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Paul Newman’s death casts pall over Hollywood

September 27, 2008

newman.jpgHistory may judge him as the greatest actor of his generation, which includes the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando, but Paul Newman was more than just an actor. He was a gracious gentleman, family man and generous giver of his time and his money.

His death, at age 83 after a long battle with cancer, cast a pall over Hollywood and in his hometown of Westport, Connecticut on Saturday, and his friends, family and colleagues remembered him.

Robert Redford, his co-star in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “the Sting” said in a statement: “I have lost a real friend. My life — and this country — is better for his being in it.”

Leonardo DiCaprio told Reuters that news of his death was ”sad and depressing.”

In Westport, at the public library where Newman and his wife of 50 years, Joanne Woodward, were often seen, reference librarian Nancy Clark said she set up a display of all his books, movies and biographies as a tribute. ”We are all terribly sad,” said Nancy Clark, a reference librarian at the Westport Public Library. “Once this sinks in it is going to hit the community terribly.”

But what about you, his fans?

Earlier this past summer when news reports surfaced that Newman’s condition had worsened and his death was near, we received numerous comments on Fan Fare wishing him the best and remembering his impact not just on movies and acting, but on numerous people he helped with his charity. If you have something to say, let us know.


I only know him as an actor who has graced my life, I thank him for his Craft and all the entertainment I have enjoyed by watching him in his movies,and I also have bought his yummy cookies.

With Sincer thanks to a Great man!/May you rest in peace dear man.

Posted by deborah | Report as abusive

We loved Paul Neuman what a wonderful man. His movies example, The Long Hot Summer and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, what wonderul movies. We will miss him and all that he has given. We thank his family for sharing him with all of us. We send our prayers to his wife, Joanne Woodward and his girls. Thank you.

Posted by Dan and Becky Gahr | Report as abusive

For a actor like him we can only remember Neruda: ” It´s forbidden to miss without happiness”. Go in peace. Alessandra | Brazil.

Posted by Alessandra | Report as abusive

Missed greatly by fans all over the world!


What a perfectly beautiful man, not only in his mbut in all the good he did for children. He will be sadly missed by his trillions of fans, and sorely missed by the children he has helped. But, he is in a better place where his “blue eyes” will shine forever.



In 1983 I worked for Sears Point Race Way. My soon to be wife’s Family owned the Track and I was charged with VIP relations. Mr Newman or “Paul” as he insisted. Had been a frequent visitor and acquaintance of mine. This was the weekend of the Budweiser Trans-Am in Sept I think. Well Paul tracked me down and needed a “private land line”. He needed to make an important phone call. The only truly private area at that time, was what we called “the money room” This was the area that all $$$ came to for the weekend. the crowd was good this year due to the beautiful weather and the great racing.

There was somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000 in cash in the money room at that time. So with out even a thought the track owner Jack Williams and I show Paul to the room. He is in there for about 15-20 min. When he comes out he has about $100,000 stuffed into his shirt and pants. he had bundles of bills bulging all over. He waves and says see ya later thanks for the use of your phone. Just as quick I asked him if he needed a hand caring his packages. We all had a great laugh and ended up going to dinner with him, his Daughter, and the members of his racing team. it is one of the fondest memories I have. He was truly one of the greatest souls to ever grace this earth.

— Bart, Sonoma Ca.


Paul Newman, other than being a wonderful actor, was a a great family man with real family values. He was universally admired for such wonderful performances in movies like, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof(my favorite) for his race driving feats, philanthropic endeavors and much more. However, his marriage of 50+ years to Joanne Woodward is,no doubt, his most valuable and, “Real man” accomplishment. I think the adage, “They don’t make’em like that anymore” is very applicable to the late, great, Paul Newman.


Sad to see anyones life terminated here on earth. The Bible teached that we all are eternal. So Mr. Newman is somewhere, alive, right now. Our time here on earth is so short, and sometimes not as happy as we would wish. God is in evidence all around us. All we have to do, is to look, and we can observe his handiwork. To trust in ourselves is foolish. God, in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for my sins, and that is good enough for me. I hope and pray for you, also. Trust Him, and tell Him so.


“He was smiling… That’s right. You know, that, that Luke smile of his. He had it on his face right to the very end. Hell, if they didn’t know it ‘fore, they could tell right then that they weren’t a-gonna beat him. That old Luke smile. Oh, Luke. He was some boy. Cool Hand Luke. Hell, he’s a natural-born world-shaker.”

RIP Paul Newman… the coolest…

Posted by Gary Moss | Report as abusive

If only hollywood took his lead with all that can be accomplished thrugh philanthropy. Paul Newman was the best of the best in every way. All the money that is had by entertainers big and small can take head and be less selfish…..oh, the unfortunate ones out there would benifit 100 fold.
Paul Newman left quite an example if only the wealthy in his field will follow.

Posted by Elizabeth Hall | Report as abusive

I fell for Paul Newman after seeing “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “The Sting” many moons ago. I respected him as actor with the various choices he made thereafter, having been unfamiliar with his roles prior to those two films. Over the last 15 years or so, I have been infinitely impressed many times over every time I enter a food store and see Newman’s Own on the shelf. I just bought N.Own’s Basalmic Vinegar the other day and continue to be amazed at the selflessness of starting a company which donates ALL proceeds to charity. That is an amazing undertaking and quite a role model of philanthropic generosity on the part of an actor who could have easily glided by on his looks and legend. Philanthropy is on my mind first and foremost when I think of Paul Newman, not only due to Newman’s Own, but also to seeing Paul Newman on film way back when, thinking, “there’s something about him.” And now we all know – generosity of action and spirit towards many others!

Posted by good day | Report as abusive

I know this will sound weird but my father bore a striking resemblance to Paul Newman. Hearing of his death feels a bit like losing my dad all over again. I am very sad. He was an amazing actor and a terrific human being. What a sad day.


he was a good actor and a good man! :)

Posted by esther | Report as abusive

It has been said many times that we have lost a legend.I really don’t think there are enough terms to describe the kind of person we really lost.I only know that he was never given the recognition in Hollywood.Nominated all those times and only 2 oscars.I am so thankful he was with his lovely wife Joanne and family when he left us.He will always hold a special place in my heart.I fell for him when I was very young.Probably too young those (blue) eyes. One of a kind that’s what he was…a real earth shaker.

Rest in Peace Paul from Texas

Posted by Becky | Report as abusive

An actor died but his example of human being will last forever. If each person believes on its power to change things in the world (like Paul Newmann does) we certainly could see a better place to live.

Posted by lucia | Report as abusive

I will never forget Fast Eddie and Cool Hand Luke, it was great to see an actor that made a difference, in his actions, and was not after fanfare, It would be nice if others can learn from a Saint on Earth!

Paul, I’m listen to “Plastic Jesus and It’s in the way that you use it” Cool Hand Luke and Fast Eddie will Live For ever.

Peace out Brother and Mahalolo for the good times!

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

One way to live forever is to make the good and worth things in people’s hearts. I think he did so.


I will sadly miss Paul Newman, i was a big fan, starting with the movie somebody up ther like me, i have watch most of his movies many times, he will be miss by everyone , God Bles him.


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