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Julianne Hough twists again on “Dancing with the Stars”

November 12, 2008

(Reporting and Writing by Alex Dobuzinskis)

After having her appendix removed only two weeks ago, popular dancer Julianne Hough made her comeback on “Dancing with the Stars”  Tuesday, twisting the night away with her brother, Derek Hough, to the tune of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”. 

And Hough’s partner on the show, “Hannah Montana” star Cody Linley, was glad to have her back. In a segment with relationship expert Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew, the 18-year-old Cody opened up about his feelings for Julianne.
With tears streaming, Cody said he worried about Julianne during her hospitalization, which was related to complications from a condition called endometriosis. “She’s an amazing person who has let me grow as a person,” a tearful Cody said. Dr. Drew put a box of tissues between Cody and Julianne, who sat nearby also crying. All the couples got the Dr. Drew treatment on Tuesday, but the other contestants limited their concerns to overcoming rehearsal room sniping, while Julianne and Cody were the only ones to cry tears over their friendship.
The fans’ desire to see Cody and Julianne dance together again, after pro dancer Edyta Sliwinska stepped in as a replacement partner for Julianne, could have earned Cody some votes this week as he escaped elimination. Instead, Olympic sprinter Maurice Greene and his partner Cheryl Burke were voted off.
Burke told Greene that in her years on “Dancing with the Stars” she has never encountered a partner who worked harder. And playing off their catchphrase “winner, winner chicken dinner,” Burke told Greene, “You will always be the winner, winner chicken dinner of my heart.” And with that, four couples were left to compete next week.


Welcome Back Julianne.
Well It was Great to See you Back with The Cast Meet’s. But it was Great The your Brother Did a Great Job with you Dancing.Well How was it to See your New Friend. I Just wanted Know That It was Nice to See Brad was There Cheering you Both On.I Hope Juilanne you & Cody Make it to The Finally’s But Here’s The Kick I also Hope That Derck also Make’s it. I Haven’t See The Family Pair Make it This Far.


I have watched Dancing with the stars since it began and
love the show. I was so excited to find out the tour would be in Salt Lake City. I went on line to purchase
tickets. I was sick to see the price $125 to $350.
I am 71 on a fixed income there is no way. Why are they
so expensive? I watch every show with my daughter
and son-in-law. I wanted to suprize them for Christma.
I,m so disappointed!

Posted by nancy dunfield | Report as abusive

Julianne and Derek were amazing! Here’s the video of their performance: Jo
How could her appendix come out two weeks ago?!

Posted by dwtsfan08 | Report as abusive

As much as I am so excited to see Julianne return, I hope Derek wins it all. Julianne has already won twice. Derek and Brooke have been fantastic this year and deserve to be winners

Posted by Frank Tracy | Report as abusive

I think the dance between Derek and Julianne was absolutly phenominal! No one in the world would beleive that pretty little girl had an operation only two weeks ago! I missed it on TV and just watched it on U-Tube, wow can those two siblings partner each other! Freeking amazing! Those two are amazing! Wow unbelieving! Most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen! They must have partnered togeather as children like the little couples that compete each week! And I bet they won every compititionthey ever entered! Fantastic!

Posted by soozie | Report as abusive

in response to the elderly woman’s comments on ticket prices! That is BS! How in the world do they expect people to afford those prices? Is she sure those weren’t scalper prices? It seems awful strange that the tickets would be that expensive! Doesn’t seem fair! Not many people can afford that price!and shouldn’t have to that is horribly over priced!

Posted by soozie | Report as abusive

Derek and Julianne,

I love you guys!! You are both just adorable and such fantastic dancers. Your performance to “Great Balls of Fire” was AWESOME!!!!
Julianne, I can’t believe you could move like that just 2 weeks after surgery.
That was the best dance I’ve seen yet on the show.
The two of you seem to get along so well.
Your parents must be so proud of both of you!
I am also a huge country music fan. I loved Julianne’s musical peerformance last week too!
WOW!!!! What talent.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

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