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Rings, tattoos fuel gay marriage talk for Lindsay Lohan

September 12, 2008

Lindsay Lohan has been getting up close and personal with DJ Samantha Ronson this year, but is marriage to her gal pal really in the cards?lindsay.jpg

Figuring that out is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle of picture clues, hearsay, and the occasional cryptic comment from the “Mean Girls” actress herself.

Lohan, 22, was pictured this week wearing a sparkly heart-shaped ring on her left hand, adding to speculation that she and her constant companion were engaged. One British newspaper reported that Ronson told clubbers during her disc jockey stint in Hollywood at the weekend that “By the end of the year, my love will be Mrs. Ronson.”

But Lohan’s spokeswoman was quoted as telling People magazine on Friday that the ring wasn’t a “diamonds are forever” symbol at all.  “She bought it herself. It’s an antique ring that she found at an antique store in New York city,” the rep told People.

The two girls are certainly close.  Lohan has preferred to keep the relationship ambiguous but she told Marie Claire magazine in an interview that she and Ronson had matching hearts and stars tattoos.  She also said that she was looking to buy a new home “with someone” — but without saying who.

ronson2.jpgLohan said she was really happy, calling the British DJ ”a great person. And she’s a great infuence on people around her.”  As for clarifying their relationship,  she said “Um, people can think what they want. I’m really happy, and that’s all that matters.”



Better hurry up and get on with it, Lindsay. If religious extremists like your father have their way, you’ll only have about two months to marry her. So much for freedom of (and from) religion.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

so what if lindsays a lesbo? like she said if shes happy thats all that matters. child stars deal with so much trash there whole life. media paparatzzi just, its alot to handle im quite sure. if they do slip into anything [drugs alchohol its a pick your poision kinda thing] its not like the media is like “how fantastic shes got a problem and shes in rehab” nope. they consistently hinder the healing process by throwing it up in their faces. its tragic really. i think britney spears would be in alot better shape if trash magazines and other folks would let her be. she hasnt put out an album in what two years? shes trying to get herself together. not to say that any of these girls are angels, but im sure tehy would be better off if the media backed off.

Posted by victoria | Report as abusive

As to Lindsey Lohan (and Paris Hilton) I do not know which of these ‘babies’ has the least amount of $$$$$$! Neither of them are too smart–too rich maybe but totally SPOILED BRATS! Too much $$$ but no brains!PS: Are you sure that ‘spamers’ cannot read. You are third on the list of being NOT TOO BRIGHT!

You type anti-spam word MERDE! French for dung!


Does it relly matter who she marries?? As long as SHE and her partner are happy, that is what truly matters. I don’t see why people get all up in arms with same sex couples. As long as they are out publically fornicating or being gross, then why do people care??

Posted by Melanie | Report as abusive

so what if shes lesbian? so am i and i know the shit i go threw in school and it sucks that she has to go threw it in the eyes of the world!!!

Posted by Emily | Report as abusive

Don’t forget people, the reason people talk about and think about Lindsay is b/c she has talent and on top of THAT she is beautiful – she is a great actress and i for one can’t wait to see her in whatever she does next. and also, who CARES if she is gay?! If you read this Lindsay, i hope that you are HAPPY, LOVED, and feel taken care of in all ways.. Love is ALL that matters in this world. Live your life babe, you rock.

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

Wow, shes lesbian, did that shock anyone? shes a partier, eventually these chicks hook up with other chicks, Atleast pick someone a little better looking.Matching heart tattoos is also a little lame. It’s just her lesbian phase.


i think lindey lohan is happy, so why are people mis-judging her?

Posted by vanyssa | Report as abusive

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