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Roseanne Barr is no fan of Brangelina

August 18, 2008

rosie1.jpgComic actress Roseanne Barr makes fun of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on her Web site blog, but its not your garden variety celebrity sniping. The so-called “Domestic Goddess” Barr tries to make political points, and in the process calls Jolie the “evil spawn” of her father Jon Voight and calls Brad Pitt “vacuous.”
Barr, who starred in the sitcom “Roseanne” from 1988-97, started off her blog post slamming actor Voight for his conservative politics. But the so-called “Domestic Goddess” soon veered off and turned her attention to Brangelina.
Barr said Pitt and Jolie make about $40 million a year starring in “violent psychopathic movies” and give away $3 million to “starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more.”
In the blog, which Barr posted on Friday, the 55-year-old actress also mocked Jolie’s adoption of children from countries in the developing world, including daughter Zahara from Ethiopia.
brad.jpg“… do you know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party’s worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?” Barr wrote.
That statement puts her somewhat at odds with Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate she supports. At a widely viewed forum on Saturday, Obama praised President George W. Bush, a Republican, for his President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), an initiative to fight AIDS and other diseases in Africa and around the world. Bush signed a bill last month authorizing up to $48 billion to be spent under PEPFAR. 
A spokeswoman for Pitt could not immediately be reached for comment on Barr’s blog post.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)


What on earth does Obama’s position have to do with Barr’s? Why not also include McCain’s position for a little balance.

While I don’t care for Barr, she does make a point, even if she is a little weird.

Posted by Mr. Fusion | Report as abusive

So Jolie is “evil” because she hasn’t decided in whom she is going to vote and doesn’t want to announce it? Ahahaha… Is Roseanne insane?

And Roseanne should read what Angelina said about voting, she never said she also like McCain. She said:

“I have not decided on a candidate. I am waiting to see the commitments they will make on issues like international justice, refugees and how to address the needs of children in crisis around the world.”

Posted by BT | Report as abusive

Roseanne’s comments say more about her than they do the Jolie-Pitt’s. I seriously doubt the freakshow that is Roseanne’s family has done much for anyone else. To say nothing of helping heal and conserve ‘Mother Earth’.

Posted by Tamra | Report as abusive

Of course Angelina and Brad Pitt play up their generous donations as is they were making such a sacrafice out of themselves, it doesn’t take brain surgeon to figure out that they love the publicity and that giving anything makes anybody feel better, but god, the real recognition should go to Sandra Bullock who when donating $1,000,000.00 to Katrina victims asked not to be revealed as the donator……

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

she is so desperate. Has she ever done anything to help the world?

Posted by Sonia | Report as abusive

Hey Bill, Pitt and Jolie have a fondation and give their money through their fondation ao anyone ends up knowing how much they give. That what Fox did not long ago, they went trough the taxes of the Jolie-Pitt Fountation and discovered that in 2006 they gave 8 million dollars to several organizations.

But Jolie gives a third of her income to charity since 2001 and there is several people that she help that we only knew years after because she asked them not be revealed.

But that as nothing to do with this, because what apparently bothers Roseanne is that Jolie hasn’t endorsed
Obama. It’s stupid…

Posted by BT | Report as abusive

PLEASE—these people are SO OVER PUBLICIZED! Can we please get a break from all their noise!

Posted by DA | Report as abusive

Barr is a pathetic, disgusting liberal. Oh, by the way Roseanne, the Vietnam war was managed by 2 Democrats, namely Kennedy and Johnson. Just love how you said the Republicans were to blame for that war too you pathological liar.

Posted by Noobama | Report as abusive

Roseanne is wrong here. Angelina never said she would vote either way yet. So what if she votes for McCain, that does not negate her goodwill and charity towards humanity. Angelina’s actions speak louder than the rest of loud-mouths combined.

Posted by Tera | Report as abusive

While Barr is hardly the messenger of much truth, there is something valid about Jolie’s dubious role in foreign aid, in her tax-deductible sizeable donations, etc. In each, she repairs her image which she periodically self-sabotages by seducing a co-star, married or engaged but hardly ever unattached, and her obsession with maternity and adoptions borders on fanatical. As she’s shown to be on many occasions. The only deal with the “devil” has been to name her goodwill ambassador for her high profile, without much substance behind it or strong moral code.

Posted by LPD | Report as abusive

I love Roseanne and her show “Roseanne”. One of the greatest shows ever created for television. I also admire Roseanne’s courage for saying what she thinks in a way men are only allowed to speak.

Keep telling it how you see it, Roseanne…regardless of what people say. YOU’VE ALWAYS been this way, so I doubt it is for “attention” as some claim. It’s just you, being, well, you. And I love you for it!!!

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Ha. Those without sin cast the first stone.

AJ’s loudest critics have the shadiest backgrounds. Based on that theory reread the above posts
and know which are the skeezels just by their negative comments about AJ. It also sounds like there is some mad jealousy in those words.

Prettier,richer,smarter,etc,etc,etc. no wonder the losers are so critical.

Posted by Tamra | Report as abusive

I can’t imagine why Roseanne would choose to single out Angelina for not publicly coming out in favor of a candidate. I am sure that there are others in Hollywood who make tons of money that have not announced their favorite candidate. I just don’t understand what Roseanny feels she has to gain by trying to publicly embarrass the Jolie-Pitt family. Last I knew, I didn’t have to explain to anyone my candidate choice. Why should Angie? Voting is a very personal matter and it is none of Roseanne’s business who Angelina (or anyone else) votes for. I think Roseanne should just stick to what she does best…using that annoying voice to tell (not so funny) jokes.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

Do the recipients of charity care who gives it? Don’t think so.

Posted by amanda | Report as abusive

Who in the world cares what Roseanne thinks??
Another example of the media’s incompetence.
Think they would be embarressed to print such
garbage but of course they are not.

Posted by katiec | Report as abusive

R Barr is just one of those people who are unhappy with their life, so it makes her feel better to lash out at others and criticize their integrity and well being. She is an insecure, messed up individual. Who seemingly grew up dysfunctional, in 1991 claiming there was physical & sexual abuse, which her siblings are calling her a liar. Has had 3 marriages and 3 divorces and gave a baby up for adoption in 1971. Not that there is anything wrong with her life experiences, she just doesn’t qualify to judge others so harsh. She just falls into the category of millions who don’t have near the intellect to make such judgment on others. Opinions are great! everyone has them, she needs to shut up and keep hateful ones to herself. Nobody cares who she likes and doesn’t like.

Posted by Val | Report as abusive

Barr is a snappy headed fool in her own medieval world.

Posted by Jay Arr | Report as abusive

Who in the world does Roseanne Barr think she is?
NOBODY cares about your opinion on anything!
How dare you judge others…
What are you doing for humanity…oh wait…
Taking the “Love Boat Gay Cruise” oh yeah,thats big stuff! Just do the right thing and cast your own vote, and let others cast theres! Try keeping you BIG mouth shut! You are still just a has been,trying to stay in the limelight.
Pathetic and stupid.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

Finally, now I have a reason to be a fan of Angelina and Brad. Anybody Roseanne doesn’t like has to be doing something right. Another leftist kook trying to control others thoughts and actions. Brilliant!

Posted by George Q | Report as abusive

“Barr is a pathetic, disgusting liberal. Oh, by the way Roseanne, the Vietnam war was managed by 2 Democrats, namely Kennedy and Johnson. Just love how you said the Republicans were to blame for that war too you pathological liar.
- Posted by Noobama”

Oooh, I think ya forgot about the pathetic disgusting Nixon bombing Cambodia and Laos, and the way he cut and ran, abandoning our South Vietnamese allies to be tortured and killed to ensure his re-election, ya pathological liar.




The guy who does my lawn has a ‘different’ political opinion than mine and seems a little odd. But he does an excellent job on the lawn. So I pay him to take care of the lawn, give him a nice tip at Christmas and ignore the ‘different’. But the guy who does my lawn is much more civil than some Hollyweird types. I guess that is because he doesn’t have so much time on his hands and isn’t so self important.
I only saw one Angelina Jolie movie, on an airplane, without earphones.I did enjoy the visuals. Well done Jon Voight.

Posted by RobertG | Report as abusive

The ugly, foul, repulsive bi–h should have been shot as a traitor for her rendering of the National Anthem. Another example of the true quality of those who are so lacking in intelligence, decency, and good judgment that they are willing to support Obama.

Posted by Linda Denno | Report as abusive

Barr has endorsed lunatic Cynthia McKinney for president. Enough said.

Posted by Dave B | Report as abusive

Barr is a clown, period.

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

Who would you want on your jury if you were accused of a capital crime-Barr, or Brad/Jolie? If you had to pick one as president, who would you pick? If you had to leave your kids with any two for a week…

Barr is a bitter, brainless person. Jolie/Pitt do good and she bays at them for not giving all their money away.

Jolie adopts kids and Barr screeches about that.

If only we were all in a mud trench, foodless, with no universities, no houses, no money, no choices, Barr might finally be happy.

Posted by W | Report as abusive

Roseanne who? Oh, wasn’t she some kind of comdiene or something in the 80′s?

Crawl back under your rock Rosanne.


Barr is indicative of the brainless, sycophantic, empty headed far left.
Whatever you think of Jolie’s politics, she is LIVING her ideals. She has created wealth, and is using it in the best way she thinks she can.
But leftist fascists like Barr see only ideaology and the utopian vision.
She gives millions thru her foundation, but the critics can only look at the millions she earns and keeps as a negative. Weaksauce. Demonstrates thier own psychosis.
The far left is no longer progressive. They are sick.

Posted by Jay T | Report as abusive

Mr. Fusion,
The reason the Obama point is thrown in there is because Barr is wrong about the “Republicans” decimating Africa. In fact, even those who most vehemently disagree with Bush (Obama) admit that the one good part of his presidency is Bush’s monumental support of Africans. Barr’s entire premise (Republicans = bad for Africa) is wrong.

Posted by wooga | Report as abusive

Roseanne has absolutely zero knoweledge about anything she rants about. She’s proven it time and time again folks. Just check some of her past statements.

She’s reactionary in the worst way and thinks of herself as some sort of intellectual but in reality, all she does is read and regurgitate left-wing blogs. Far left-wing blogs at that. She’s nothing more than a giant echo chamber full of hot air.

“… do you know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party’s worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?”

Someone please tell me exactly what a “worldwide economic assault” is??

So Ms. Barr, colonialisim had nothing to do with modern day Africa? Oh wait, isn’t America a ‘Colonial’ power?

Mugabe MUST be a CIA operative. MUST BE. Or maybe a British plant? And the situation in the Congo? Pure Bush all the way. Of course the French and Dutch had NOTHING to do with it eh? Same think in Rwanda.

She’s a 9/11 troofer of the worst sort. A blame America firster of the highest degree who chooses to spit on this country at every opportunity while she lives here in safety and total comfort, living on wealth accumulated from average everyday Americans who really had no idea that she was the kind of left-wing nutjob she has turned out to be.

In short, she’s a total Hollywood Hypocrite.

Posted by Tazzerman | Report as abusive

Roseanne who?

Posted by Random | Report as abusive

“do you know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party’s worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?” Barr wrote”

Zahara’s mother is alive. She gave Zahara up for adoption.

Posted by Carol Ann | Report as abusive

proud2bhumble: Liberals like you should not comment on the Vietnam War. It is so amusing that you do not know history. Your time line is out of wack. Go back to school and learn the history of the war. I love when you people make fools of yourself.

Posted by THEHOWIE | Report as abusive

Roseanne has some pretty big skeletons in the closet, and she should be very careful who she attacks because the truth just might come out and then she can really let the world know what a fool she is, and that is something stated that can be backed up.

Posted by RJ | Report as abusive

I don’t care much for Roseanne but, in this issue she is right. People magazine presents the Jolie-Pitts like the “perfect family”. It wasn’t that long ago that Jolie was carrying Billy Bob’s blood around her in a vial and had a tattoo in her arm along with her 13 other tattoos. Now we are suppose to believe that she is mother of the year. Nannies raise those kids and the pictures are set up to look like the happy family. The blue hair on the little boy was a bit much.



Posted by DUMMIE | Report as abusive

What’s so amazing to me is that you can be a blithering idiot, drunk half the time, high the the other half, have a chaotic private life, and be a smashing success in Hollywood.


“proud2bhumble: Liberals like you should not comment on the Vietnam War. It is so amusing that you do not know history. Your time line is out of wack. Go back to school and learn the history of the war. I love when you people make fools of yourself.
- Posted by THEHOWIE”

This may be your problem:

Try something in the truth/reality based world: ted_States_in_the_Vietnam_War#Vietnamiza tion.2C_1969.E2.80.931975

No wonder your time-line is whacko: _Creationism




First off, it is so facist of Rosanne to tell anyone HOW to vote and for WHOM. Secondly to be so cruel with her comments shows us a mirror of who Rosanne is inside – and her facts are completely wrong. The bush administration has spent more and helped Africa more than any previous president including Clinton. Obama had a school named after him in Africa and promised to come back with funding to fix it up (hey what about US schools?) and never did. They interviewed the principal there. These facts come from PBS a liberal station and not from any conservative outlet. I will not vote for those who talk and lie, but those who do ACT.

Posted by Krystal | Report as abusive

proud2bhumble, I love it when you liberals get angry. You posted nothing to back up your previous comments. I love it.

Posted by THEHOWIE | Report as abusive

Roseanne Barr is right in the eyes of those who are as equally short-minded as she is. How do Brangelina’s vote change the world if not for those whose only bible are blog rags and tabloids? How Brangelina’s african girl adoption would erase the wrong the United States have been doing and still do to poor countries? Does her conception of her own country and of her candidate evolve around Brangelina?
What is her point when she is critical about Brangelina’s donations? First she soo obviously misleads people about the 3 million dollars. Brangelina donates 3 times bigger than that, if not higher, and not to their foundation, but to organizations such as Medecins sans Frontieres, Education without Borders etc… and add to this thrid of Angie’s income to the UNHCR since she was only 25. For those who say that she is doing it for publicity, just take a minute to ask yourself why the other actresses don’t do the same? Are they complete dummies not to give away third of their incomes in order to have Jolie’s fame?
Jon Voight fired back and said that Roseanne is is of mind. I agree. Still I like Brangelina’s class act. I don’t care if they are famewhores or not, even then actresses and actors are all by essence famewhores, but I like the fact that they are giving because they can act otherwise. I don’t care if Angelina is a homewrecker and a husband stealer, or used to behave oddly when she was young: it’s not my home she had wrecked, I believe that husbands cannot be stolen, they leave you if they want to, and mine doesn’t leave me anyway and it’s not my life she had ruined, and on the other hand millions of kids, refugees and people in need benefit from her actions, and only this matters.

Posted by Carrie | Report as abusive

I totally agree with her. When Mia Farrow adopted 16 children she did not pick them for their ‘beauty’ she picked blind children, crippled children, children who no one wanted. She did not have photo ops promoting what a great mom she was. She genuinely cared for these kids. Brangalina’s constantly parading these kids for photo ops is disgusting. Their parenting skills are pathetic..according to them they give the kids whatever they want (i.e. ice cream for breakfast), whenever they want it, have no set bed time. That’s no parenting. They say they are ‘friends’ of their children, or their children are their best friends. Come on! These are babies by all accounts. Wait until they grow up and see how much they didn’t care enough to discipline them! Their taking the easy way out. Any woman who breaks up people (Billy Bob Thornton’s engagement/Pitt’s marriage) isn’t anyone’s role model. They are nightmare parents. Also the charity money they give, sounds like they give to their own charity foundation! What’s with that!

Posted by D. Desjardins | Report as abusive

While I loved Roseanne in her sitcom, I do not think it is right for her to call out on Jolie for voting for whom she wishes to choose, and really, does she have to publicize who she plans on voting for?

I also do not agree with Roseanne on this election’s candidate. She should just shut that big trap of hers, before she gets herself in trouble. Another who needs to can it is Joy Behar, anyone have any duct tape?
I can’t stand that big mouth.


Posted by ShirleyD | Report as abusive

Who is really responsible for the housing bubble bursting? Watch this video and see. _k

Posted by CR | Report as abusive

It still baffles me as to how Roseanne Barr got to be famous or have her own TV show in the first place. So she has a big mouth. Big deal. So she has opinions on everything. So what, we all do. Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold – two people who made it big by having absolutely no talent at anything whatsoever…..

Posted by telling it like it is 2008 | Report as abusive

Used to love Rosie but her trolley has left the track. Saw her nauseating site full of vicious blogs, including insulting religious references. When you lose respect for yourself, nothing is sacred…too bad that doesnt apply in the next life. Good luck Rosie babes…you had it all, and spit in the Eye of the Giver.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

i agree with roseanne about angelina and brad.


Posted by jennie | Report as abusive

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