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Who has the perfect pout? Keira or Angelina?

September 4, 2008

keira-pout.jpgA British survey has given home-grown actress Keira Knightley the crown for the best pout, beating sultry, thick-lipped actress Angelina Jolie.  The survey by lip care company Blistex said the poll of 3,000 women put Australian singer Kylie Minogue in third place followed by Scarlett Johansson.

But the worst pout went to British actress Leslie Ash from “Men jolie.jpgBehaving Badly” who was reported to have suffered an allergic reaction to collagen. She was closely followed by troubled “Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse.   

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, did both well and badly, coming fifth in the list of the 10 perfect pouts but also fifth in the list of the 10 worst pouts. Joan Rivers came 10th in the list of the worst pouts.

leslie-ash.jpgWhose lips do you think get star rating — and should stars whose pucker isn’t perfect get a bit of cosmetic help?


I think Keira has one of the most stunning faces that I have ever seen.

Posted by Lee | Report as abusive

actually Keira don’t get me wrong Angie is a beautiful woman, but her lips are humongous, also Jennifer garner has beautiful lips, and i could go on on on lots of people have beautiful lips and lots stars are as beautiful as angie is, i don’t consider the most beautiful woman in the world as you all do….

Posted by tess | Report as abusive

I think Angelina has the most beautiful lips in the world and i am not saying that keira don’t have a nice lips but common people nobody can’t with Angelina even Scarlett Johhanson.

Posted by elena | Report as abusive

my vote go for Keira. She have really sexy mouth!

Posted by Cineman | Report as abusive

Angelina all the way!! she has the most stunning lips, and her beauty is breath taking. lucky Brad Pitt. but yah…Keira is gorgeous as well

Posted by jon | Report as abusive

It’s not even a contest – Keira’s lips are fake. Angie’s are real. Knightly admits that she uses collagen injections to plump her lips. That makes it a no brainer – natural beauty beats plasticized enhancements any day of the week. And don’t forget – Jolie’s childhood pictures PROVE her lips are the real thing. Yes, their big…but they’re beautiful. The worlds’s top plastic surgeon’s were surveyed and they said unanimously that Jolie’s lips were the one’s most requested. Uh…who’s picture do you think Keira took HER plastics man? Yeah, it was Jolie’s. Jolie wins. Case closed.

Posted by KeiraCollagen | Report as abusive

if nobody knows it yet is angelina all naturals lip no added anything to those beautiful lips. don’t get me wrong keira is pretty but hers are fake. angelina all the way.


No doubt i would vote for angelina, her lips are natural and sooo sexy and other parts of face are so gorgeous.

Posted by renata | Report as abusive

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