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“Tropic Thunder” scares up $6.5 mln at Wed. box office

August 14, 2008

Batman movie “The Dark Knight” has been a box office behemoth with stiller.jpgfour straight weekends atop ticket sales charts, but some industry watchers expect the new comedy adventure “Tropic Thunder“ could knock it off its No. 1 perch this weekend.

“Tropic Thunder,” which stars Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr., opened in theaters on Wednesday with a healthy $6.5 million for the one night, slightly above expectations, said the DreamWorks movie studio which is behind the movie.
That was about half the $12.15 million first-day total of stoner comedy “Pineapple Express” last Wednesday, and ”Express” failed to beat ”Dark Knight” this past weekend when ticket sales were tallied. “Express” had $23 million for the weekend to $26 million for “Dark Knight.”

With a 44 percent drop – which is the average decline over the past few weeks for “Dark Knight” – it should have weekend ticket sales in the mid-teens, which is below the $20 million that DreamWorks expects from “Tropic Thunder” this weekend.
“Friday and Saturday I think are going to be big days for (“Tropic Thunder”), and it may have a shot at knocking out ‘Dark Knight’ from number one,” said Paul Dergarabedian, head of box office tracker Media By Numbers.
cast.jpgAs of Wednesday, “The Dark Knight” had taken in nearly $452 million in the United States and Canada, according to the Web site for Box Office Mojo. It has ruled the box office every weekend since it opened on July 18. 

As an R-rated movie, “Tropic Thunder” has been difficult to advertise on TV because the most outrageous parts of the movie cannot be shown to all audiences. DreamWorks hopes the midweek opening can help overcome that difficulty.
“The great word of mouth from the Wednesday and Thursday opening will push people to see the movie this weekend,” said Chip Sullivan, a spokesman for DreamWorks.


The funniest movie i have ever saw. and the best movie i have seen all summer it was better then the dark knight and iron man. Downey Jr. is a world class actor. I laughed from start to finish. Go see it!

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Tropic Thunder is a very clever spoof of Hollywood and actors. It is funny, well-
acted, and beautifully filmed. The “retarded people” reference is to Hollywoodisms
explaining certain types of roles for actors. Shame on Hollywood, and Bravo
Ben Stiller. Hollywood got skewered, and will be better for it!!!!

The sound track is fabulous.

A fun movie.


Tropic Thunder will definitely top the box office this weekend. It’s a great comedy and with the controversy, that should only boost its sales.


I do not plan to see it.Just like when something is on TV I don’t agree with ,I change channels. There are those that do see this that will not leave, without taking the movie with them and the R word.We all like a good laugh ,but not when it comes to those’s less fortunate .I hope none of you ever have a mentally challenge child .Remember one out of every five children are born with autism.One does not have to be born mentally challenged to become that.How about the child that is hit buy a car and will never be pass an three year old, or the child that was in an car accident, the young motor cycles…I could go on and on. I have an daughter born Down Syndrome. I have been there when someone uses the R word and seen tears run down her face. Once someone ask her what she wanted to be ,her answer ,”Happy”,then asked what she didn’t want to be ,her answer “I never want to be normal ,because normal means being mean ,saying mean things… all have proven her right.

Posted by Trish | Report as abusive

Robert Downey Jr. snabbs Ben Stiller.
Everyone saw it clearly how much acting skills of Robert Downey Jr. surpasses Ben Stiller’s acting. It was almost comparison with Mike Myers & Mini-me. If there were no Tom Cruise’s help this Ben Stiller’s Movie was gone to Amish county’s fare! lol

Posted by Stpooch | Report as abusive

You see Ben Stiller’s lefthand is doing in photo above?
he must be being “nervous” there….LMAO!

Posted by Stpooch | Report as abusive

Funny, funny movie! Robert Downey, Jr. is brilliant. The whole thing is just raucous, hilarious fun.

I don’t understand the controversy over the use of the word “retarded.” (Or its derivatives.) The characters using the terms are CLEARLY insensitive goofballs, and the entire point of their major exchange on the subject is that they’re exploiting sensitive real life difficulties for the betterment of their acting careers. So to boycott the use in that context seems a bit misguided.

But maybe folks need to see the movie and give it some thought before jumping to facile conclusions.

Posted by LJO | Report as abusive


Lighten up. I had a down’s syndrome brother who lived 38 years and as you know, that is a long time for the circumstance. He would have laughed at the movie and gotten it. He loved movies. The name calling early in his life from idiot kids rolled off his back because we made sure he knew that type of person was the real idiot. He only wanted to be treated like everyone else and we treated him like everyone else. Like one of the boys. He was never coddled, we made sure he went everywhere with us he could until he took ill in the last days.

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

What could possibly be funny about using the word “retard”? Everyone knows where the word comes from & the fact that people use it so freely is a sad commentary for our youth, especially. It is hate speech…no humor…no joke. Ben Stiller might have had other intentions & certainly making fun of your employer has a certain amount of humor, but at what expense? By using the word “retard”, he condones, whether meaning to or not the use of this word in everyday speech. This word has NO PLACE in our world….stop the usage, stop the acceptance, start being kinder to others, especially the most defenseless!!!

Posted by Missy | Report as abusive

The R word is used now days by most of our youth as something that is just not right .A bad hair day :my hair looks R—- ,someone wearing out of date clothes “they dress so r—-.their shoes come from WalMart “they wear r—shoes.This word is used to point something or someone out as not right.Some people might be able to let it roll off them, but others will let it stick to them like glue.The R word is disrespectful to any one, and no one likes their short comings thrown in their face.Last ,there are some people now days that think anyone who is mentally handicap has no place in our society.How are those people going to feel when they are out in a Mall and everywhere you look there are T-shirts, slapping them in the face.Why do we have to have someone or something to make fun of ?The movie industry can’t make fun of Gay’s ,Native Americans,Africa American ,because of fear they will be sued for starting hate crimes.OH ,how about the mentally challenge,they are so r—,they won’t understand….but their love ones do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Trish | Report as abusive

Robert Downey Jr. cracks me up… he’s got a knack for not taking himself too seriously


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