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Nicole Kidman: Not a star?

December 9, 2008

This past week, veteran Los Angeles Times columnist Patrick Goldstein has kicked up a fuss in SPAIN/Hollywood by saying that Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is not a true Hollywood star. By Goldstein’s reckoning — and he wrote about it extensively in this past Saturday’s newspaper — Kidman’s box office appeal is not strong enough to label her a true star.

In fact, while Kidman is hounded by paparazzi around the world and regularly graces the cover of many a celebrity magazine, her movies have stumbled at box offices in recent years. The most recent example is epic “Australia,” which has taken in only $31 million in about two weeks in U.S. movie theaters.

But is being a “star” only about box office? What about style? What about glamour? What about the ability to command a presence when walking into a room? It can’t only be about money. Or, can it?


She is a excellent actriss. For me, the Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is a true Hollywood star

Posted by OLGA | Report as abusive

She is a star ! American critics doesn’t like her, because there are Americans….too bad…they have nothing else to say apart from negative things…they are paid to do so what do you except???

Posted by suzie | Report as abusive

Ms. Kidman might be a star, but she’s not much of an actress. She always feels fake in any role I’ve ever seen her in. When the greats take on a role, they become that character and you forget that you’re actually looking at Hoffman, Deniro, McKellen, whomever. Nicolson was almost more Hoffa than the real Hoffa (no disrespect to the Hoffas). They take their roles on so deep that the character sinks all the way down into their very bones. Ms. Kidman is very pretty and very poised, but her characters are only skin-deep. They sink into her as much as any of the jewels or clothes she wears. Needless to say, I bust a gut in Moulin Rouge when she dreams of being a real actress. What delicious irony!

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

Nicole Kidman seems better suited for live theatre. Her rise to fame is strictly because of Tom Cruise, her penchant for glamour gowns, and her physical height! Nonetheless, I think she is completely dedicated to acting and is sincere about her profession. That said, I do not think she is a good actor, always playing the same emotions with each character, indistinguishable from the next. That said too, I do think she has taken many chances that high-profile actors would not take at all. She does have guts. I think her role as U.N. ambassador will be her best. She does seem genuinely concerned about the plight of women and children around the world, and as much as I love movies, helping those in dire need is more important. Go Nicole!

Posted by r | Report as abusive

I think ms kidman is a great actress. I think the problem lies with her personality-she appears snobbish. She doesn’t connect with people like alot of the other actors. I enjoyed seeing her on The View…she let a piece of herself out to the people… I think if she would do this more often her box office appeal would increase dramatically. I will say this again… she is a great actress. She is one of the best in hollywood. Get out their nicole and do more interviews and let the people get to know you.

Posted by pam golden | Report as abusive

Nicole’s story is almost classic.

A beautiful actress turns 40, then everyone starts to attack her. The sexist actions are hidden in assumptions and accusations… making sure that the successes she contributes in are credited to her co-stars while she carries the burden of the so-called flops.

The good thing with Nicole is she’s still there. She may be hanging by a thread but she remains a star, box-office hit or not.

The bad thing? It’s saddening to say this, but it is actually the women who put her down.. Maybe this is why sexism in Hollywood will never be over. Women seem to love it when the screen godesses age enough for them to fall.

One day this too will happen to Angelina Jolie and Reese, just as it did with Julia. And what’s funny is that it is women who always scream surprised– the very same woman who saw to it that one successful member of their kind fell to the ground.

Long live Sexism.

Posted by paoiekins | Report as abusive

Well, she makes more money than I do and she’s in the limelight of being famous. Who cares whether or not she can act or is considered a star. She made it in show biz.

Good for her! As for Tom Cruise making her famous….Tom is a weiner whacker!

Posted by buffalobob | Report as abusive

Some may attack her out of jealosy/envy or sexism. And I’m sure she’s a wonderful humanitarian. But I was critiquing her from a purely professional stand point as someone who has worked in that industry for over 20 years. The most real I saw from her was the Aussie indie “Flirting” when she was 15. And at 15, she really only had so much depth. She is not even close to being a Hepburn (take your pick). Maybe in the future, but not right now.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

This week, Jim Carrey’s yes man and will smith’s seven pounds barely made a squeak over what australia did. Both duidnt have twolights to fight unlike Australia) but no one is after the MALE stars’ heads.

Way to go!

Posted by paoiekins | Report as abusive

This sort of thing makes me so mad. Nicole Kidman doesn’t get the respect or credit she deserves. People seem to forget the many great films she’s been in, such as, Cold Mountain, The Hour, The Others, Eyes Wide Shut and my all time favourite Moulin Rouge!

It’s disgraceful the way people talk about her.


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