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Jessica Simpson’s country career DOA

September 18, 2008

jessica-simpson.jpg“Jessica Simpson has good reason to celebrate,” according to a missive received on Wednesday from her unofficial publicists at In Touch Weekly.

The perky pop singer, the gossip mag breathlessly informed us, debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. country albums chart with her first Nashville foray, “Do You Know.” 

“I’m extremely touched by the overwhelmingly positive response to the album,” In Touch quoted Simpson as saying. “There is so much honesty and raw emotion in there. And, I’m just thrilled that country fans are giving it a chance!”

But, to be honest, her sixth album failed to roar. It sold just 65,000 copies during its first week in U.S. stores, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s good enough for only the No. 4 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, which includes albums of all genres.

Simpson’s last album, the much-hyped “A Public Affair,” debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 in 2006 after selling 101,000 copies. And that was considered a disaster given all the media attention lavished on her personal life. It has sold a mere 300,000 copies to date, far short of the 2.9 million total for her previous album, 2003′s “In This Skin.”

According to a feature in the latest Entertainment Weekly, Simpson is part of a horde of pop singers going country, and the folks in Nashville are inevitably a bit skeptical. Simpson told the magazine that she views music as “a hobby,” because the real cash is generated by her lucrative fashion line. Country fans have clearly indicated that it might be time to find another hobby.

If there’s any consolation for Simpson, she finally managed to outsell her younger sister. Ashlee Simpson’s third album, “Bittersweet World,” debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 in April with 47,000 copies. Her previous albums both debuted at No. 1, an achievement that continues to elude big sis.

 (Reporting by Dean Goodman, Photo by Reuters)


I have never been a big fan of Jessica Simpson but I was actually impressed with her country album. I liked the 1st single so I bought the CD mainly out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. I think high points are the songs, “Remember That” “You’re My Sunday” “Sipping on History” and “Do You Know.” I have always thought she could sing but wished she wouldn’t over-sing so much and I think country is a more suitable genre for her. I think the country music industry should give her a chance just like the pop industry has for all the other country artist who do crossover pop stuff. I just think it is hard for people to take her seriously and admit the CD is actually good. (which it is.) I say give it a listen!

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Posted by Tracee | Report as abusive

so in another words she really doesn’t have anything to celebrate only the fact that its her first #1 out of her 10 year career selling albums…she only sold 65,000 copies carrie underwood 1st week sold 314,000 so theres talent and then theres talent. find another hobby cause this is obvious this isnt that great and it probably wont last.

Posted by kaylina | Report as abusive

Belinda, my advice to you is: focus your negative energy into something positive. Stop the HATE and the jealousy! Jessica debuted at #1 on Country and #4 on the overall charts, which is something to be proud of. No one expected this of her in her Country debut, and 65K is nothing to scoff at for a new artist AND in this dire economy and record sales slump.

Don’t compare her with Carrie Underwood, who has the American Idol momentum. Jessica Simpson has arrived in the Country Music world, so if you don’t like it, I suggest you simply choose not to listen to her. “Remember That” is the next single and it sends shivers down my spine. It is so emotional and has already garnered Grammy buzz.

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so how does her album stack up against other players in the genre? this article was making it sound like 65k units was supposed to impress me (granted it is more then i could sell) but still that number seems way to few when u figure country music has the largest fan base in the industry.

then again if she was the only one to release an album wouldn’t she be number one based on the fact she was unopposed?

Posted by John | Report as abusive

*Thank you Kaylina*

number one with only 65k seemed fishy to me, then again the source was In Touch magazine and NOT the billboard chart which said she was a still respectable number 4

Posted by John | Report as abusive

She got #1 country album because she intentionally picked an off week so she wouldn’t have any competition. 65k is pathetic for all the hype and promotion she’s had. Sugarland sold 300k plus and they weren’t shoved down everybody’s throat like Jessica has been.

By January she will have moved on to doing duets with hiphop stars.

Posted by Sheila | Report as abusive

I bought this CD hoping it would be close to an album like In this Skin. I love this CD. There are some really great songs on there and most of them were written by Jessica. My favorites include Remember That, You’re My Sunday, Sipping on History, When I Loved You Like That, and Might as Well be Making Love. I think people need allow this girl some positive attention and support her rather than make fun of the fact she is at the top of the charts. The album is worth buying at the very least downloading on I-tunes. It’s a positive CD and I would listen to it anyday over songs and artists that people should be picking on such as Lolli, Lolli?!? Yeah….the song is ridiculous yet you hear nothing negative about the artist or the song.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

I don’t hold alot of credibility with in touch magazine, its just another gossip rag. 65,000 units is not a whole lot in one week. No one else must have released an album in the week Jessica’s album came out, which explains the #1 standing. If you really want to know where album stands, look it up on the country billboard charts, not in touch magazine.

Posted by sickofjessica | Report as abusive

Is reading comprehension no longer taught in schools? The 65k figure is a fact, attributed to Nielsen SoundScan, whose data are used to compile the Billboard charts. And there’s no way the blog posting says that figure is good. The only contribution from In Touch was the quote from Jessica.

Posted by Fred | Report as abusive

65k thats it ? with all the promo thats all she sold…sorry but thats not great at all…carrie sold 315k in one week and yes idol gave her a boost to showcase her talent but regardless of that she would have made it either way, she can really sing…w/out having seizures too…oh dont try to take that away from carrie because she was a contestant on a reality show she has earned her respect in country and it wasn’t easy. i was fair in the fact that i did listen to jessica’s cd and i really cant see the big hype…its okay but its not excellent and her vocals are okay too but i would never put her in the categories of martina, leann, carrie,shania, faith “no way” these women can really bring the house down and are so amazing they send chills down your spine…jessica does have talent but its not great talent…seriously 65k is not a lot compared to what her competitors are selling. plus jessica made sure that no other artist was selling their album on that day kristy lee cook’s came out on sept.16 and kellie pickler’s comes out on sept.30.

Posted by christina | Report as abusive

oh my God jessica sold 65,000 copies why is this a #1 album for her…??? thats not good..her fellow “real” country stars sell by the 100-300k’s and dont promote themselves everywhere and are not going on radio and talking smack like jessica did…about their peers. she is so stupid…maybe the people who bought her cd are the people that share the same IQ. anyway she’s not gonna last. i think she’s fake and whats worse is that she picked up a fake accent…how insulting is that? i think she has talent in reality shows go back to reality tv jess cause this is no celebration 65,000 hahaha pathetic….nice try but you aint no carrie. and i dont really like or dislike carrie, i’m more of a miranda lambert girl but at least carrie is real and doesn’t pretend to be someone’s she not.

Posted by dalila | Report as abusive

So many haters who are so pathetic. Jessica Simpson is laughing all the way to the bank while you guys continue to google for her online and dance to “Come On Over.” Kiss it, y’all. Kiss it cuz Jess is here to stay. #1 Country album, baby! You wished you could achieve that.

Posted by Haters | Report as abusive

Yeesh. I just listened to this album and what is sad is that the song selections are OK but her voice grates. With a talented singer at the helm, this album could have been something. Too bad it was wasted on this joker.

Posted by Sorce | Report as abusive

I honestly loved watching her and Nick on MTV, and I feel in lover with her personalinty and humor. It was sad seeing them split, and I have watched her from a distance to see how she pulls through relationships, movies, singles. And I never got into her music except for the 80′s pop-band Berlin with “take My Breath Away” and that was because of Top Gun. I am a true country fan, and there are mena nd women that sing country that aren’y from the country…Autralia? Just kidding I like Kieth Urban, but my point is Jessica Simpson is from TX, and her vocals sound better with a steel guitar and her twang in her voice that she cant hide if she tried. She is backed by Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton. I have been listening to her entire CD on and I have to tell you the only song I heard from her new CD till tonight was “Come on Over” and I was a little nervous, wondering if Nashville went over the top with Ms Simpson? But When you hear songs like “Your my Sunday, Still Dont Stop Me”, and her duet with Dolly Parton “Do you Know” So why 60,000 CD;s sold, I have to blame the marketing. I have to wonder if the Nashville machine is just chucking out new faces, old faces out ther and see who will bite, and unless you listen to this CD you won’t have any opinion. If I can say one thing to Ms Simpsons marketing and Manager…she needs to go on tour with a big name that fits the style of this CD. i would love to see an all Women country tour “Kellie Pickler, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and maybe a big name like Alison Krouse or Dolly Parton” I am buying her new CD and hope to see her stay country.

Posted by Corbit Norman | Report as abusive

I think that she has to realise that she has to bust her butt to get up there on top in country and kick butt to stay up there. And I’m not sure if she is wanting to work that hard.

Posted by Corbit Norman | Report as abusive

i think that the woman needs a reality check. she’s not the pop princess she used to be. going to country won’t make you the next taylor swift or carrie underwood. there’s no comparison. she needs to stick with what she’s good. standing on a red carpet and looking pretty. and not talking….

Posted by Karmen | Report as abusive

i dont by this “im a country girl” act. i’ve seen newlyweds and she has a mild small accent but now its exaggerated i give her credit for trying but sometimes you just got to know when to stop. i got turned off w/ her on radio when i saw how mean she was commenting on carrie it’s one thing to be cute and naive and i felt sorry that people would put her down for her personality but after the trash talking on live radio i saw her true colors and she has turned me away…i’m one less fan who will not support her…playing mean ans catty and putting other down is “classless”…

Posted by shaunie | Report as abusive

excuse the spelling….typing too fast…oops :)

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