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Stars in Venice love Obama, but not too much

September 6, 2008

brad.jpgBarack Obama won yet more celebrity endorsements at the Venice film festival this year, although whether he would welcome them or not is a different matter.

From the very first press conference, stars from Hollywood who came to the canal city to promote their movies voiced support for the Democratic presidential candidate, although in the case of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, they were careful not to steal too much of the political limelight from Obama.

Presumably they were aware that Obama has come under fire from Republican rival John McCain for being a “celebrity” candidate, in other words a man of style over substance.

Oscar-winning Jonathan Demme, who brought “Rachel Getting Married” to the Lido, said his multi-racial drama reflected the America he loved — one where Obama could be a presidential contender.

And Kathryn Bigelow, director of Iraq war feature “The Hurt Locker“, entered the fray towards the end of the 11-day festival, which winds up on Saturday.

“I hope and pray that that’s imminent,” she said, when asked if she supported the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. “I think with a change of administration it’s possible. But only one man is capable of doing that and that’s Mr. Barack Obama.”


Thanks for helping me to decide which movies to skip – I will not watch ANYTHING by ANYONE who endorses Barack Hussein Obama.

Posted by joe american | Report as abusive

These schmucks actually think we listen to them?

Posted by KansasGirl | Report as abusive

I will not watch anything where the Clooney guy is in. First, he supported Veltroni in Italy and now he is supporting Obama. Yes, Georgie, WE CAN make decisions too.

Posted by NYCgirl | Report as abusive

In case you don’t know, Veltroni lost! he he… Same is going to happen with O…

Posted by NYCgirl | Report as abusive

Hey guys, you have an opinion about things, so do they… they never told you to vote for this or that but when being asked, they tell what their opinions upon politics are. It’s called freedom of speech and they have it as much as you, even if you disagree with them…

Posted by bees | Report as abusive

Is it true Winston Churchill and Brad Pitt are a distance cousins of Barack Obama?

Don’t worry we fans have your backs covered on the media comment sections! Have fun in Venice :-)

Posted by Katherine | Report as abusive

Such silly hostility. I don’t choose my politicians to mirror celebrities, just as
I don’t expect to choose movies based on whether politicians like them.
If celebrities have that much stake in your life that you will reject their art, maybe it’s time to get outside more…

Posted by KP | Report as abusive

In this article barrack obama won yet more celebrity at the venice film festival this year. This occasion they said US withdrawal from Iraq. It a administration it’s possible. But the only one man is capable of doing that and that’s Mr. Barrack obama. It looks like a fun.

Posted by shiva | Report as abusive

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