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Fur protesters crash Donna Karan’s 20th anniversary party

September 8, 2008

dkny.jpg Anti-fur protesters crashed designer Donna Karan’s 20th anniversary show at New York Fashion Week on Sunday.

 Two protesters were arrested after they ran onto the catwalk at the end of the show carrying signs that read “Donna: Dump Fur.” The pair were quickly grabbed by security and rushed off the runway.

Outside protesters dressed as bloodied rabbits held a noise demonstration, waving placards that read “Rabbits are friends,”
“No blood for vanity” and “Real designers don’t hurt animals.”

Karan was unphased when she appeared on the catwalk dancing with a large group of children and waving to the crowd as “Happy Birthday To You” played. Her collection of men’s and women’s wear for spring/summer 2009 began with a film montage of New York City. “Thank you New York for 20 years of inspiration. Love, Donna,” she wrote in notes for the show.

What do you think about fur in fashion?

Among the celebrities gracing the DKNY front row were socialite Nicole Richie and actress Christina Ricci. At designer Tracy Reese’s show actress Emma Roberts and Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley made an appearance.

Outside the NY Fashion Week tents in Midtown Manhattan another small protest also took place, lobbying for “Curves for the Catwalk.” Dressed in hot pink t-shirts, some plus-size women held signs that read “Hire Me.”

Inside “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria made an appearance at the M&M stand, creating a media crush, while backstage celebrities and VIP’s were able to sip champagne at the plush Mercedes Benz Star Lounge and the W Hotels Lounge.

Other designers due to show on Sunday were Diane von Furstenberg, Miss Sixty, Tibi and Thuy. On Sunday night Calvin Klein, Inc. is due to celebrate 40 years in the business with an event at the High Line, an elevated rail structure along Manhattan’s West side that will soon become a public park.


Donna Karan creates clothes that inspire all New Yorkers, with a unique lifestyle that’s affordable. Twenty years is a long time in the world of fashion!


I used to think that Donna Karan knew what modern women want and stood for, especially with her DKNY line. It’s really incredible that some designers are still using fur.


Any designer still using fur in this day and age is Neanderthal. Animals raised on fur “farms” live horrible, deprived lives and meet a violent, painful death of anal electrocution, strangulation, or blunt trauma to the head, all of which often doesn’t kill them and they end up being skinned alive.
Shame on our decadent, narcissistic species for supporting such barbaric, unnecessary torture.


You’d think that a woman as old as Donna Karan would know the difference between ethical fashion and heartless profit.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I used to like DKNY, but i don’t shop there anymore. I was shocked to learn that Donna Karen’s company skins animals alive, electrocutes bunnies and snaps their necks. Its the 21st century, they should drop fur. I applaud peta for their passion and determination.


In this article fashion designer Donna Karan’s celebrate the 20th anniversary show at New York. The pair were quickly grabbed by the security and rushed off the runway. That’s the great movement of Donna Karan was very happy to get the regard. Other designers also come to join the party. That party was finished very good experience to the designers.

Posted by shiva | Report as abusive

What a matter I really enjoy the article. Everyone to follow the rule of creating the design and limitations.

Posted by shiva | Report as abusive

Shame on Donna Karan, real designers should know that fur is dead!!


Donna Karan creates clothes from Animals raised on fur “farms”Donna Karen’s company skins animals alive…Donna Karan is barbaric…Fur is dead Donna Karen!!!!!

Posted by alice | Report as abusive

I can’t believe that people still use fur these days, despite all the facts we know about how horribly these animals are treated. I think Donna Karan is a disgusting person, and a disgrace to the fashion world.

Posted by Christina | Report as abusive

get with the times Donna! youre not dressing cavemen! FUR IS MURDER.

Posted by molly | Report as abusive

The fact that she still sells fur is disgusting. If you support cruelty for fashion, you’re both cruel and selfish.

Posted by Jacob Brooks | Report as abusive

Is Donna Karan living in the Ice Age? Geez! Drop the fur, Donna! You’re not trying to dress cave people.


It really is unbelievable that she still uses fur.
Honestly, who wants to wear a dead animal?
I sure don’t.
I never supported her anyway, I definately won’t now.


I agree,
Donna Karen is a barbarian


Donna Karen really needs to realize that just since her business is 20 years old it doesnt give her permission to stick to a 20 year old philosophy. Fur has died out. Fur is dead. Dead things hanging off a models body are not appealing anymore.

Posted by Lisa (pinkdoggie7) | Report as abusive

Shame you Donna! Fur wears nice animals and ugly people!

Posted by emz | Report as abusive

I’m sure at least half of the commentors here are hypocrites! I’m sure that most of you use leather products. Fur and leather are the same thing. Leather is a dead cow. Why do people always fight against fur but never for the cows’ right to live?
I’m sure most of you angry commentors here eat dairy. You eat ice cream and cheese and allow cows to live horrible lives and steal their milk. But you only complain about fur! Think again double-standard hypocrites!!

Posted by Harriet | Report as abusive

Harriet, I also feel for the live-stock in our factory farms. In fact, i complain when all living things that share our planet get treated inhumanely. This is why I don’t eat meat and love my pets dearly.

But the actual point I wanted to make is that people who wear fur have obviously not seen with their own two eyes how these animals are treated.

I urge you to open your eyes and watch actual footage of the cruel fur trade if some of you haven’t seen it already. But beware, it is sickening and not for sensitive viewers. (The hyperlink doesn’t seem to be working so please copy and paste into your browser.) PQ

Posted by Lola | Report as abusive

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