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No exit for Britney Spears from driver’s license trial

September 18, 2008

 The drama is not over yet for Britney Spears. brit-paps.jpg

 More than a year after being charged for driving without a California license, authorities have set an Oct. 15 trial date for the pop singer on the relatively minor offence.

 It’s always possible that case could be settled before then, but so far that has not happened — prompting speculation on the Internet that Spears is being treated harsher than most in her situation.
 Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the L.A. City Attorney’s Office,  said those facing the same charge as Spears typically settle the case by agreeing to probation and a fine.
 ”We’re just looking for a fair outcome to this case. If they want to take it to trial then that’s where we’ll go,” Mateljan said, referring to Spears’ legal team. “We’re treating it like any other case.”
 The case stems from an Aug. 6, 2007, incident in which Spears scuffed another car in a parking lot as she was being trailed by dozens of paparazzi at a time when she was going through a very public meltdown. 

 She had a driver’s license from her home state of Louisiana and obtained one in October 2007 for California, as well as reaching an out of court settlement with the person whose car she hit.

(Writing by Alex Dobuzinskis)


I cannot understand how the Judge in the Court can hold Britney to the same standards as other offenders. After all….it has already been determined that Spears was INCOMPETENT and in grave need for medical treatment. After all…she is still under a Court approved CONSERVATORSHIP so how can the Court now try to take these facts out of the equation? THIS IS RIDICULOUS. The Court has the obligation to ACCOMODATE her disability at the time of the offense! THESE CHARGES SHOULD BE DROPPED! If not…let’s round up all the mentally disabled in L.A. and target them for civil process!! (former: Mental Health Association R.N. Adult Advocate)

Posted by Patricia Boeglin | Report as abusive

I agree with Patricia. Murderers are given lighter sentences jsut for being insane or not mentally healthy. Why should Britney need to go through harsher terms when she was obviously not in a stable state of mind? Don’t the paparazzi have to blamed to a certain degree also? Considering all these factors, there is no reason that this case shouldn’t have already been settled or dropped in britney’s favor.

Posted by Victoria | Report as abusive

For her sake, I hope she wears her underwear when she goes
to court.

Posted by Steve Keen | Report as abusive

EXACTLY! We are dealing with person that would not necessary be “aware” of the status of her license. She was not even aware that her body parts were exposed and yet the Court is concerned he may be accused of providing special treatment. Pink wigs, talking in a British Accent…. With Britney’s frame of mind a the time of the offense she was clearly disabled and incompetent….and the Court subsequently agreed and approved a CONSERVATORSHIP that continues until this day. Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities ACt, persons (the Judge included) are by Law required to make accomodations for mentally ill persons…..The charges need to be dismissed.

Posted by Patricia Boeglin | Report as abusive

Hey- Stupid- It hasn’t gotten to the judge yet! The case has to go to court before the judge can dismiss it or find her guilty and set her punishment. HER legal team is preventing the ‘normal’ course: they refuse to accept the usual probation & fine. Remember, the longer they draw this out, the more they make in legal fees!

Posted by Baz | Report as abusive

Please see the MTV Newsroom and the Associated Press articles… the Judge in the case on Thursday has refused to drop the charges. Britney’s attorney Flanagan is attempting to have the charges dismissed. (Pay the $10.00 and it is over). The judge has stated that he will not drop the charges because she is a celebrity. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: A defense lawyer can file a MOTION FOR DISMISSAL and if the judge refuses, he can appeal it. The point here is: the issue of wether Spears was disabled at the time of the offense and how the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act)will play into it. My prediction is this: THERE WILL BE NO TRIAL.

Posted by Patricia Boeglin | Report as abusive

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