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Fans want Depp and Jolie in next Batman movie

December 5, 2008

(Writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

Give audiences a blockbuster Batman movie called “The Dark Knight” with zany villains, and all of a sudden everyone’s a casting director.
A survey by movie rental company Blockbuster has found Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie — in that order — are the top two favorites of fans for starring roles in an expected next Batman film.
Keith Leopard, director of film product for Blockbuster, said Depp or Jolie could really bring a Batman villain to life.  However it will be up to Warner Bros, the studio behind the film,  to cast the next Batman movie.
The survey also listed fans most requested villains for the next Batman movie are: The Riddler (a clue-giving criminal); Harley Quinn (a Harlequin jester); Cat Woman (Batman’s bad girl love interest); The Penguin (a mobster with a penchant for umbrellas); and Bane (a muscle-bound foe).
Several of those characters have appeared in Batman movies since Warner Bros launched the modern version of the movie saga in 1989. Notably, The Penguin was played by Danny DeVito in 1992 and comedian Jim Carrey took a turn as The Riddler in 1995.
“The Dark Knight” has made nearly $1 billion worldwide since it opened on July 18, and the late Heath Ledger has been talked about as a possible Oscar contender for his role as The Joker in the film.


As much as I like those actors and villians we need to see villians not yet used such as keeping the gangster mob story lines goign such as “Rupert Thorn” should be played by Russell Crow hiring “Deadshot” the assasin or how about “Killer Croc” who had a skin disorder being abandoned by his mother in the sewers of Gotham or maybe Scarface the Dummer Vantrilicrist or may be The Mad Hatter. May two oout of two of those villians should be used or one out of four I would like to see Jonny Depp play The Riddler but The Batman needs to keep moving in a new directions as Nolan has done with it, it is the hottest movie franchise out today and hopefuller more DC Comic Hero’s will have their films come out and Warner Bros. and DC I know this is another topic but give Superman some villians to battle like Matalo, Bizarro, Zod or Doomsday and his movie will make the figures that Batman, Spider-man and the X-men make.


I agree. Use villians that have yet to be used. Rupert Thorn could be the gang leader and thhe villians should be Black Mask and The Mad Hatter

Posted by mark bryant iii | Report as abusive

Fans who?The real Batman fans will prefer unknown actor as villain or if it should be known, it must be known for his acting. I don’t want to see Jack Sparrow on Batman movie.


angelina jolie is about one of the worst choices for harley quinn i’ve ever heard. as was said above, who are these fans?

Posted by tj | Report as abusive

i think jolie should be poison ivy she looks like she could fit the character but since it was just the joker it would be cool for her to be harley quinn to be like a revenge

Posted by DANE DASH | Report as abusive

People aren’t considering Angelina for Harley Quinn, they’re considering her for Catwoman.

Posted by Alexander | Report as abusive

It’s findings like that that makes me glad that Batman is still in Nolan’s hands.And I’m sick of hearing about Johnny Depp. Good actor but only for certain overboard roles. He’s not the second coming.

Posted by A K Kumar | Report as abusive

I know that neither Angelina Jolie nor Johnny Depp suite any role in a comic book story. They aren’t suited for this type of movie. Angelina Jolie can’t pull off Catwoman in the way Michelle Pfeiffer did and lots of people want someone like that. Someone who fits the role.

Posted by Phoenix | Report as abusive

I’ll tell you what im sick of sick of all the people saying “that actor wont fit that role…wah wah wah”NO honest person except him self and the auditions team would have ever said ledger could have played joker, no-one!so none of you can say they wont “fit the role” thats the whole point in being a actor. they ACT they can ACT a role. JD doesnt just do pirates or book writers and if youve actually watched his off title roles, he mainly plays fantasy any ways. And AJ has a HUGE range of genres and acting skill.bring em on i say.p.s not forgetting its a bonus for BOTH male and female if they were both to play.

Posted by M Longley | Report as abusive

of course people want angelina jolie and johnny depp in these movies, its hollywood. I, however, don’t think either of them would suit any villian, especially angelina jolie.if she ended up playing harley quinn, I’d refuse to see the movie. harley is my favorite villian and I couldn’t stand to see her being played by someone hired simply for her famous name than for her ability to really bring that character to life.

Posted by h | Report as abusive

Jolie is a horrible choice to put in the next batman movie for any role. She has just become a gimmick for movies. The typical “sexy” (I personally think she’s ugly)roles that Jolie gets will not help the next batman film in anyway, and, if anything, will ruin the movie. In my humble opinion, she’s a horrible actress.

Posted by Devin | Report as abusive

personally i think zooey deschanel should play harley quinn and as for the riddler the actor who plays sylar on heroes would be fun to see in that role.

Posted by Kayla | Report as abusive

What the hell is everyones problem. Before people did not know if Ledger would do it. Nicholson was awesome and I had thought no one would top him. Depp can be dark so can Jolie, Catwoman as Jolie and Depp as the Riddler. That would be insane. Im not sure about Harley Quinn Alexis Bledel i can see close to that. So You people that are complaining you don’t know movies at all.

Posted by Sin | Report as abusive

Also 4 Catwoman will be Kate Beckinsale she is good in Underworld…

Posted by Sin | Report as abusive

Really IDK anything about Jolie, but Depp he has talent, hes an amazing actor, hes been good in every movie, exacpt secrect window it was to normal for him, he seems to take these wierd roles that people will remmber him for, and he could diffintly pull off the riddler, the thing is after heath played he joker, you are all expecting every villian to be as good as he was palyed but that just cant happen, wish it could but heath was ment for that part and no one else could have done it better, I think Depp would be good but when they do castin for the next movie it dosnt matter who it is, they will cast the right people, for the right role. And as far as useing actors people dont know for the roles well its kinda cool seeing these well know actors let lose a little and see how sinester they can really be.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

Why not Pauley Perrette as Harlequin? That would be better over all for the batman flicks than Jolie would. I mean yeah I like Jolie but she’s a heavy hitter for box office movies and not really as member of a cast. Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about but hey PP seems way more plausible than J.

Posted by Mariah | Report as abusive

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