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Hip hop is tops on “So You Think You Can Dance”

August 8, 2008

dance5.jpgAs the judges liked to say, Thursday’s finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” was BUCK!

America loves inspiring underdogs and season No. 4 proved no exception to that rule as hip-hopper Joshua Allen beat fellow street dancer Twitch (Stephen Boss) to be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer on the final episode that brought back the very best of the show.

As fans saw in earlier episodes this summer and previous seasons, technical perfection doesn’t always outshine charm and charisma. The very polished Katee Shean — whom many expected to either win or at least be in the top two — was out before the two final male contestants.

dance4.jpgFrom Joshua’s grin to his oft-noted backside, the stocky, sensitive hip-hopper (he could be the most teary dancer they’ve ever had on the show) charmed his way to the top. His partnership with Katee brought us some of the best routines of the season, even if he did seem a bit tired at times in Wednesday’s performance show.

This season arguably featured the strongest batch of dancers ever — both in personality and skill — making each week’s elimination tough to swallow. Thursday’s finale made viewers forget the sometimes questionable judging and the over-the-top love-fests that judges had with choreographers this year.

Fans relived the chills they got from the season’s best dance dance6.jpgroutines and were reunited with favorite choreographers Wade Robson (That’s him at right. He’s been busy doing Criss Angel’s new Las Vegas magic show “Believe”) and Shane Sparks (now a judge on “America’s Best Dance Crew“). Audiences also revisited poppers Robert Muraine and Phillip Chbeeb (see Muraine showcase his talent in an Ikea ad here). Long time viewers were also treated to appearances by Benji, Travis, Hok, Donyelle, Lauren, Lacey, Dominic, Ivan and many other past favorites.

But as fans from “Dance” suffer withdrawal the day after the show’s end, they will no doubt be arguing whether America got it right in picking Joshua as this seaon’s No. 1. After the stage lights have dimmed, who will forge a stronger career — the hip hoppers with street cred and loads of charm, or the girl with the technical ability and grace to match. Any thoughts?


Yes, I believe they got it right. Young Mr. Allen has loads of charm and humility, it’s true. However, he could back it up with some amazing skills. He was as versatile as any of the better trained dancers and more versatile than the bulk of the whole group of twenty. We’ve enjoyed this season tremendously and are happy with Joshua’s win. Congratulations to him.

Posted by Martin | Report as abusive

Joshua was THE most outstanding dancer from the auditions on. Will was more balletic, yes. And a delight to behold, yes.

But Josh gave the viewer his fire, so his passionate love of performaing comes through.

My opinon: he did some things that are impossible to do unless the divine fire is present. Astonishing. An embodiment of the divinity within each of us.

No kidding. A tiger. No one jumps that high without this energy.

No one is so in touch with every inch and iota of his body.

He is truly incredible. et I’m a believer.

No one else came close to Joshua in performance, real star quality in this guy.

And I’m sure his confreres would agree with this evaluation.

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

I absolutely do not think “they got it right”. The arrogant rant by judge Toni the final night of competition, before the finals’ voting, about technic negates organic dancing was a sickening twist on mind- frigging bs. Something like saying being able to read means you are not capable of original thought. That snobbish nonsense (which popped up at other intervals during the season) is at the heart of these voting results which put Katee out of 1st and dumped her into 3rd. What a farce!

“Me thinks they protest too much.” which means they speak with forked tongues. It’s a lie and they know it.

America’s youth (the primary demographics for this show) bought into that street envy of skilled talent. Well, that is the harbinger of our future I guess. Rather than struggle to get skilled technic we will reject it as unnecessary while we sink into the mire of deadly hope for “inspiration” without the skills to demand it of ourselves.

Meanwhile the rest of the world smiles as they wave us goodbye as we sink into a mire of mediocrity.

I don’t recall which genius said it, perhaps Einstein: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” = training and hard work! There is no substitute for dedicated focus and technic. It is a blessing in any pursuit and the channel to fully realizing a talent.

So, really I am not worried. Time is on my side and in 5 years it will be Katee Shean whose name will be on dance lovers’ lips. We’ll talk then.

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