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Brangelina baby pics bring excitement, yawns

August 1, 2008

brad2.jpgBanking on readers’ hungry appetite for all things Brangelina — and the general spike in interest in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie generated by the birth of their twins (call it the Brangelina baby bounce) – People and Hello! magazines have shelled out big bucks for their baby pics. Some reports have $11 million and others go as high as $14 million.

Whatever the price, is it really worth it?

In a quick round of lunchtime interviews outside Reuters’ bureau in celebrity-savvy Los Angeles, many people said they cannot wait to see the pictures, while others yawned at the thought. Just about everyone had an opinion.
“Exploit those kids from the beginning, I think it’s awesome,” said attorney Michael Gonzales, 30. “Why not? This is America, squeeze a dollar out of anything.” 

Sarah Bates, 23, an auditor, had a far more blase attitude. She said celebrity magazines are only good to read while traveling, although she might look for photos of the twins on a supermarket shelf.  “I would just look to see, but I wouldn’t buy it,” she said. 

Douglas Lee, 40, an information technology professional, said his wife subscribes to People but he doesn’t read it. He took a supply-and-demand view to the money paid for the pictures.  “It’s silly that they get that value, because it’s by demand, because the public wants to see it,” Lee said. “The amount is driven by the public.”
Attorney Lauren Brock, 30, who was eating with attorney Gonzalez, said she would brad1.jpgtake millions of dollars for her baby’s picture — and she gave her view on why Brangelina can command so much interest.  ”They a live a global lifestyle in the public eye and do it looking so great,” Brock said.
“They’re a unique family,” she added. “They’re American but they live around the world, they adopt children from all around the world, they make a ton of movies and not for working very many hours. Then, they give away a lot of it.”

Gonzales piped-up: “And she’s hot,” he said, about Angelina.


Well i can certainly say this..who cares!i don’t watch tv..i certainly don’t watch their movies (horrible actors)from what i seen.But i do enjoy hearing the gossip about two human beings that have no essence,nothing to offer the human race and a waste of my precious time and feel sorry for those children!!

Posted by namelesschick | Report as abusive

If Brad & Angie are so altruistic, where does all the money come from to support their high flying, world wide living lifestyle? They give some to charity but they keep some for themselves…as long as they keep adopting and making their own kids, they’ll be rolling in the dough..sad but true.

Posted by Irisheyes | Report as abusive

I don’t at all get the fascination with Brad and Angelina or their kids. I have nothing against them, I just don’t get all the hype. I’m sure their twins are adorable because all babies are adorable, but I have no desire too see their picture and I can’t for the life of me understand why any stranger would.

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

With rising food, oil and other commodity prices and global economic recession, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Brangelina can still famewhore their children’s pictures for gazillion of dollars. Forget that ordinary human beings are struggling to live in today’s world-as long as celebs can maintain their lifestyle, all’s right with the world.

Posted by Cate | Report as abusive

I just read some of the negative opinions posted here about Brad & Angie(as usual). You know what they say about opinions, like you know what, everyone has one. Brad & Angelina do more as humanitarians bringing focus to issues (where they go, so do the cameras — dah- get it!?!) and donating money to charities and helping those in need more than you people can ever dream of doing. Last year alone between the both of them they donated almost $10million (IN ONE FREAKIN’ YEAR). They know that the paparazzi is going to get the pictures of the twins for the tabloids, hounding them relentlessly, so why not make them pay and have the money go to worthy charitable causes instead of “parasites.” If I had to hide daily from a bunch of stalkers like the paparazzi, I sure as hell would make sure they didn’t get a dime for these most wanted pictures. Bravo to Brad & Angie for “stickin it” to those bloodsuckers. Brad & Angie will donate the money to charities, as they did with Shilo, no matter what you naysayers believe. They both just want a family, surrounding themselves with love, the laughter of children, each other, positive energy, and some semblance of normalcy. Is that too much to ask. Remember, they too are only human. Also, FYI -”namelesschick” anyone that knows anything about acting knows they are superb actors. Maybe you need to take a look at your self-esteem…sounds like issues….trying to make something so clever into something adverse. Step down off of your high horse and give these extraordinarily beautiful people a break. Walk in their shoes and then flap your lips!!

Posted by Sauncie | Report as abusive

Oh, come on! People do this sort of reporting and people read this because they are bored with their own lame lives. They’re just a couple like you, me and everybody else. They’re lucky they got all this attention by way of association of certain people.

Posted by Stephanie Ellison | Report as abusive

I guess Brangelina finally cashed in on their gossip empire…


As an adoptive mom of two, I actually applaud Angelina and Brad for adopting internationally and bringing attention to it. There are millions of children living in desperate poverty and if Brangelina help save the life of any child, they are doing more than 99% of the celebrities in the world. Now, are they perfect? Nope. I think people should get married before they have children together, and I’m not fond of tattoos on mommy. That doesn’t negate the fact that this couple clearly cares about something besides fame and fortune.


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