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Blayne survives another “Project Runway”-licious day

August 14, 2008

kelli.jpgWhat were they thinking?

Not the designers (for once) but the Project Runway judges who sent Kelli packing on Wednesday but kept tanorexic Blayne on board for another week.

Kelli, the episode 1 winner,  was certainly not at her best with her lace and jungle-inspired design for the challenge involving an outfit for Brooke Shields’ character on the TV show “Lipstick Jungle”.

Michael Kors called it “slutty, slutty, slutty” while Nina Garcia pursed her lips disapprovingly and called into question Kelli’s overall lavel of taste.

But one wondered whose taste was at issue when the judges decided to save Blayne, whose bermuda shorts outfit was deemed totally unsuitable for the challenge and who has yet to impress the judges with anything more than his passion for tanning and his ability to add “licious” to any word.                                           blayne1.jpg

Yet Blayne sure provides entertainment, and maybe that’s what kept him from being “Auf’d” at least until next week, when his penchant for neon should do well in the challenge — to dress a drag queen.


Can’t wait for Blayne to get “auf’d”… Instead of wanting to be recognized for his trendy phrases, that totally miss the mark i.e., “Holla at ur boy” is as lame as “licious” –maybe Blayne should concern himself with producing some kind of design that at least gets an honorable nod. He is NOT Christian Soriano but he has been trying to make that sort of impression since Episode 1. Christian is a natural…Blayne? Well, we’re still waiting for him to make-it-work. He’s not entertaining he’s boring.


Blayne is great and besides from his cheesy catchphrases he takes risks, even if he isn’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.

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