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Barbra Streisand to sing for Obama

September 9, 2008

streisand.jpgSinger-actress Barbra Streisand, who originally endorsed Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential primary race, has jumped on Barack Obama’s bandwagon with both feet to sing for the newly anointed Democratic nominee at a Beverly Hills fund-raiser next week.  Organizers say the hurriedly planned Sept. 16 event will probably mark Obama’s final stop on the Hollywood political money trail before the November election.

According to political consultant Andy Spahn, a co-host of the fund-raiser, the evening will begin with a dinner for the Illinois senator and about 250 guests at the landmark Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Dinner will be followed by a reception in Obama’s honor at the main ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, featuring a performance by Streisand and others. The ballroom holds a crowd of up to 800 people. 

Seats for the dinner and reception together go for a whopping $28,500 per person, but supporters who just want to hear Babs sing for Obama can get in for as little as $2,500 per ticket, Spahn said. At those prices, the two-part event could bring in nearly $9 million, making it the biggest single Democratic fund-raiser for the current election cycle. The money would be divided between Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Other members of the hosting committee include DreamWorks studio co-founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. Spahn said the rest of the evening’s entertainment lineup has yet to be confirmed.

Streisand, 66, one of Hollywood’s leading Democratic activists and donors, was a longtime supporter of former President Bill Clinton and backed the presidential primary campaign of his wife until Obama finally clinched the nomination in June. At that point Streisand, an Oscar winner for her 1968 film debut in the musical “Funny Girl,” immediately switched her allegiance to Obama.

Rarely performing in public, Streisand sang at fund-raisers for the last two Democratic presidential nominees — Sen. John Kerry in 2004 and then-Vice President Al Gore in 2000. They both lost to Republican George W. Bush.


Anyone who pays $2,500 to hear Streisand sing is looney enough to vote for Obama.


Appears like she’s ‘auditioning’ for the Norma Desmond role in the rumoured remake of Sunset Blvd. It’s just sad really; barely recognizable as the once great star she WAS, presenting herself as though she’s somehow relevent (much less influential to the party) while all these other liberal waxworks robots bask in her long-lost greatness. I can just see her making her grand entrance; clutching the railing as she makes her way down the styrofoam staircase, freshly croiffed, nipped, pulled, tucked, and painted .. “MAX! .. I mean JIM! JIM! where are you MAX! I mean JIM!”

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I love it when the Streisand-haters make up stories instead of backing up their arguments with facts and a little intelligence. Just one fact: Barbra Streisand was just named (9/12/08) the third most generous celebrity in America, just behind Herb Alpert (2) and Oprah Winfrey (1). She puts her money where her mouth is. Her contributions in 2007 ($12 million) brings her total contributions to $36 million.

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Streisand seems to be Presidential Poison. Every Candidate she sings for loses.
Maybe she should sing for McCain?

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A lot of you Streisand haters are forgetting that she sang for Clinton and he won TWICE. She sang for Gore and he won the vote of the American people but Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court. So, Streisand’s record for singing for candidates isn’t bad after all. By the way, she sang for President Kennedy as well.

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can’t really wait for the whistle to blow..
the election may be a de facto HIT…
Who will win?


These elitist snobbish celebrities who think they are so clever, think they know better what’s best for us than we do, using the wealth we gave them by watching their movies, and buying their sponsor’s products. I don’t want these celebrities to buy the Presidency. The people of the United States should chose the President. Each citizen’s vote should be equal, not canceled out, or overshadowed by some spoiled celebrity. Look at the list of lame celebrities who are trying to get Obama in the white house …
Madonna, Ludacris, the idiots from the View, Rosie, Pamela Anderson, Oprah, Lohan, has been chevy chase, Susan Sarandon … These celebrities are out of touch with us Americans. They are just part of an
“in crowd clique” who think they are at liberty to use disgusting language, and make nasty attacks, with impunity. They don’t know the issues, or care, for they are insulated by their wealth, and believe they are above reproach. We, the common people are the ones who gave them their celebrity and wealth … and, we the common people are the ones who can take it back. No Wright, no Farrakhan, no Rezko, no Ayers, no Pfleger, no mean Michelle, and, NOBAMA !

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Good Grief. Why is it such a huge crime against nature for an American citizen, who happens to be an extraordinary artist, to decide to lend her voice and her support to a presidential candidate? I just don’t get why folks so love to jump on that “Let’s burn Barbra at the stake” bandwagon when she opens her mouth and voices her opinion about ANYTHING. If more intelligent people spoke up and spoke out maybe we would be a better nation. Smells like misogyny, anti-semitism and worse, just plain narrow mindedness to me.

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Barbra Streisand has donated and raised millions of dollars to benefit and better the United States. What have you name calling, hateful people done to contribute to this country.

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Ultimate diva meets other diva – Streisand and Obama, a match made in Heaven. I thought the democratic party was supposed to be “for the people” but in this case they’re only for the elitist. $28,000 a person is obscene when that money could go to help those in the hurricane ravaged areas. Obama will go to any lengths to try to buy this presidency won’t he? Where does Streisand get her facts that the Hillary supporters are behind Obama? On the blogs I’ve visited the majority of Hillary supporters have gotten behind McCain and many have even changed their party because of the horrible way she was treated. I, for one, can’t wait to see Barry’s face and the faces of those Hollywood morons when McCain becomes the next president. Go McCain-Palin!!! You’ve got more class in your little finger than these two have combined.

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Many bitter people on this blog that seem to resort to name calling. Not attractive. I guesss, it’s the McCain/Palin way, to put people down. I THANK those at this event who gave mega bucks! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We need Obama! My son, by lucky chance, was invited to this event by a friend. I look forward to get his call tomorrow for updates on the event. He’s not wealthy, but his friend is. I donated ten bucks the day after Palin made her announcement. So, I’ve very thankful that those with more funds are willing to give. Thank you! Obama 08′


I love Barbara! Paying for groceries,gas,watching the finacial turmoil,people losing jobs. Think of your childrens future…Vote for Obama! Its a no brainer!

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Kristopher Irizarry-Hoeksema, thank you for your service to our country, and your positive comment. I find it uneducated, for indiv to always blame a president, instead of blaming our senators and congress for not making progress. I believe it is largely due to earmarks, which the general public doesn\’t even understand. When a child strays from family values, it isn\’t always the parents fault–genetics, and associations are involved, as many other causes. O Bama has never even owned a business, needs a telepromptor, and when we are attacked, there won\’t be a telepromtor available. His wife stated that she didn\’t like America, until he was able to run for President. For all of the America haters–like their former pastor, who is having a MANSION built here, WHY DON\’T YOU LEAVE?


Totally Gross… Disgusting… is the only thing that comes to mind when I heard about the $28,500 a ticket.

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It makes me sick thinking that all these liberals think that they are above everyone else. They think conservatives have a closed mind but they are even worse. They can say whatever they want and it is okay but if we disagree with them, we are intolerant but if they disagree with what we say it is okay. They are really the the ones that are intolerant of anything or anyone we believe in.

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Once again, McCain and the Republican Party have no real issues and so they are trying to attack Obama any way they can. McCain is spreading half truths and perpetuating these stories in order to make himself look good. There is no association with Obama and Fannie Mae’s former CEO other than a 5 minute conversation. Obama has tried to clear this up but McCain keeps promoting half truths. Despite McCain’s pledge to run a clean campaign he can’t do it. He can’t stick to his word. And McCain says alleged association such as these are what are wrong with Washington. But it took him 26 years to figure it out! McCain had a chance to fix this and he didn’t. If McCain’s arguments or stance on issues are one of “change” and fixing things in Washington – again, why has it taken 26 years? And McCain was part of the deregulation of these very industries which has lead to this mess. And then McCain claimed the economy was strong when it crashed! He tried quickly to correct himself but his real response – the unrehearsed response was out there. I hope everyone was listening. McCain is out of touch. McCain doesn’t realize the impact of Wall Street on all of us. All of the people who aren’t millionaires, who don’t own 8 homes, who are worried about gas prices and the economy will be impacted by this crash. Regardless of whatever decision the government comes to regarding this Wall Street crash it will impact us. And McCain doesn’t know it. But let’s get back to the fundraising topic and the finance reform bill that McCain helped pass (McCain-Fiegngold). McCain is now trying to find and work every loophole in that very bill he helped draft so he can maneuver the maximum contribution legally possible. I find it very concerning that McCain is finding and using all the legal loopholes he can find. This maneuvering is not within the spirit of the law. The very law that McCain helped to write, sponsor and pass now stands in his way. But now that the law no longer suits McCain, he has to do whatever he can. So now we know McCain wants rules but when they don’t work for him then he’ll ignore them or find the loophole.

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