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Lindsay Lohan weighs in on Palin, teen pregnancy

September 2, 2008

lindsay1.jpgLindsay Lohan, 22, certainly spent her teenage years in the media spotlight, so when she has a few words about the media glare on the pregnant 17 year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee, it gets our attention.

But when Lohan posted a blog about the subject on her MySpace page today, we were surprised that it was less about Bristol Palin and more about politics in general, teen pregnancy and keeping a family’s private life out of the public spotlight, which is another thing Lindsay knows a little about.bristol.jpg

Here’s a few things she said. The rest of the blog posting can be read here.

sarah.jpg“I think the real problem comes from the fact that we are taking the focus off of getting to know Sarah Palin and her political views, and what she can do to make our country a less destructive place. It’s distracting from the real issues, the real everyday problems that this country experiences,” Lindsay wrote.

And, she added:”… I would much prefer to hear more about what she can do for our country rather than how her daughter is going to have a child no matter what.”

Finally, Lindsay says: “I think that parents need to recognize how important it is to talk to their children about the things that can result from being sexually active if they aren’t protecting themselves (birth control, condoms, etc.)”


This is sooo ridiculous! Lindsey should know better than anyone what a fuss the media can make about news unless the person involved makes a swift and honest report of the situation themselves to diffuse the situation! How can she possibly have this opinion when she herself has experienced media gossip backlash? If Sarah Palin didn’t openly report and comment on her daughter’s pregnancy, it would look like she had something to hide and it would have been a lot worse! Is Lindsey really this stupid?


linsey is last person to give her opinion, on anything pertaining to family values or politics

Posted by alan | Report as abusive

There’s no way Lindsey Lohan would write like that- it seems like some pr person is trying desperately to oversimplify their sentences and ideas-

Posted by rachel | Report as abusive

Maybe you should consider spelling her name correctly before calling her stupid.

Posted by Tara | Report as abusive

I think that sarah palin is a hypocrite. She says she is a conservative who believes in abstinence, and pro life choices. However, her daughter is now pregnant at seventeen. She is a child. I have a seventeen year old daughter. She is not ready to be a mother. And what does Palin say about the situation? She says she is happy, excited, and proud of her daughter. What kind of message does this send to our daughters? Lets have babies and get married? What kind of message does this say to our daughters? Where’s the feminist in that? Palin is not a feminist she is a hypocrite. It’s 2008 not 1938. Lets get real! We should be teaching our daughters about safe sex-because not doing so is not only a sad shame but a major health concern. A health concern that Palin should know all about. Afterall, her state of Alaska has a very high rate of STDs and teen pregnancy. Along with outlawing abortion, what else will she do as Vice President? Outlaw birth control, condoms,sex education? Thats the real issue here.


Here is the situation, the girl is 17. I am a parent of two young girls, I can raise them the best way I know how with the best values I can, but the fact of the matter is one day I will have to cut the cord and the girls will have to make decisions for themselves. Every decision has a consequence…good or bad. As a young adult who can think and act for themselves, that is something they will have to come to terms with. It is important to talk to your kids, absolutely, but what it comes down to is you can’t hold your kids hand forever and they have to take responsibility for their actions.
Sarah’s daughter will do so with the pregnancy one way or the other. She is a teen, but she is not 14. She is 17, old enough make her own choices. The issue is not teen pregnancy or sex education, those are all great tools for learning, the issue is helping our kids to be responsible and when the time is right for them to take the right actions. And if they make a mistake, we don’t baby them or shun them, we help them to understand why the decision was wrong!!!!!

Posted by Kelli | Report as abusive

Are you serious? Who cares what Lindsay Lohan has to say.
Is this Reuters or the National Enquirer?
Is John McCain serious. If he is elected president and dies in office Palin becomes president. How scary is that. Just what we need someone who was mayor of a town of less than 10,000 people not long ago to be the president. The only reason McCain choose Palin was to win over Hillary voters by choosing a woman. I read a news article that quoted Palin as saying “she likes to go go against the establishment”. John McCain and the republicans are the establishment.

Posted by me | Report as abusive

i am responding to krisitine or others like her – are you kidding? you obviously are a feminist voting democrat, which is fine. i personally do not care. however, i think that you are poorly mistaken about gov. palin and her daughter. first of all, the children should not be a target unless they put themselves out there as targets (such as chelsea clinton who stumps for her mother). also, if this is such an issue, shouldn’t we be questioning Obama and his mother? the reason is because wasn’t she pregnant with him prior to marriage?

finally, on to your comments: would you rather have gov. palin want her daughter to abort the baby? how should she react, should she say how dissapointed she is in her daughter or make the best of a bad situation? and why use such scare tactics such as “outlaw birth control, condoms, sex education”. the real issue has nothing to do with her daugther but rather her response to situations. she has handled this situation not only professionally but more importantly, lovingly as a parent should. again, the real issue is not her daughter but gov. palin’s reactions, how she handles this situtaion and more importantly her record.
i have plenty of other thoughts but i feel that this is plenty of thoughts at this time.

Posted by ron | Report as abusive

I was under the impression that Sarah Palin is anti-gay. What does Lindsay think about that?

Posted by Teresa | Report as abusive

The fact of the matter is that the united states has the highest teen pregnancy rates, and this country spends milions of dollars on Abstinence only programs. Comprehensive sexuality programs educate teens about the risk of teen pregnancy. And it is true that parents need to talk to teens about this issue because they value what there parents have to say. This is no shock teen pregnancy hads been a great issue in our country and people in general have to open there eyes and realize that!

Posted by Patricia | Report as abusive

Come on guys, be positive. Lindsay is AWESOME! And go read her complete entry!


Hey “Me” Are YOU serious? Palin was mayor of a small town and has been the governor of the state of Alaska? What has Obama ever governed or done of any worth period? All he has done is aligned himself with anti-american radicals all of his life! The fact that Obama could be our next president, THAT should scare us all.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

It’s not that she is not married and is going to have a baby that’s the problem,…it’s that she’s only 17!! These same people who are now defending her were the same ones who were shocked and outraged when Lyn Spears got pregnant! and they would all be on Obama’s case if he’s 17 year old daughter got pregnant at 17. and yes parents cannot always control what their kids do, but a 17 year old is for sure NOT old enough to make his or her own choices, because when they do, this is the kind of mess they get themselves into. However, I don’t think it should be an issue when it comes to making a good VP, instead we should look closer at the bigger issues like how she wants to ban abortion and is a gun fanatic and a Alaskan Separatist! I thought we were moving forward to a new area…sadly there are people who want to keep us in the past.

Posted by Athena | Report as abusive

Join the real world. Governor Palin is the real thing, as is her daughter. Give them a break. We love them.
Life long Alaskan,

Posted by jmiller | Report as abusive

would be a good thing for celebrities to keep out of politics…they do very little right other than act!!

Posted by PJ | Report as abusive

[I think that sarah palin is a hypocrite. She says she is a conservative who believes in abstinence, and pro life choices. However, her daughter is now pregnant at seventeen. She is a child. I have a seventeen year old daughter. She is not ready to be a mother. And what does Palin say about the situation? She says she is happy, excited, and proud of her daughter....kristine

What would YOU say about YOUR daughter...most likely the same thing...I would hope!! It's not a sexual disease she has...its a baby!

Posted by PJ | Report as abusive

you know sarah palin didnt have the idea to tell everyone about it, its about the pres. ticket. you know mcains people said she had to do that. You’re just ignorant if you dont realize they decide what she eats, when she sleeps & what she says or if what she wants to say goes with what they want her to say.

like i said, all about making the ticket look good, nothing to hide, transparent.

Posted by roman | Report as abusive

Heyyyyyyy hey peeps lindsy has the right to speak. But now consider the age and the raising she feels like she has somthing in common. Do you really expect any different.

Posted by Gomezz | Report as abusive

God, how dare Lindsay Lohan speak on an issue which she has some degree of knowledge. It’s absolutely stupid that she commented on media exposure of familial issues and paid attention to how Sarah Palin is perfectly happy to let her daughter have the freedom to choose to keep her child but complains when other people who have a less favorable reaction to a woman with a four month old child with special needs and a pregnant teenage daughter spending all her time and effort running for office instead of taking care of her family and being a good mother.

Seriously. It would be like the mayor of a town of 9000 weighing in on why she thinks that evolution doesn’t exist… Or trying to get books she doesn’t agree with removed from libraries, or a governor who feels that the phrase “under god” in the pledge of allegiance is good because it was good enough for the founding fathers.

Posted by Ramenth | Report as abusive

Where do I begin? Palin is in a pickle! It’s too late to worry about Bristol and her baby. I think “mom & dad” need to worry about the other daughters. Most little girls want to be just like their big sis! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Palin to make the same mistake with these girls. I truly believe Bristol was crying out for attention from her mom. You know, the absence parent! All we hear is that children need both their parents and Palin is slacking in her desperate quest for her career. FYI: If conservatives do not want people discussing Bristol’s pregnancy, then respect the rest of the nation and stop discussing “inner city” unwed mother’s pregnancies. Now, you know how they feel. Double Standards are not cool! Also, when is the “wedding” ? The deed is already done, so… when is the big day? Finally, Bristol and Levi need to take another biology class and learn that if you do not use protection, then your chances of pregnancy and std’s are increased. I do wish her luck, she is going to need it, the media can be a bitch!

Posted by chelsea | Report as abusive

I’m quite sure that Bristol’s pregnancy isnt a cry for attention, especially since she’s five months along. Five months ago no one knew who Palin was.

Heck, five weeks ago no one knew who Palin was; John McCain included!

Posted by Ramenth | Report as abusive

(I truly believe Bristol was crying out for attention from her mom. You know, the absence parent!)

So you have only even heard of the Palin family for like 3 days and you already know their problems?

It’s people like this, that actually have the right to vote, that scare me more than anyone on earth. They read about a situation, or more likely, they don’t read, but hear through other sources. Then they make a decision based upon nothing…I weep for our future.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

You know, we can pick and pick and analyze the family. That is their problem. Would you want everyone to be analyzing your family? I think Palin hit the button on a lot of issues. It’s been five months for the daughter. I think the Palin and family are keeping a positive focus on the situation. It is nice that they are supportive of their daughter. Let’s turn it around. If your daughter got pregnant at an early age, yes you might be upset about it first, but life is too short. Wouldn’t you want to embrace your daughter and grandchild? You have to forgo the situation and move on and show love to your kids. I know at the same time, I do not support premarital sex nor having children at a young age, but you need to love your children unconditionally. You can’t just throw them away. Palin is doing a great job and if she can help run the country- she would be fantastic.

Posted by bah | Report as abusive

Lindsey have you met PDiddy? You 2 should get together and make a few offspring!

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

Alas, Lindsay is right: Parents do need to do more to protect their children, when it comes to sex in general. In July I attended a conference at the National Press Club, where I learned that while 42-percent of teens say they’ve had sex, very few parents even talk to their teen about DATING, much less sex: 70-percent of parents aren’t talking about dating relationships because their kids are “too young.”

I addressed this problem and others, including a big one, at my website ( Many teens have been pressured into having sex by their partners, and I know from personal experience that such “pressure” leads to unwanted pregnancies. That’s what happened to me, when I was just 16. I, too, married my child’s father, but that was just more of the same, over the next 10 years.

The NPC conference was held to release the results of a study sponsored by Liz Claiborne, Inc., and it also showed today’s parents overestimate what they think they know about their tweens’ (even 11-year-olds) dating habits. Get this: While 20-percent of tweens say their parents know “little or nothing” about their dating—only 6-percent of parents admitted this was the case. And only 8-percent of parents reported their child has “hooked up.” BUT … twice as many tweens (17-percent) report having hooked up, showing that parents are woefully ignorant when it comes to their own children’s behavior.

Such obvious denial by parents of what teens and even younger kids are doing will only jeopardize their child’s health, safety and even his/her life … like it did mine and my children.


Jesus christ ….I hope you Americans don’t go and choose John McCain/Sarah Palin.

You guys are just blinded by the fact that she’s a woman and don’t even realise it. The woman is a loonatic…but I guess just being a die-hard christian is enough to get alot of votes in the US.

Anyway , like it or not , we’ve all been students , we’ve all had our drunk experiences and party’s ….

why do you people think Lindsay can’t write this herself.

it says more about you people then about her.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

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