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Paris Hilton strikes back at McCain ad

August 6, 2008

paris-logo.jpgWASHINGTON – You knew she wouldn’t take this lying down.
Paris Hilton struck back Tuesday at Republican presidential candidate John McCain for running a campaign ad that likened Democratic rival Barack Obama’s celebrity to that of the blond socialite and to singer Britney Spears.

The video, posted on the Web site, began with images of the 71-year-old Arizona senator: “He’s the oldest celebrity in the world, like super-old. Old enough to remember when dancing was a sin and beer was served in a bucket. But, is he ready to lead?”
Then the camera turned on the blond socialite, sitting on a poolside lounge chair in a skimpy leopard-print bathing suit.
“Hey America, I am Paris Hilton and I’m a celebrity too,” she said. “Only I’m not from the olden days and I am not promising change like that other guy. I’m just hot.”
“But then that wrinkly white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means I’m running for president. And I want America to know that I’m like, totally ready to lead.”

(Originally posted by Doina Chiacu)


Ya know,. when Paris gets finished being the top of the social elite, she is someone you all need to stand back for. She is not as foggy as you all think.If she runs for political office, she will do very well and she has the money and power to finance any endeavor she puts her mind to.So, wake up america, Paris Hilton is on the horizon !


This is, perhaps, the most interesting and comical thing that Paris Hilton has ever done. Sign me up for the Paris Hilton bandwagon, if this is the type of thing that we can expect from her in the future.However, I do take exception to her entering the presidential race. 2008 is the year for Flatulent Fuzz and I don’t need her syphoning away any of my voters.


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