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Kenley hangs on in “Project Runway”; reunion fireworks ahead?

October 2, 2008

Pass the Kleenex please!

After a fairly lackluster season, Project Runway is turning into a real drama both on and off the runway as the Bryant Park finale looms. kenley-fish.jpg

Tears, fights, group hugs, bitterness and backstabbing  — and Kenley is STILL hanging in there despite (or possibly because of)  her constant eye-rolls and stubborn refusal to take constructive criticism that  has stunned the  divas of the  design world she aspires to join.

Kenley’s scaly pink reptile gown  predictably failed to wow the judges in a challenge that was inspired by flowers. But when Korto turned in a surprisingly wobbly effort with an orange and yellow dress deemed too pageanty, Kenley won another chance to redeem herself and fight for a place for her collection in the New York Fashion Show finale.With the eventual winner looking too close to call between quiet Leanne and sweet natured Jerell, it may be the contestant reunion special that has all the fireworks this season.

Make that work, designers!


I am pulling for Jerrell to be the big winner. He
always produces knock-out clothes, and has such a
warm demeanor.
As for Kenley, I’m picturing her not winning, and, in a
business of her own, acting as childish as she has been,
challenging her customers, trying to ram her ideas down
their throats…hmmmm….maybe, just maybe, her
business would be shut down within a month. And, her
childish antics would be the cause.


You’ve got to be kidding. Are you just going for ratings? Her designs have been consistently non-memerable.

Posted by bette clower | Report as abusive

You’ve got to be kidding. Are you just going for ratings? Her disigns have been consistently non-memerable and her attitude childish.

Posted by bette clower | Report as abusive

I completely agree. I almost refused to watch prw this week because kenly wasn’t kicked off the week prior. She is a complete unprofessional, untalented hack. And if she would just watch herself on the previous episodes, she would realize why no one likes her or respects her. I would not accept that behavior from my 9 year old.

Posted by juliea | Report as abusive

I must be out touch-I really like Kenly. Leann downcast demeanor is quite irritating. I do like the others also.But for some reason Kenly is my favorite.


Kenley is a know it all cry baby.


Korto may have made a blunder but she knew it and humbly accepts it. Kenley just is one big arse of an ego. She said,”Ive been fighting through life” well..i wonder why, maybe because she is the one always creating the war.

Posted by dee | Report as abusive

Yes, it is time for PR to end. This season has been most disappointing both in fashion as well as designers. Tina has not been herself—-is she going through job changes? or just plain burned out/fed up with the contestants of this season? Kenley is beyond irritating and yet oh so sad. No family. No friends. Or so it seems and, anyway, she keeps all at bay. It has not been pleasant to watch all the pettiness.
Yes, it is time for it to end.

Posted by maria | Report as abusive

Kenley…oh lordy lordy…You are the MOST AMAZING woman…you’re style, your creative engineering, and your whole “Betty” 40′s/50′s magic absolutely melts me like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup on a summertime dashboard.

Please win it, get yourself set up and when you’re ready, post me and we’ll get married. K? C’mon, it’s been ages since I’ve truly worshiped an almost-complete stranger. Maybe worshiping from afar actually makes the heart grow fonder. Anyway, you’ll be so busy and pushed to the limit all the time that you’ll look forward to your welcome home massage every single day…then your favorite beverage as you relax and let the day just float from your body in that perfectly warm bubble bath…

Regardless, you are a fascinating angel and a true knock-out with a powerful, provocative vibe that I swear is aimed right square at me. lol.

Good luck!!!


Posted by John Cotter | Report as abusive

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