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CORRECTED – Denise Richards: Do you just love to hate her?

August 27, 2008


(In our Tuesday posting on Denise Richards’ show, we incorrectly referenced a posting on The’s web site. An Insider spokeswoman tells us on Wednesday the posting was not from its reporting staff but was a user’s posting in an open forum on its web site. We’ve deleted the reference to The Insider below and adjusted our posting to reflect the deletion.)   

In the incessant tug-of-war between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, it looks like good old Charlie gets the upper hand yet again. A day after Charlie announced that he and wife Brooke Mueller have a baby on the way, celebrity news outlets ran stories Tuesday citing an unnamed source as saying that cable network E! axed Denise Richards’ reality show, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” after only one season. 

But it turns out the stories were wrong, at least according to E!, and Denise may get another chance to tape another profanity-packed season.

“I don’t know where that came from,” said a spokeswoman from E!, who said the cable network had been e-mailing blog sites all day to get the story straight.  “We’re currently in discussions for a second season (of the show.)”

That news would seem to be good for Denise, but it also points what seems to becharlie2.jpg endlessly bad press for her. Point in case: the stories saying her show had been cancelled when it hasn’t. Denise just can’t seem to get a break these days. Charlie? He’s another story. Not only is he the award-winning actor in CBS’ top-rated comedy sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” but the star was named Hollywood’s top-paid actor earlier this month to boot. 

The couple divorced in 2006 in a bitter split that headlined celebrity magazines for weeks.  Both stars had their reputations tarnished from the tumultuous divorce proceedings, and Denise previously said her reality show was her chance to show the public the truth about her life and the divorce.

So, we wonder. With bad press for Denise continuing,  has the show really changed America’s image of Denise? Did she accomplish her goal? Or is she simply one of those celebrities that viewers will always love to hate?

(Reporting by Jennifer Martinez)


No…I don’t love to hate her.
I don’t think she is worth the time or effort it would take.
Maybe if everyone ignores her, she’ll go away.

Posted by Liss | Report as abusive

Yes, my impression of Denise has changed. Before, I thought she was an attractive no talent. Now, I think she is one of those idiots who would sell the sanity of her very own children for her own desire for fame.

Posted by SAGsun | Report as abusive

I watched her show recently for the first time, and i was surprised at how down to earth she was. I was expecting a horny bimbo, but what i got was a woman with relatively strong family values and someone who is hot but yet trashy enough to have fun with.
She may not be oscar winning caliber, maybe she is a bit self indulgent, but i was surprised at how fun and everyday she was, even if the show does exaggerate on many fronts. Pity she is so aware of how others view her, but i guess that is an insecurity inherent in most women, most probably magnified when living in the spotlight.

Posted by sparkit | Report as abusive

Denise Richards is pathetic.

Posted by Jackson | Report as abusive

Denise looks like a real person with simple flaws. We all have a flaw or two. I think that she has shown that she is a loving mom that has a great family at her side. I love her, she shows us that you can still be you and a single mom. She is real not fake like some hollywood women walking around with a dumb fluffy dogs in their purses. By the way I know for a fact that other hollywood moms have reality shows with their chilren on them and I have not heard anyone tell them they were wrong so why is Denise.

Posted by Carrie a mom in NY | Report as abusive

hate is a very strong word to use toward someone, especially if you dont know then. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone is entitled to get a change to explain their side of the story. I dont hate Ms. Richards, I dont love her either.

Posted by esther | Report as abusive

Denise is responsible for how the world at large views her. She may have exited the marriage with her head held high and with the public’s sympathies given Charlies’ history and reputation, but she didn’t do herself any favors when she took up with Sambora. Immediately, she went from someone as likeable and possibly talented to being labelled as a husband-stealer of her best friend. Whatever the reasons are, it just made her look awful.

Denise needs to go away, maybe land a good, serious TV/movie role and convince us that she’s really putting her family and career first and move forward from Charlie.

Posted by Lola | Report as abusive

she is the greatest mom in the world and the best woman too.only u carrie can understand her.

Posted by ardit | Report as abusive

I didnt care much for Denise Richards prior to watching her show. Now I just love her. She is a real person who is dealing with issues that we all go through, only she does it in better clothes a great house and expensive shoes. Charlie is talented, but he is now and always has been creepy.

Posted by Lynne Larson | Report as abusive

I must admit I thought it was a bit off that she went off with a friends husband, but didn’t really judge as you can be sure what you hear in the media is not accurate, and it turns out she wasn’t a friend. I like her show and I think she seems like a cool chick that would be a fun friend to have! Hope she has a happy stress free future!

Posted by Melanie | Report as abusive

Celebrate good time, Come on! I’m dancing right now. Please say Denise Richard’s show is cancelled. I liked her before watching it and now all she is doing is making herself look like a horrible person, mother, actress. She is out to get Charlie for sure and certainly tried to do damage control with the whole Heather and Richie deal. All she did was make herself look even worse than anyone thought of her in the first place. (if anyone even thought of her)
Time for her to get a job like most women who end up divorced have to do. Which won’t be in Hollywood because she has blacklisted herself for sure with all that false accusations she has made about Charlie.
Celebrate good times, Come on!!

Posted by Ginger | Report as abusive

Kudos to you, Mr. Tourtellotte, for posting this correction. I am a friend of Denises’ and I can tell you she is a very warm, caring, strong, intelligent, down-to-earth real person and has a heart of gold, aside from being a great mom with strong family values. It’s unfortunate that there are those who feel the need to waste their time posting silly hateful comments about her (or anyone else for that matter). As E! and Seacrest are obviously well aware, the vast majority absolutely love her.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Young Denise was a pretty, dead piece of wood. She should have faded into obscurity, but SHE dragged her personal life/Charlie into the lime light as her looks faded & her utter lack of talent became glaringly more obvious.
Odd how she has her “friends” here slam posters for “judging a person they don’t know”, yet the only “career” she’s had in the past ten years has been exploiting her personal life.
Not to mention demeaning real women with real issues in an effort to gain public sympathy (“I, a single mom, need to do a realtiy show to support my children, sniff.”)
Gee, wonder why she’s such an unlikable character?

Posted by Honest | Report as abusive

I think people should leave Denise alone, she has alot to deal with in life, it doesn’t matter how old you are it is hard to loose a mother, but even more so with being famous and her life public to people, she made a reality show to change the opinions of everyone who did not know her and everyone keeps beating her down. She can’t win whatever she does, so what if her children are on the show, she can’t keep them out of her life so others can view her differently. So she’s not perfect, but who is? she’s a good mom and friend, however people still choose to hate her? How old are you people, making comments about someone else’s life on the internet? Denise you go girl! i admire your strength and all your flaws.

Posted by zoelouise | Report as abusive

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