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Robert De Niro, Al Pacino together again … So?

September 11, 2008

deniropacino.jpgHollywood heavyweights Robert De Niro and Al Pacino reunited on the red carpet in New York Wednesday night for the premiere of their new crime thriller “Righteous Kill” — their first film together since making 1995′s “Heat.”

The movie also stars Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, and Donnie Walhberg, whose album with reunited boy band New Kids On The Block debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts this week. Likewise, De Niro and Pacino will hope to turn in a good number at weekend box offices.

While the stars celebrated after the premiere at a swank party at New York City’s Terminal 5 venue, they may not be smiling now. Many early reviews of the film, which stars De Niro, 65, and Pacino, 68, as two detectives on the trail of a serial killer and opens in theaters on Friday, have not been kind.

Alonso Duralde, MSNBC film critic, wrote “the movie is so dreadfully by-the-numbers and predictable that comparing it to a TV cop show would be an insult to TV cop shows” and that De Niro and Pacino are “ridiculously overqualified” for it.

Peter Travers, of Rolling Stone magazine, wrote “Righteous Kill, a.k.a. The Al and Bob Show, is a cop flick with all the drama of Law and Order: AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).”

“Righteous Kill” is backed by a large promotional campaign featuring the Pacino and De Niro pairing. They are, after all, two of their generation’s best dramatic actors, but that in fact could be the movies’ biggest problem at box offices.

In large part, avid moviegoers are teenage boys and young men, which is one reason comic book flicks like “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight” earn big box office bucks. Those hardcore movie fans may not even know — or care — why De Niro and Pacino are important in Hollywood. (the “Godfather” movies, “Dog Day Afternoon”, “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”)

So one wonders, will avid moviegoers turn out for two senior citizen actors paired together? Will everday fans? Will you? Sunday’s weekend box office estimates will tell. 


I’m 18 years of age and i think de niro and al pacino are one of the greatest actors of all time…. and you”ll be suprised by the amount of people who will care…they are seriously good actors…. and to be honest sometimes the greatest actors and actresses of all time can really suprise you…i believe (and they always will) these two still got it in them.

And yes i will be one of those people watching these two legends do what they do best!

Posted by faire | Report as abusive

Well this is dissapointing. Pacino or DeNiro starring in any new flicks is generally reason enough to go, let alone them together. But bad reviews are reason enough to skip it, reguardless of who’s in it, generally.
As far as the young male crowd, I think these actors are still a draw: especially Pacino because of Scarface and its popularity w/the MTV crowd.

Posted by a | Report as abusive

Faire, how could DeNiro and Pacino be ONE of the greatest actors of all time? How about two?

From what I’ve seen from the trailer, it’s two cops versus a killer. They get blamed for the killings…because it becomes clear the killer is a cop and all the people getting whacked are bad guys. Rogue cop on the loose! Is it one of our heroes?

WHOA!!! Brian Dennehy is the chief/captain (and classically Irish at that). So…I’m betting what we have here is a replay of 1973′s Dirty Harry cop shoot ‘em up, “Magnum Force.” Instead of Hal Holbrook as the chief/captain/commissioner turned vigilante, we have Dennehy. Just a guess.

Posted by Steve Scott | Report as abusive

DeNiro and Pacino are reason enough to see the film. Reference to them as senior citizens is awfully shallow. Who the *$%^& cares about their age? DeNiro was terrific in a number of movies. This movie, however, looks like any movie….men and more men out for revenge, violence, redemption, perhaps, etc. – boring and predictable for sure but DeNiro and Pacino are still GREAT, regardless of age and this movie!

Posted by good day | Report as abusive

steve scott i do mean the both of them!
they are both great!
i have yet to see the movie…just give them a chance… no matter what i still think they are great and no one can change my mind.

Posted by faire | Report as abusive

stop referring to their age and refer to the quality of their work. Deniro and Pacino are incredible actors and Im looking forward to seeing the movie, Ill be my own critic. Im young and I appreciate talent of any age :) I actually find them still very attractive. Remember, they helped pave the way for actors and film of today.

Posted by esther | Report as abusive

Al Pacino,when given a good script,try Sea of Love,will turn in a breathtaking performance.
The difference between Pacino,Robert DeNiro,Harvey Keitel and others of the generation and young Male actors of today is enormous and saddening.Young male actors of today are weak,talentless and effeminate,so much so that only a small number of them are viewable.
I will not name them,but there fans must turn to older films to see what I mean.


I believe that the lack of strong male roles is a problem in film making we need actors that can act with todays directors and ways of making film, plus this has to be taken into account with the material chosen , it should reflect itself in this reguard Bruce Wllis makes a film , can a role make a film ,no but a couple can and when working with alot of projects or material thats all it takes the right script actors and direction to completion


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