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Does Madonna fuel controversy for her fans or for herself?

August 27, 2008

madonna-on-tour.jpgSex, religion, now politics. Madonna, true to style, has kicked off her world concert tour “Sticky & Sweet” with controversy by juxtaposing images of Adolf Hitler with John McCain, the Republican senator running for president alongside Democratic Senator Barack Obama and with Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. Obama was named in a sequence with Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Al Gore.  ”Outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive,” said McCain’s camp.

Madonna, who turned 50 this month, is listed as one of the world’s most successful female recording artists of all time, having sold over 200 million records in a career spanning 25 years.  Do you think she fuels controversy to keep fans coming back for more or is it a personal mission for The Material Girl? 


I believe Madonna to be an intelligent woman who likes to use her voice and provoke discussion. I think she uses her position as a celebrity for that purpose, rather than being some vapid performer with no opinion. Whilst sometimes her opinions may seem off the mark to some, the job is done. I don’t believe Madonna courts controversy deliberately, she’s innately controversial because she speaks her mind irrespective of how her opinions are viewed. That’s what’s wonderful about freedom of speech.

Posted by Howard Trigg | Report as abusive

I think Madonna still has even at 50. She is a stunning star who i have listened to most of my life. My favourite songs of hers is like a prayer. Madonna performs for herself aswell as her fans because if she didn’t like singing, she wouldn’t do it.

Posted by AMANDA | Report as abusive

i think she has balls…im sure she knows it will cause a reaction…and i agree with it. she should be given respect…as nobody works harder than madonna.

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

No matter what your political orientation, the audacity, arrogance and ignorance displayed by Madonna (Italian for “Our Lady”)Louise Ciccone, to associate one of the presidential candidates with Hitler and Mugabe, is an insult to all Americans and the rest of the world. The historical facts of the rise of A. Hitler cannot be overlooked or altered. In a depressed Germany, Hitler came out of nowhere, had no administrative experience, was a most accomplished and charismatic oratory (no teleprompter) and wrote a book about his ideology. The rest is history. With so much attention being paid to celebs and their political opinions, may the real “Madonna” and the real “Messiah” step forward and protect this Great Nation.

Posted by Renata | Report as abusive

Does it really matter whether or not madonna creates controversy for herself or her fans? we obviously cannot trust (nor count on) our so-called corporate stream media to juxtapose images of ALL political figures (past & present) who have a lust for starting wars, perpetuating genocides, peddling nuclear weapons through the black market and list of atrocities goes on and on and on! Thank you Madonna for using your position in global society to expose these arrogant rapscallions and the dark deeds that do us all great harm! This time of the dark is fast waning; the time for the LIGHT is upon us. To the whole of Humanity: it is time to become fully conscious, participate in the restoration of our World and celebrate our membership into the Galactic Federation of Light!



Posted by Kavika LoveAll | Report as abusive

Madonna at heart, is an artist and she has always fanned the flames of controversy. Don’t forget Like A Prayer and the cross burning. So her current take on comparing McCain to Mugabe and Hitler is along the same vein of instigating controversy and making sure that we and the media continue to talk about her.

I love Madonna and am an ardent fan. But at the heart of it all, she’s business woman and she knows what sells.

Posted by Lola | Report as abusive

Madonna’s has to compensate her minimal talent with controvery. She is a smart business person to use the outrageous for distraction. More disturbing is the sheep mindset of her fans who pay for her music and concerts. Being vulgar, crass and crude has made her very rich and very famous.

Posted by Irisheyes | Report as abusive

Madonna is not just controversial for the sake of being controversial. There is meaning in everything she says. Whether it will cause a stir or not, Madonna will speak her mind. In the Confessions Tour, she had a video interlude showing Condoleeza Rice, George Bush and Tony Blair among liars in politics.

Posted by Ronald Rodriguez | Report as abusive

I think Madonna has the nature to say what she thinks, regardless of what may happen to her. I respect her tons for doing this and I try to do the same thing in my life. Madonna may make some fun, poppy music that we love to sing and dance along to, but she has never been the stereotypical average pop star. She’s a smart girl, she’s creative and she’s always desired to delve deeper into art, because she’s interested in it herself. Subtlety may never be her thing, but the medium in which she works isn’t designed for subtlety. As long as Madonna keeps finding ways to interest and excite me I’ll be a fan, and that’s been going on since 1984 when I was 4. She’s a remarkable woman.

Posted by Breeanna | Report as abusive

Since the 1980s, Madonna has used manufactured controversy to get free publicity for herself, and her use of a photo of Hitler along with one of John McCain is no exception.

Madonna does not have any talent, so she has to rely on sex and shock tactics to get and keep attention.

Posted by Flea | Report as abusive

What a rebel she is! How bold and courageous!….Daring to stand up to the status quo, and say things that no one
else dares, speaking for those of us, who cannot it seems..
like some kind of medieval warrioress wielding sword and shield!….. Such are the kind of things she imagines being
spoken of her from “quarters left”. Seeking to be their heroine, and her validation from that direction. Yet one would ask, Isn’t she, as we, so bored with it all by now?
It would seem that she would be ready to enter a new phase of life somehow, and looking to bring something unique and new to society already. Something beneficial? There are young girls and women out there in need of role models, someone who can exhibit maturity, and responsibility. Someone who has the capacity to demonstrate some measure of modesty….one of those treasures of tradition….embraced
as a wonderful character trait in beautiful ladies everywhere.
Its’ true Ms. Ciccone, you shock so well! But there must be a higher calling!

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