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Led Zeppelin tour dead for now — Jimmy Page

September 6, 2008

page.jpgLed Zeppelin fans praying for good news on a rumored reunion tour would not have been encouraged by guitarist Jimmy Page at a Toronto film festival press conference where he was promoting the documentary film “It Might Get Loud”.

The film, a love letter to the electric guitar, features Page, U2 guitarist The Edge, and White Stripes frontman Jack White discussing their musical backgrounds and jamming with each other on a soundstage.

page2.jpgBut with all three rockers assembled in Toronto, the “elephant in the room”, as one reporter put it, was whether recent jam sessions with Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer Jason Bonham would lead to a tour.

Page and Jones are founding band members, while Bonham is the son of original drummer John Bonham, who died in 1980.

“We’re not actually really recording. We played at the O2 (concert in London last year). That was our reunion,” Page said, adding “It’s nothing as monumental as what people are speculating and projecting.”

Moderator George Stroumboulopoulos was clearly trying to shield Page from having to answer questions about a reunion, redirecting questions from two reporters on the subject.

Finally, on the third try, Page answered.

“If you’re going to do a reunion, you need four members,” he said, referring to lead singer Robert Plant’s commitment to touring with U.S. country singer Alison Krauss.

Plant is nearing the end of a six-month world tour with bluegrass queen Krauss to promote their acclaimed 2007 album “Raising Sand.”

So fans looking for a “Whole Lotta Love,” are getting none of it from the rock icons, at least for now.


As far as I’m concerned, Led Zeppelin will be the greatest rock n’ roll band in history. There isn’t a song that I don’t like from them.
What I like best about Led Zeppelin that most people probably haven’t noticed is that all of their songs are unique. Not one sounds like another but yet still have the same “recipe” sound.

Even though the three surviving members all aren’t able or willing to get back together for a “re-union tour”, I feel that it just needs to let be. Led Zeppelin was John Bonham, Jimmy Page, John (Baldwin) Paul Jones and Robert Plant. Without John Bonham, its not Led Zeppelin. No disrespect to Jason Bonham but those four guys are the ones who created their timeless music.

Hats off to Roy Harper and to magic of the music that Led Zeppelin made!

Posted by Dayshiftbob | Report as abusive

I have been a Zep fan for years and and have seen Page and Plant and a number of Plant shows along with his latest with Krauss.
I think Plant is having too much fun exploring new music and doesnt want to roll out the barrel for a full blown tour.
I think though a 4 night Toronto show broadcast worldwide with the funds going to a special cause maybe cancer research or whatever the remaining Zep members want to raise money for could happen .
Bring it on boys this is your challenge i would be happy to help organize it.
It could and would be a landmark event


Posted by Joe Lizewski | Report as abusive

I was very lucky, in 1977 my brother took me to see the mighty ZEP for my 16th birthday. Also my very first concert, would love to see them again, but understand why they wouldnt want to tour again. The mighty ZEP, ship will live in millions of memories for ever. If they would tour great if not, they will always be in my memory.

Posted by brian broadwater | Report as abusive

In this article led zeppelin d a great role. It’s so nice to see this kind of pictures really very loveable story. The other partners also do a very good job for this story. Roy Harper gives an amazing music herring very beauty.

Posted by shiva | Report as abusive

They’re not going to tour. They are all retirement age, they have plenty of money and they don’t need to. Plus, I don’t think that it is any big secret that the remaining four don’t really like each other all that much. That 1999 “Clarksdale” album from Page/Plant sounded truly uninspired and well, just plain boring if you ask me. It was as if they were trying to find some new niche that just wasn’t there and someone in the studio recorded a bunch of outtakes. I also don’t think Plant really wants to go out on the road and do all of those old Zep tunes anymore either, I think he is sick of them and wants to finish his career doing something different. I wouldn’t hold my breath for another Zep tour ever, sorry.

Posted by Gregg Orange | Report as abusive

the question now is whether JIMMY PAGE and JOHN PAUL JONES will trudge on without Plant. check out t-says-no-t.html


I saw Led Zeppelin seven times, each time at the LA forum in Inglewood, Ca. First time I was fourteen and we went for my friend’s birthday on March 27, 1970. Tickets were 6.50 each. I saw them twice in 1970 (including the infamous Blueberry Hill concert, Sept 4, 1970) again in 1973, three times in 1975 and finally in June of 1977, I think it was. They were incredible in 1970 and 1973. They lost a bit of their early energy and drive as they progressed to a bit more lights and decor rather than raw ripping power, but they were still a great show. There is no way that Plant can even begin to sing like he did in the past. He gave us his all for a few years night after night and his voice steadily changed and got older. He couldn’t really replicate the things he did on the earlier albums as far as the high piercing notes go. Not his fault. Maybe Plant knows he can never re-do those glory days, but no one really can. I am in my 50′s and 30 years of law enforcement has worn me a bit, so those chaps have got to tired. Don’t expect to see them again.

Posted by Brian Moore | Report as abusive

ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!
jpj confirms it on you tube:
plant isnt coming

Posted by marcus | Report as abusive

Plant will always be the stick in the mud for Page and Jones to get anything happening. If they are itching to tour, just grab a singer and do it as a whole new group and get it on. They should be able to put together a couple of sets worth of music and see where it leads. Plant can’t hit the high’s any more, so it’ll always be less than it was. Forget him.


Alright I am calm now but I think you should all be committed! Only Robert Plant and Jimmy page can be aaarrrgghhhh……… I cannot be politically correct!! Without Jimmy and Bobby there is no show!! The No Quarter shows were fantastic. Chicago Robert Plant “Tonight we are going to rock and rock and rock a little more!” We went hard 2 hours. A replacement singer? If you are even considering buying a ticket I am disgusted by you!!! Bobby or nothing and Jimmy, shut up until the head of the band gives you some direction!!!!

Posted by Tyler Larocca | Report as abusive

Led Zeppelin Will always be Page,Plant,Jones and JOHN Bonham.That being said there is a Desire in all of us “Zeppel Heds” that would love to see what it could be now, also I would love to take my son to see the greatest Rock Band Ever!!

Posted by Lou Schrier | Report as abusive

Without Plant, forget it. If Page & Jones want to start up another band, ok nut no Zeppelin songs. If Plant does decide to do a few gigs they should do a small tour of all the major cities. They should do London, Paris, New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Australia, Japan and a few others. Maybe 20 or 30 dates in all & one huge televised gig. With Jason Bonham it’s an honor to play for his father, but without Bonzo it’s not the same. But, this may not happen.

Posted by August | Report as abusive

what the f_ _ _ is Jack white doing there? he sucks ! its like they let some shmoe get up with them and jam. his music is nothing more than a rip off of the 60′s .its all smoke and mirrors folks. kick that bum off!


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