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First look at “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

November 25, 2008

Okay all you aspiring young wizards and Harry Potter fans, in general. We’re certain you were disappointed when Warner Bros. delayed the release of the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” until July, from its previously scheduled roll-out date earlier this month.

But never fear, cable network ABC Family is hosting a weekend of four of the “Harry Potter” films PLUS a “first look” at portions of “Half-Blood Prince.” The “Harry Potter” weekend will run on ABC Family December 5-7.


I love Harry Potter. I’ve just got finshed reading the 6th book, and i cant wait to see the movie. i just hope that the 7th movie will be amazing!!! i hope the director lets it all hang out in the 7th movie, and make it the best trilogy ever!!!!!!!

Posted by amanda | Report as abusive

all the Harry Potter books are all cool i have read the about 10 times each and i never get sick of them!!!!!!!!

Posted by maya | Report as abusive

I am really disapointed at hearing this, as me and my mum were going to see it for her birhtday, but now thats going to have to wait.i do hope they can bring the date forward as thats really disappointing to hear.

Posted by kesia | Report as abusive

I think it sucks that I have to wait until July to watch the movie, and play the game. I like the Harry Potter movies and games because of all the creatures and magic.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

At first I was all bummed out about the delay but now I am over it I just can’t wait until July. I have been reading the books over and over again to keep be busy until then. Yes I do agree I hope that for the final movie the director lets it all hang out! I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!

Posted by kristi | Report as abusive

I love Harry potter i don’twant it to finished iwant it to carry on since there will be a empty space in my life after the Harry potter series ends.

Posted by sachin yadav | Report as abusive

Have you guys seen the new trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)? It literally took my breath away. Let’s hope that it wins an oscar.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

It’s sad they moved the opening date to July, The ‘HP’ holiday sales may suffer from it. The books were great and the movies also, however the movies kinda wandered from the books a bit.

Posted by KMD | Report as abusive

Harry Potter is Great i cant wait till da movie i just love harry potter my fav character is hermione granger!!! i just cant wait i luv da books i read them all over again!!!! i cannot wait!!!

Posted by Farat Malik | Report as abusive


Posted by Farat malik | Report as abusive

Ilove harry potter i have read each book 4 times. And i love the films. I cant wait for the 6th and the 7th film to be made.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

i love harry potter films seen them a thousand times and nev er get bored xx

Posted by leeann | Report as abusive

i am going to marry harry potter he is so awesome i love him i can’t wait for the sixth movie


i love all the 7 harry potter books soooo much!!!!my favourite is the deathly hallows and i cant get enough of it….every time i read it…its always exciting and i just get so much into the book!
but i didnt like it when they delayed the 6th movie…i thought i’d watch it after school holidays started but its going to be the mid-school year…i desperately hope that the sixth movie is nice and the 7th movies too….im glad that there are going to be 2 parts of the 7th movie….that will allow almost everything in the book to be shown…

u just cant get enough of the harry potter books and movies no matter how much you watch them….

Posted by Kara | Report as abusive

I’M IN LOVE WITH HP!!!! its an unhealthy obsession. but oh well. i was so mad when they moved back the movie. but the trailers are amazing so im looking forward to it

Posted by Anjali | Report as abusive

Harry Potter is the greatest trilogy ever made. When this movie is out i will watch it on the first day ! i hope all harry potter supporters get to see this epic movie !

Posted by jay kingston | Report as abusive

I love harry potter because he has estilo. es un exelente actor y muy bueno que esta…

Posted by guadalupe | Report as abusive

I love Harry Potter, and I can’t wait to see the 6th movie. I think that J.K has done a wonderful job with Harry. I’m looking forward to watch the movie. Harry(Dan) don’t forget your fans love you!

Posted by Vanessa torres | Report as abusive

i love emma watson as well as her role as hermoine in Harry Potter..

Posted by tsacs | Report as abusive

gahh, why has it be delayed until july?
that really annoys me, i was hoping it would be out sooner…

Posted by Kiraa | Report as abusive

i hope they make a better movie dis tym if they hav delayed it..
m anticipating a brilliant movie this time

Posted by namra | Report as abusive

I love The whole HARRY POTTER Series.
Love u guys.I can’t wait to watch the 6th movie as well as the game.


i love harry potter more than any one can love

Posted by meno | Report as abusive

too much time between movies gives the fans too much time to lose interest,,, just like the show “Lost”. I personally was highly dissapointed when we didnt get to see it this month.

Posted by Calypos Muse | Report as abusive

this is stupid i would understand delaying it to december, or even january but not half of a year. to many people where anticipating the release, but warner bros had to screw it to create suspense so i bet it will be a terrible movie or they would have released it early.

Posted by James Moore | Report as abusive

i was watching the chamber of secrets and got on my computer and was the artical on msn and i wacthed the perview and i think it will be the best out of the seires and movies.but when will it be released to the thearther and dvd.and i am sooooo sad its the last of greatness

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

I love Harry Potter as much as the next person and I am definitely not happy about the release being delayed, but it is not a trilogy. A trilogy consist of three, there are seven in the Harry Potter series, and I think we can all agree we are very glad the ‘HP’ series is more than a trilogy.

Posted by Alison | Report as abusive

harry potter and the half blood prince

Posted by paris | Report as abusive

I love all of the movies its really cool.
I can`t wait to see the next one they have coming out it`s going to really cool to watch

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

Learn to spell kids. It should be a good movie, and 6 is not the last. Last time I looked there were 7 books.

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive

Ok. I Love Harry Potter and was very sad to hear that it was being pushed back to july! But I agree with why they did it beacuse in my opinion they pushed it back so that the film would not compete against the new twlight movie! I do Not think that it was beacuse the movie sucks!

Posted by Gabby | Report as abusive

@ Kate

Yeah but, there will be 8 movies, Deathly Hallows is gonna be broken into two movies.

Posted by Jack Sprouce | Report as abusive

to harry potter
we love your acting
i am dying to see the half blood prince


i like the harry potter series more than anyone and i cant wait till the half blood prince and the deathly hallows comes out. i also cant wait to read the tales of beedle the bard, which is mentioned in the deathly hallows

Posted by siraaj | Report as abusive

i m a die hard fan of daniel radcliffe and the harry potter series….. i am eagerly waiting for the MAGIC to begin….!!!!!!


I just can’t wait, it looks so AWESOME!
The trailer is shocking.
Cannot wait!

Posted by Emma | Report as abusive

Harry Potter ruined my life now im a laughing stalk cause its a common name its a cool series but i hate it

Posted by harry poter | Report as abusive

I think the movie trailer looks great and I’m looking forward to July 2009!


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