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Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson dating — that’s news?

September 24, 2008

rtx6f7z.jpgAs if anyone who reads celebrity gossip pages and magazines didn’t know already, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are dating. … big duh.

We’ve been reading with a lot of amusement the headlines that “confirm” Lohan and gal pal Ronson are an item. Lohan was being interviewed on the syndicated radio program “Loveline” Monday night when the DJ asked the “Mean Girls” actress: “You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?” Lindsay laughed, and Stryker continued: ”Like, two years, one year, five months, two months?

“A very long time,” Lindsay answered. 

Headlines popped around the globe exclaiming that finally, FINALLY, this little snippet confirms that Lohan and Ronson are the real deal — girlfriends who truly are BFFs. In West Hollywood, they call them “Celesbians.”

But did it really need to be confirmed? For months, the pair have been hanging out together and been photographed in public, and only two weeks ago Lindsay lashed out in her own blog against Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin asking, “Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight…”

Well, so now we know what we already knew: Lohan and Ronson are dating. But questions do remain. Does this mean she is a lesbian? Or, as many men and women do, is the 22 year-old simply experimenting with her sexuality? Put another way, Is she like Clay Aiken, who finally came out of the closet only today and by his own admission is gay? No doubt. Or, is she like actress Anne Heche who was straight, then gay (living with Ellen DeGeneres), then straight again? When Lindsay truly comes out, if she ever does, now that will be a headline.


anne heche is not straight. she is bisexual. you don’t be straight then gay then straight – the term for that is bisexual. you go from one to the other, and settle on the person who makes you happy regardless of their sex. why can’t people wrap their brains around that? it’s not a difficult concept. bisexual people are not limited by societal norms. they are not brainwashed. they go with their feelings. anne heche was not experimenting, she had a long term relationship with ellen. please do not make yourself sound like an idiot by not realizing bisexuality. lyndsay lohan is bisexual or a lesbian. i hope she IS a lesbian. finally being able to be herself is keeping her out of rehab. and she looks gorgeous and happy. she is always smiling when she is with samantha ronson. and that is obviously what makes her happy – so don’t invalidate their relationship by acting like it’s a phase. i say good for her for claiming her identity and making her life the way she wants it to be. i wish them happiness together.

Posted by sandra | Report as abusive

When the OP said that Anne Heche was straight, then gay, then straight, he was practically using her own words. When she was with Ellen, she talked about how now she was gay. When she left Ellen and started dating a man, she said that she was straight and that she loved Ellen, but that she was an exception. I don’t remember the magazine, but it was in a magazine somewhere.Secondly, there was no gay bashing in the article. They never said ‘oh it’s a phase’. They presented that in a list of ideas. You need to read the full information before you get all angry. Sadly, a lot of celebrities see claiming to be gay as a way to get more media attention (similar to rehab).

Posted by cassie | Report as abusive

well I think Lindsay is HOT HOT HOT and who really cares who shes with. If shes happy, which she definately seems to be….then props to her for just being herslef and feeling whats true to her heart! I do agree with the whole “bisexual” thing. In my opinion, love is love…it doesnt come down to the sex of the person, its the person as a whole that you fall in love with!

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

If she is happy who cares? Lindsey has had a rough and tumble time for some time, maybe coming out, and being happy for once will help her live a happier and more producrtive life, and get her off the booze and drugs as well.


I disagree w/the author. Lindsay admitting she has been going out w/Sam for a long time is very significant. Prior to this Lindsay’s rep has denied Linds was going out w/Sam, & Lindsay herself has refused to answer the question. Which has been asked of her like every single day by the paps for 4 months now. If it wasn’t a big deal, then why didn’t she just say she so months ago? You are invalidating what Lindsay said. And the significance of what it means to people who recognize & applaud her for it. Does she have to say it only your way to make it real to you? And your way is a jumble of contradictions as it is.BTW, Lindsay is not only dating Sam, she lives w/her, & has said publicly she loves her. Is coming out your way a requirement? Since the dawn of laws, marriage has been required by society to validate a relationship. Now many people live together w/intentions of staying that way, but w/out a marriage certificate. They’re called life partners, although it’s not recognized in all states. BTW, if Lindsay comes out, does she get a tax break? Gimme a break. Do you have to come out to be truly gay? Was Clay straight then up until today? “…Put another way, Is she like Clay Aiken, who finally came out of the closet only today and by his own admission is gay? No doubt.” How can “big questions remain” when you answer that w/a “no doubt.” Oh so then she is gay! Yeah, but, then again she could be like Anne Heche. & Lindsay would only know that how? Because she can see the future? Can Clay? Does he know if he’s going to stay gay forever? Is Anne’s time being gay negated because she jumped back over the fence? Labels! Lindsay is going w/ & is in love w/a woman. Goddess bless her. – “Never say never” (Romeo Void). – “I’m very superficial, I hate anything official” (The Pretenders, “Private Life”).


yah, its lindsay’s happiness but none of this kind of relationship last for long right……

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PS Just FYI: New York Post, 9.24.08 – But Lindsay is standing by her Sam, telling Page Six in an e-mail via her rep…”She loves me, as I do her.”


I see, I DONT CARE THIS IS A BIG MONEY SCAM, IVE GOT A BOYFRIEND written all over her face every time i see a new pic

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Of course it is news. Before this startling announcement absolutely nobody knew anything about it.

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

It is good to see her happy and sober. Let’s hope her “Mommy Dearest”, stays the hell away from her and lets her be an individual.

Posted by Kristin | Report as abusive

All that matters is that Lindsay is happy. The main issue is will the relationship last? She may just be confused about who she really is. Everyone goes through a stage of wanting to be accepted, and if Samantha accepts her she may cling to her.

Posted by Karmen | Report as abusive

I think that Lindsay is probably a bisexual. If she was just experimenting, would she go so far as to move in with Samantha and spend so much time with her? This isn’t just about sex, it seems like something deeper. Although, I imagine that inevitably she’ll wind up with a man… maybe not, though. I don’t really see what she’s sees in Sam… I heard her on an interview and she seems like a barfly, alki druggie type… maybe that’s what they have in common. Whatever, it’s none of my business but it is interesting

Posted by Wen | Report as abusive

I think she is gay all the way. All her behaviors point out that she had been dating men to pass. Short relationships…if you count a weekend being a relationship. Really good looking men in successions frequently, in very short dating periods. Drugs abuses and other behavior are also signs of a person unable to cope with passing.Just because a lesbian who slept with a man before does not mean the person is bisexual.If you read Ronson’s blog, you can actually see that the relationship had been there for a very long time, way longer than most people, including the gossip journalists realize. Certainly before 2008, or much earlier. You just have to keep reading her blog backwards, not her own posts, but others comments to put the whole picture together.This also means that, any men should dated, was also part of an act of passing.Her entire behavior changed, IMHO, is a realization during rehab that she might have found out the root cause of the problems, accepted herself, and decided not to pass anymore. Maybe she decided that there was no need to date men to pass so that one could have a career in Hollywood. She would not have a career anyway if she was still continue to be a mess.Speaking of which, there is really nothing Ronson could gain by dating Lohan. Her own family is rich enough that there is no need to date someone to be rich and famous. She was a successful DJ (albeit not a superstar) of her own right. If she wants publicity she can hang out with her brother 24/7 and that would be good enough.

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if she feels comfortable with who she is with,then its ok.i feel everyone has a right to choose whom they fall inlove with.same sax or different,it really doesnt matter except she is for her to check what she believes in ,thats all that have fun girl but remember,u work on what you really want and stick to it.


You obviously dont get the gay thing Bob? Is it REALLY news that a talent contest runner up has come out? Come on! In Europe there are lots of Gay people(including celebrities) who do’nt get labeled as ‘experimenting with their sexuality’. Obviously labels are such a big deal where you live and privacy seems a thing of mystery and somewhat male ego. Good luck in that worldKelly xxx

Posted by kelly | Report as abusive

I couldn’t agree with you more Champ. Cassie, can you name one celebrity who has pretended to be gay in order to get more media attention? I am always amazed by the power of heterosexism and patriarchy to perpetuate the idea that no woman is ever really a lesbian. If a woman has ever slept with/married/dated a man and is now with a woman she is seen to be 1. experimenting, 2. bisexual, if she is lucky, and 3. rarely a lesbian, unless she is butch. So many people spend so much time denying, minimizing and negating the fact that women choose women. I have never heard a similar discussion about a man who sleeps with men. Imagine the absurdity of wondering if Clay Aiken just came out for media attention! We allow men sexual autonomy from women but we are so reluctant to believe that women can be sexually independent from men. I don’t know if Lindsay Lohan is bisexual or lesbian but I am pretty sure if her male equivalents openly dated men there wouldn’t be an obsessive desire to prove he must be faking for attention, or experimenting.

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to be honest from a bisexual point of view i am sure that no idiot would ever date someone move in with them and look cozy while doing all this.cause if someone is putting on an act u can tell even if the person is an actress lol. i love lindsey lohan and if she is happy that is a good thing but havent u noticed that she hasnt been in trouble with the law since she has been dating samantha? then it must be a good you lindsey.Clara

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