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Tina Fey wants to “be done” with Palin after November

September 22, 2008

feybackstage.jpgTina Fey’s hit comedy series “30 Rock” may have picked up 4 Emmys, but backstage at the TV awards show the show’s creator and star faced almost as many questions about her recent portrayal of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” as she did about her award-winning show.

As it turns out, Fey would rather not see Palin become a regular character on “SNL.”

“I want to be done playing this lady November 5th,” Fey said when asked backstage about how she feels about the election. “So, if anyone can help me be done playing her on November 5th…”

The U.S. presidential election is November 4th.

Fey added that Palin “seems like a perfectly nice lady,” but that she had been reluctant at first to admit that they look alike.

“I was very resistant to acknowledge that there was a resemblance,” Fey said. “Then my kid saw Sarah Palin on TV and said ‘That’s Mommy.’”

As for “30 Rock,” Fey said co-star Alec Baldwin had told her that her award for best actress in a comedy series meant she could now “stop apologizing for being an actor and being on the show.”

Finally, Fey asked enlisted reporters’ help in finding her purse, which disappeared after she left it under her seat in L.A.’s Nokia theater.

“If anyone sees a small purple purse with an iPhone in it with a picture of a naked toddler,” she said.


If you think the latest SNL skit suggesting Todd Palin committed incest is acceptable, I wonder when we will see the script that hints Joe Biden is doing his daughter? We won’t.

Liberals must stop with the double-standards. 2/snl-incest-joke-is-evil/


The conservatives on this blog wouldn’t sound so defensive if they didn’t have strong reason to be defensive. Tone down the vitriol folks and start explaining the last eight years to the rest of us. If you can provide valid justification, then perhaps many of us will give your opinions more credibility.

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According to Palin, God is on our side. Isn’t that what islamic extremists say. I guess she is an Assemblies of God extremist. Is there really any difference??

Palin quote:

“Pray for our Military men and woman who are striving to do what is also right for this Country. Pray that our leaders, our National Leaders, are sending them on a task that is from God. That is what we must pray for. That there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.”

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Tina Fey does not have ajob without Sarah Palin.


Look, Palin is proving every day that she’s every bit the airhead that Fey made her out to be. She’s the one who said you could see Russia from Alaska to prove her foreign policy experience (LOL).
Today she’s at the U.N. to meet her very first world leaders…George Bush need not come close for a photo op.
And the nasty old media needn’t bother asking any questions…they’re banned except for cameras (to show she’s close to world leaders.
Palin has had two media appearances. Biden more than eighty since the nomination.
Sarah is proving she’s completely uninformed and very afraid to show it. This is a public democratic election process? Not even close.
Fey doesn’t have to lift a finger. Sarah is making comedy every day.


Possibly charged rape kits to victims, does not believe in evolution, religion is questionable, encourages shooting bears and wolves from lowing flying planes, troopergate, no abortions for rape or incest, supported the bridge to no where before she opposed it. Has a pregnant teenager, her only experiences with Foreign Relations is the fact she can see Russia from AL, Questioned a librarian about book banning and later the librarian was fired. Does not believe in Global Warming, and left her city in debt as Mayor.

If you think she is a good candidate you deserve what you get.

Posted by whynot | Report as abusive

“You see us conservatives aren’t hypocrites like you liberals.”

This kind of talk is divisive and pointless.

Posted by Stephanie | Report as abusive

Oh we all hope Palin is out of our lives on Novermber 5th. She is an embaressment to the country and to women.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

Well it seems like all of the LEft-Wingers and Liberals are terrrified of Sarah PAlin.

First, Sarah Palin was not part of the Alaskan Independence PArty. IF you got it off the Daily Kos then you are a idiot. Claiming that Trig PAlin, her down syndrome baby is not really hers. Please>





Posted by MArk | Report as abusive

Tina Fey should be happy she has been asked to portray Sarah Palin on SNL and stop whining about our next VP. She belongs with Alec Baldwin, and why isn’t he in France?

Posted by Robert elliott | Report as abusive

GO TINA! Oh yeah, and as for the quote, “Ms. Fey, like all Obama supporters, are ignorant” I think it should read read, “Ms. Fey, like all Obama supporters, is ignorant.”

Posted by skritt | Report as abusive

“You see us conservatives aren’t hypocrites like you liberals.”

OMG. That is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen written. A movement that values the sacredness of human life yet supports unmerited wars and the death penalty and not health care? I guess human life is only sacred when it is in utero. Once it’s out in the world, yer on yer own, honey.

And a scary irony here…my security word for this post was “life”!

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Tina Fey is a lozer who is not funny nor is she smart!
She is politically INCORECT!!! She makes fun of the wrong people who are trying to help her.
Why does she hang out with that wife beater who was married to Kim

Posted by SmartLady | Report as abusive

Tina Fey is a lozer who is not funny nor is she smart!
She is politically INCORRECT!!! She makes fun of the wrong people who are trying to help her.
Why does she hang out with that wife beater who was married to Kim?
Get lost Tina and stay there! We want nothing to do with you!

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