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Delayed Lynne Spears memoir gets Sept. publishing date

September 3, 2008


Lynne Spears’ long-awaited memoir about life in the tabloids is finally getting published this month after being torpedoed when daughter Jamie Lynn got pregnant at age 16.

With a new title — “Through the Storm; A real story of fame and family in a tabloid world ” — the book is due on September 16, according to booksellers Web site Barnes and Noble. The publisher is Thomas Nelson — a Nashville-based publisher of Bibles, Christian and “inspirational” books.  

Lynne Spears is expected to “reveal the heart of a mother who struggles to keep faith at the center of her life” through its unexpected twists and turns following the rocketing to fame first of daughter Britney, and later of Jamie Lynn.jamie-and-brit.jpg

The book, originally titled “Pop Culture Mom”, was postponed indefinitely in January after Jamie Lynn stunned her mom, big sis Britney, and the world, by announcing her pregnancy on the front pages of a celebrity magazine.

Details of the memoir are hard to come by — an earlier synopsis on that promised it would reveal how Lynne responded to Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy and “her regret in abdicating parental authority to managers, agents, and record companies” has been taken down from the site.

But In Touch magazine says that Spears, 53, makes a staunch defense in the book of criticism that she has failed as a mother.

Sales are expected to be strong. Perhaps Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin should add it to her own wish list, given the media thrashing she’s been getting lately?


Anyone who buys this book is advocating child abuse. The world has already seen enough of the damage she has caused her children and the reprocussions that her grandchildren have had to go through.

Allowing this book to be put on the market is as bad as Pedafiles posting pictures of themselves with the children they have abused on the internet.

They always say the predator or convict turns back to the place of their last act to watch in perversion, there is no difference in Lynne Spears writing about her acts, other than she’ll make money off of those she has already abused.

Sickening, if you advocate this book or promote it in any fashion, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive

I think It is betrayal of her children and immoral as their mother to exploit them in this manner.

Posted by Benderc2 | Report as abusive

I think lynne spears should be ashamed of herself for releasing this book in which she “tells all” of her’s a wonder they are the way they are…the old saying”the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and she surley has shown the accuracy in that old tale…It’s sad when you see a Mom trying to make a profit of her childs mistakes which clearly shows how incompetent she was of having one of the most treasured titles which is..”being a Mom” I truley feel sorry for her girls and pray that in time they will grow into the beautiful Women they are. Mom needs to have all her privleges taken away…if I were her kids I would run as far away as possible with my children and provide them with the life their so called Mother never gave them.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

Lynne Spears must be so proud of herself. Now to air the dirty laundry of her daugther. Apparently Lynne wasn’t much of a parent to allow her daughter these types of behaviors.

It seems she knew what was going on, but didn’t do anything because she was waiting for the money to start rolling in…Makes me wonder if Brittney cut mama off so now mama has no money.

It’s sad and sickening….

Don’t buy the book.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

You know what though…it makes you understand Britney and how someone with so much still has garbage happen in their lives, just like all of us…

Posted by June | Report as abusive

Well I would rank this book as not quite as horrible as OJ’s “If I did it” but still much worse than Madonna’s brothers “Life With My Sister Madonna”.

What parent consistently sells out her children in this fashion? It’s sick. Through the Storm? Hello Lynn Spears, who put them through the storm?

I agree with the person who said that anyone who buys this book is promoting child abuse.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

I think everyone here is being a bit closed minded. I dont believe it is a trashy hurtful tell all. From what I have heard she is NOT selling out her daughters at all.
Infact in an interview she said she actually wrote it to her children, and it wasn’t even going to be publish. It’s how much she loves her children.
Just something for them, but it got bigger that that. She is actually clearing up tabloid rumors and helping her kids. She also said it was never her idea to for fame, and she was never a stage mom, she never pushed them into anything.
Lynn also fesses up to what she wishes she didnt do, and that was letting managers “parent” and not stepping in when she should of, that was her biggest regret.
By the way Lynn Spears is loaded, she doesnt need to write a book for the money.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

I think it’s great, I’m exited to hear her point of view. The poor woman has been through hell. I don’t think Brittney’s mess of a life is her mother’s responsibility. Brittney got caught up in the fame, and really, what control does a parent have over a “child” who has more money at her disposal than you do, as well as the world watching and putting her on an unstable pedestal? As for Jamie-Lynn, I don’t think anything’s wrong there, she’s just a teenager who happened to get pregnant, and she took responsibility for it. Period. Leave the woman alone and let’s hear what she has to say.

Posted by Farfalla | Report as abusive

child abuse??? are you serious??? I am by no means a fan of Britney Spears, but I do feel for her and her family. I do not believe that the negative comments are particularly constructive – everybody makes mistakes, bad choices – unfortunately we are all human. This is something that is magnified being in the public eye. How can you judge a book without even reading it? I will be buying this book, not for its “exploitation” of these “children” (Britney is well and truly an adult now) but as a story of a family struggling with the dark side of success. Kind of makes you appreciate what you have, doesn’t it?

Posted by Realfreak | Report as abusive

As an adult with children, I for the life of me, can not grasp why this woman wrote this book about her daughter?? This isnt about tips on motherhood for gods sake. Keep your families lives out of the media Lynn, these girls have had enough of there lives spread out in the media without there own mother doing it intentionally. Be a mother supporting them, loving them and giving them your individed attention and unconditional love. It totally disgusted me when I heard about this book and will not be purchasing it all, I will not give you one penny towards your explotation of your kids!!

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

For those of you who are being critical towards this book, I suggest you read it first. This is not a tell-all book and it’s not at all trash. Lynn Spears takes a hard look at both herself and the things she would have done differently as a parent. All in all, she proves she’s a mother that has done the best she can and loves her children with all her heart. All mothers make mistakes. Read the book and then tell me what you think.

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

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