attention to John McCain. AD: Barack Obama, only a brilliant, famous man adored by millions, but is he ready to lead?

Makes no sense and I wonder about a campaign that would take this angle – is John McCain sensible at all – for example, he criticizes Congress as though he had not been a member for the last two decades.

Posted by Bob Malone | Report as abusive

The Celebrity Ad run by McCain camp to me is not at all an act of desperation but bravery. They are brave to tell the public what other people chooses not to see just not to hurt the tender feelings of Saint Barrack. If the Obama camp does not want to take the issue on a personal level, they should be more mindful of what people would think about what they say or do. What is his business addressing a public crowd of Berlin? does he need the nod of the German people to be a US President? Is he raising campaign fund from the people of berlin? Is he on an official visit. Is he representing the american people in his act in Berlin? Isn’t it by Federal Law, non US citizen are not allowed to participate in US politics? Does St. Barrack mindful of our law at all?

Posted by Tess | Report as abusive

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