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Pink pops off on Sarah Palin

September 12, 2008

rtx8jb5.jpgIt’s nothing new when a celebrity sounds off on a political candidate, but we did take notice at the particularly strong comments pop star Pink had for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in an interview she gave to to AOL’s

Pink, an animal rights activist, comments on Palin’s love of hunting, her view on abortion and her experience in foreign affairs. “She’s not of this time. This woman terrifies me,” Pink said of Palin. The rest can be found here.

palin.jpgWe weren’t concerned about the politics of it. But we did wonder whether a 29-year-old pop star like Pink influences her fans when and if they vote. Earlier this week, PopEater polled its readers with the same basic question asking “Do stars’ views on politics ever affect your decision in the voting booth?” Of roughly 116,000 respondents, 95 percent said “no” while only 5 percent said “yes.”

Still, it seems that when we mention on our own Reuters blogs that a star or celebrity has said this or that about a candidate — whether McCain or Obama — we tend to get a lot of comments. So, there’s definitely some interest.

So we are curious.  How  much difference does it make when your favorite film, TV or music celebrity endorses a candidate or carves out a political position? We’d like to know. 


SCARY? This woman could seriously destroy our country if she became president. And we must remember that McCain has little chance of completing his Presidency. PLEASE PEOPLE – study her policies carefully. She is the most frightening candidate ever in the history of American politics. PLEASE read the policies of our candidates. If you don’t, we could be in serious peril.


What’s really scary is to hear someone like “Pink” claim to know anything about women in America. Oh she knows about the celebrity women and her groupie girls, but she know nothing of the everyday woman. There is no single description of a woman today. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, beliefs, and ideals. The feminist movement, which touts women’s right to choice, does not truly support women’s choices unless the choices agree with their narrow agenda. I have yet to hear Sarah Palin criticize any of Pink’s choices, or any other woman’s choices for that matter. Goes to show you who is really in touch with the women of this time, huh?

Posted by Carol Stockstell | Report as abusive

You libs make me laugh. Just because she doesn’t embrace your values, she’s frightening. To me, she’s a strong leader that has consistently cut spending and destroyed corruption. Oh, now I get it, that’s why you don’t like her! It’s funny that when any woman, African American, or Latin American is successful and not a liberal, they are ostracized and ridiculed by the same party that claims to be in favor of progression of all minorities. Face it, your Obamessiah is done.

Posted by Chad Carver | Report as abusive

Why ANYONE would EVER listen to a celebrity is beyond me. They are in their own world – and have enough messes of their own to deal with – without people listening to their views.

Let the celebs conquer their own problems – before trying to give us advice.

Hollywood / LA is so far out of touch with the rest of the nation that they have NO CLUE what the rest of us go through. Just tell them to keep their opinions to themselves!

Posted by Connie | Report as abusive

Thank you. That is so true. And the McCain campaign continues to try to silence any criticism of her experience and politics whining about everything that is said,calling it sexism or agism and making things up when they have to. What a bunch of babies.
And the real question that has not been asked if Palin was a man, she would never have been picked. McCain would have been laughed right out of the campaign.

Posted by Theresa Jones | Report as abusive

Celebrity or not, All women must stand for the reproductive rights of women, we can not afford to go backwards. Our daughters will suffer the consequences, Palin is for overturning Roe v. Wade, based on her religious beliefs and force women / young girls who are raped and become pregnant to not be allowed to have the choice to end the pregnancy. If this country continues to support people who base their decisions on their religious beliefs and not on what is the best for all citizens, then we might as well become a society like the Taliban.

Posted by Karen Carnevale | Report as abusive

Thank you Chad.
And Theresa, what’s to laugh about? Palins 80-some percent approval rating? Democrats, repulicans and indepenants in Alaska all think she’s doing a great job. What policies are so “scary” ? Is it her support of family values or her vow to uncover curruption and overspending? Oh maybe it’s her belief in God??
I’m sure PINK has thought alot about this.
I’m an animal lover too, but I don’t think whether you hunt or not it criteria for a qualified world leader. Pink should stick to her own field of expertise- hair dye, and pop music. Leave the politics to people who have educated themselves on the actual issues that will effect our country.

Posted by amy | Report as abusive

What are reproductive rights?? That is rediculous!
Karen, wasn’t this country founded on religion? And I love how you all refur to abortion as “choosing to end a pregnancy”. It’s ending a life that is not yours.
As a woman who had an abortion at age 16, it has haunted me for twenty years.
Teenagers, adult women, raped or not, don’t realize the long term reprocussions of abortion, and the guilt associated with killing you own unborn child. That IS what it is. Why don’t you think about it, before campaigning for “reproductive rights”.

Posted by Mary Johnson | Report as abusive

I may not agree in all of Palins’ political views and beliefs but just because she is different doesnt make her different. And why are so many people picking in her? Let the woman alone and as time passes (hopefully soon) we will get to know her. My beliefs lean more on the liberal side, but come on now, lets give every person a chance to explain themselves and lets be more open to hear everyones side. We made no agreeor understand people and things but lets all respect our differences.

Posted by esther | Report as abusive

Correction: I meant to say that just because Palin is different, that does not make her scarey.

Posted by esther | Report as abusive

Esther, I love your attitude!
You’re right, we should all be more accepting, and give people a chance before condemning them. That’s no matter what your political party, or religion.

Posted by Mary Johnson | Report as abusive

Pink scares me more than anyone else in this country.
I do not listen to any celebrity idle talk. Because thats all that it is…talk.

Posted by Janice Farnsworth | Report as abusive

Mary Johnson scares me more than Pink.

How can you say “we should be more accepting…” when you call another person’s views and beliefs ridiculous? “Teenagers, adult women, raped or not, don’t realize the long term reprocussions of abortion…” Why not support abortion education instead of condemning it? Being pro-choice is not about supporting or advocating abortions but respecting and defending a person’s right to choose.

There is no black and white – only grey.

Obama 08!

Posted by Mary Jane | Report as abusive

Celebrities should not influence voting but I do believe Palin would be an awful president. To be realistic, McCain will probably not live out his term and then she would be in charge. I find that scary indeed.

The sad thing is I do not think Obama has what it takes to lead this country… Why people chose him instead of Hil is beyond me. The only thing he has done right is choose an experienced vice presidential candidate with a consistant voting record…

And Amy, out constitution is based on a seperation of church and state. God and politics do make make great bedfellows.

Posted by Becca Claire | Report as abusive

Oh, god help me the day I would take “Pinks” opionion for anything at all. What a joke these rockers are. We don’t even know if they read newspapers or watch the news of anything. I think they are publicity hungry jerks. In terms of Palin – - anyone who does not approve of a rape induces abortion is freaking insane!!! In many ways she is a cool lady, but she is just too extreme.


I thought church and state were suppose to be separate

Separation of church and state is a political and legal doctrine that government and religious institutions are to be kept separate and independent from each other.

why does Palin keep invoking the name of God?
whatever her beliefs are they should not interfere with government.

Posted by joanne | Report as abusive

This whole campaign has become a poorly written Hollywood script. How can someone that most of the country has never heard of suddenly become a candidate for the VP of the most influential (for better of worse) country in the world? The only way to make it more unreal would be to replace her with a bum from skidrow that once said something profound……or Chauncey Gardener!

Posted by Ryan Kawalski | Report as abusive

Personally, I would direct the following at Palin come debate time (and I would consider playing “Stupid Girl” by Pink during the campaign up to that point:)

1) Two out of three people in this country are against the Iraq War. You send your son overseas and give speech after speech saying we must “stay the course” as it were; your running mate holds him up as a paragon of virtue. Tell me: how much time did John McCain give to the angry mothers of dead sons or soldiers on their umpteenth tour of duty REGARDLESS of political leaning, i.e., that which wasn’t useful to the campaign? If the martial flavor of foreign affairs continues, how much time do you think the American people are going to give you if your son’s service is paraded around like Bonny Prince Charlie and their sons are still dying?

2) Our foreign relations are badly, BADLY damaged. Sixty years of relations with the UK and France may be nearing the breaking point; the actions of the US Army abroad under the Bush Doctrine are notoriously unpopular within the E.U. and if it continues into the next four years may result in sanctions, something that could weaken the economy even more drastically. If this comes to pass, how are you going to tell the midwest farmer’s daughter not only has she nowhere to live, but now nobody to buy her corn? How are you going to explain why this has happened after she has placed so much trust in you?

3) Drilling for oil reserves, as projected, only shall sustain this country for a limited amount of time. Even if that limited time is a hundred years, it still will keep the numbers on gas emissions climbing: Growing population->more cars on the road->greater demand for oil->dependency on oil continues and perpetuates our bad guy image abroad. You are from Alaska: a state the Republican party dominates, a state whose record over the past thirty years has favored the business of big oil companies and recently has been the target of the current administration because of a desire to drill in an enormous wildlife reserve (partially on your watch, I might add.) Do you not see a scandalous conflict of interest here?! Does the scenario of a state/drilling site mostly out of the physical sight of most of the American public appeal to groups like Halliburton, a company being investigated by Congress for its practices AND one that has connections to Pioneer Resource Company and the T. A. pipeline since ’06? Does it bother you, especially when the press already has evidence of you using earmarks for similar purposes on other projects?!! (“We did well!” was in YOUR handwriting.)

4) I am a woman. I grew up reading stories about Susan B. Anthony. I learned about Alice Paul and her willingness to starve to death to get the right to vote and read her testimony to the hospital ward about desiring a place in the trades and professions on par with men. I grew up and watched my own Mom enter the workforce in the ’80′s, a primary benefactor of a very different mother and housewife’s work: Betty J.Friedan. I am not frightened by your constant mongering on abortion, but I question your judgment when the Republican party has historically opposed all of the above, and you show zero concern for the fact that most women are leaving hospitals earlier and earlier after giving birth and have a pittance for maternity leave as opposed to other nations. Why are you letting them use your gender as a means to make you impervious to criticism in the press or the opposition? If you are such a “pit bull”, why have you not had the guts to stand up, as Inez Milholland said “for us and for our daughters, forever” and fight for real issues rather than tow party lines and chase paper tigers just so you can be vp?! Why does your record show nothing of this if you are passionate about battling sexism?

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

I think you need to go back a little further Becca. Separtion of church and state was not our founding father’s idea. But I agree, celebs should not influence anyone.

I have a hard time believing that McCain can’t hang on for another 4 years though, he’s only in his seventies. After all he’s lived through, I don’t think 4 years in office will do him in!

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Lackof experience, being a hunter, strong conservative veiws, all the reasons the liberal left think Sarah Palin should not be VP. How many heads of state did Bill Clinton meet prior to becomimg president?? Teddy Roosevelt would never have become president based on his hunting adventures, lets grow up and look at the candidate John McCain, not a running mate Sarah Palin.

The judge of a good president is who he or she surrounds themself with as associates and cabinet members, they run the country not the president alone, McCain wins on this test Obama fails.

As for Pink, her only reading includes music and from her comments probably has never read a book.

Posted by Jim Edwards | Report as abusive

Well Jim, the debating moving to as to whether Mccain can “hang on” for another four years proves a point in itself i believe. We dont want a president that can “hang on” we need someone on top of their game that can guide our country through all the troubles in the world today. When this person is in charge of our great country “hanging on” is hardly good enough.

Obama may be innexperienced but hes proven he CAN listen to his advisors (unlike mccain) which will no doubt benifit him hugely. With Biden as his VP, he can soak up all of his experience and knowledge while using his own energy and viewpoint himself.

Posted by aeb | Report as abusive

To answer your question Mary Jane, I do support abortion education.
I teach it at a family planning clinic. I see teenage girls and young women all the time that have already done it,and are basket-cases because of it.

I don’t think you have anything to be scared of. I am just a compasionate woman who doesn’t want to see anyone live through the years of shame and guilt that I have. When/if women and girs realize that it shouldn’t have been their “CHOICE”, the emotional reprocussions are very hard to live with.
Isn’t it against the law to kill yourself or someone else? So if you can’t kill yourself, why should you have the choice to kill your child?
I used to beleive in choice, but have seen so much damage from abortion that it is no longer an option for me, and just don’t want to see others make that mistake.

I don’t know anyone else who thinks I’m scary.
PINK is scary.

Posted by Mary Johnson | Report as abusive

Having a little trouble recognizing sarchasm? I was responding to Becca who doesn’t think McCain will make it through his term.
As far as being at the top of their game, I’m still not convinced Obama has a game. What has he done so far?
I know he doen’s like to vote in the senate. Seems a little like dodging. Dodge ball… maybe that’s his game!

Posted by amy | Report as abusive

To all you libs,

Why in the world do you think McCain won’t outlive his term? He’s only 72. His mother is 96 and still going strong? This man was at death’s doorstep for five years and he’s still as strong as ever. Face it. Your rock star Obama is done. This country is finally seeing his phony, tax-and-spend nonsense he’s really about.

Posted by changedman | Report as abusive

Answer to Mary’s EXTREMELY long response: Thanks for again touting the Democratic Party line. Why don’t you start thinking for yourself? Do some of your own research? Get your own views? Like so many others, another lazy voter who can’t be bothered with studying the political history of their own country.

Posted by Carol Stockstell | Report as abusive

people seem to put down the views of celbrities like they are not american citizens or uneducated because they make movies act or model.. they are people to and just like u and i read and follow up on politics and have discusions they have the right to do the same.. i dont get it when people talk down about what they say. if that was the case people shoul all be political science majors to voice there decision in this election. i do not feel that they are voicing opinions to perusade the public, most of the time people ask them their opinions, and i belive pink is right mccain is old and we have to really consider vice presidential candidates palin is from another world and i’m not saying this because pink is a celbrity i’m saying this because its how i feel think about it

Posted by Tayc | Report as abusive

Response to Tayc: You’re right. Celebrities are just like you and me in that they have a right to an opinion, but they have a unique advantage in that they have all of the media hanging on every word they say. So many Americans have placed celebrities on a pedestal and take what they have to say as gospel. Being informed simply requires listening to and researching both viewpoints before making a decision. I don’t think most Americans, including celebrities, have made the effort that goes into making INFORMED decisions. Also, the use of spell check is recommended.

Posted by Carol Stockstell | Report as abusive

Celebs don’t make my political decisions for me. However I will say this when you pick a VP that person should know what the “Bush Doctrine” is and any other bit of inofmation pertaining to the 2nd most important job in our country if not the world. Palin is not running for some small time job here. On the job training isn’t okay. Our country is in serious trouble and if she can’t answer a simple question for a news anchor, what is she going to do with a foreign leader.

Posted by stef | Report as abusive

How can some people can make statements like “Pink should stick to her area of expertise” Just because she’s a celebrity doesn mean she is devoid of all brain cells.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

Hi Sarah Palin! I’m you’re biggest fan! You’re so pretty i love you! Im very upset about what TV says about you i want to cry please dont listen to it you’re beautiful intellegent and a role model for girls everywhere you can do it..take on this country! I hope you read this i REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU SOMEDAY!

Posted by laura | Report as abusive

All I have to say is I agree with Pink all the way. She stands behind the meaning of what “real”, really is. – Traci

Posted by Traci | Report as abusive

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