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Lindsay Lohan a bisexual? “Maybe. Yeah.” Lesbian? “No.”

November 10, 2008

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

For months now, Lindsay Lohan has been out in public with gal pal DJ Samantha Ronson, and speculation has swirled around whether the pair are involved in a love affair. Along the way, Lohan has made vague statements about the nature of their relationship that many celebrity watchers have taken as confirmation the two are more than just friends.
The most recent entry into the Lohan/Ronson guessing game is an interview Lohan gave to Harper’s Bazaar magazine in which The “Mean Girls” star was still guarded about their relationship.  Below is an excerpt from the interview in which she discusses the topic:

“…’I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing,” Lindsay admits after much, much prodding. “I think it’s no shock to anyone that it’s been going on for quite some time. … She’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”

“Has she previously been with a girl?  She laughs and says, ‘I don’t know. Maybe.’ Has she ever been embarrassed about being attracted to a woman? ‘No.’ Would she classify herself as bisexual? ‘Maybe. Yeah.’ Lesbian? ‘No.’ She goes on, ‘I don’t want to classify myself. First of all, you never know what’s going to happen — tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now. I appreciate people, and it doesn’t matter who they are, and I feel blessed to be able to feel comfortable enough with myself that I can say that.’  She sees herself getting married ‘eventually,’ but whether to a man or a woman, ‘I don’t know.’…” 

Lohan has dated men in the past, including reality star Calum Best and actor/singer Aaron Carter.

Why the interest?  In the gay community, Lohan being “out” is a big deal, if in fact she is a lesbian. (Apparently, from reading above, she doesn’t consider herself one). Hollywood now has many gay and lesbian stars who live their lives out of the closet, but the gay community in entertainment is still waiting for major talent to come out. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is, for now, perhaps the biggest name to do so.


I think if lohan is bisexual its her buisness. why do th etabloids have to know who she is dating and who she likes. its her buisness.


How is Ellen the biggest “out”? Who is Elton John… Melissa Ethridge? Really – just cause they didn’t have a show cancelled?

Posted by kathy | Report as abusive

Great! Another coked up celeb unknowingly volunteers as a conservative cheerleader. And we can’t figure out why Proposition 8 passed… I’m beginning to just accept the fact that I’ll never be able to get married.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

Wow, thats a pretty big statement to be making about the entire gay community.

I would like to think that people would want real role models to come out. A politician would be a good start. A girl who acts in the movies, and then acts out constantly in reality isn’t what people are looking for. The girl isn’t sure what she wants, she just knows that right now this arrangement she is in makes her happy. I think people should worry a little less about things like Lindsay Lohans sexual preference.

Posted by Ashleigh | Report as abusive

If she happy with her or him, why not.

Posted by Stevan Ruutana | Report as abusive

who really cares who’s she dating to each person out there live and love who ever you want


I think she is a great role model, not because of her obvious mistakes that she made as a growing and learning person, but because she has shown men and women that being gay or loving someone of the same gender is OK. She mentioned loving someone for who they are. A lot of people will look at that statement, and see that she is perfectly fine with who she is, and have the courage to come out of the closet.

Posted by Mel | Report as abusive

Jordan, and anyone else who thinks she is refusing to come out, she said yes to the bisexual question. She only said no to the lesbian part. She has dated both men and women and she says that she is attracted to people of either gender. How does that make her “a cheerleader for the conservative”? That’s ridiculous. Gay people and straight people alike need to stop acting like bisexuals are just going through a phase or thinking that we are just promiscuous, or that when we do get into a long term relationship it means we picked a “side”. The reality is people exist who are attracted to people of both genders for their whole lives, and they don’t eventually pick one or the other, though they usually settle down with a partner just like most people. That doesn’t mean that they stop being attracted to people of both genders, anymore than a straight woman magically stops finding any man than her husband attractive just because she got married. And if the relationship ends, being bisexual means the person’s next relationship could be with the other gender. So just because a gal dates another gal doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian now and it doesn’t mean that she is in denial if she won’t say she’s a lesbian. It’s “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it”, not “we’re here, we’re gay, get used to it” for a reason. Stop being intolerant and get used to bisexuals, we deserve to be accepted too!

Posted by Vicky | Report as abusive

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