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Jennifer Aniston nude on GQ cover

December 12, 2008

jen(Writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston appears in a nude cover shot  – well, she’s wearing a tie — on GQ magazine that looks like a throwback to her days as a 1990s sex symbol. In that decade, many fans of the TV sitcom thought of her if not so much as the “girl next door” but more like the “girlfriend next door,” whose fictional relationships were a big part of the show.
The 39-year-old star is pictured on the cover of the magazine’s January issue with little but a cute smile and a red, white and blue tie wrapped around her neck. A cover line reads ”Is it just us or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?” And inside the pages, there are even more pix – along with the article, of course.
In recent years, Aniston has appeared in several movies, and often has found herself on the cover of one tabloid or another with her latest romantic involvement minutely scrutinized. She has a big Hollywood movie, “Marley & Me,” set to debut in theaters later this month.
Aniston talks to GQ about her relationship with rocker John Mayer, 31, who is often seen with her. But before things got too personal, she deflected some questions. “I am not having his baby. And I have not popped the question,” she says.

But one question seemed to go unanswered: is Mayer the lucky guy who gets to tie her necktie?


Way to go Jen. So take that, (uh what’s her name…….Angie who? Brad who?)

Posted by Kee | Report as abusive

Jennifer is the hottest actress! Period. I will bet she is a genuine, awesome girlfriend. She has to be, she is an aquarius like me. Forget Mayer! Jen should look into dating someone NOT in the public eye. That would be awesome!

Posted by Brian Gurneak | Report as abusive

HO Ho ho…. “LOOK at ME” – I’m attention starved.

Posted by ken | Report as abusive

Re. Jen & GQ: Great Marley & Me press … It’s another schizophrenic promotional message from Team Aniston. When asked about Brad and Angelina, why doesn’t Aniston just demur and shut-up? Less is more: Jen needs to button up … she is nauseatingly overexposded at this point and the public needs a break from her ego and bipolar personna. Happy holiday to you too.


She is sexy :)

Posted by Zach | Report as abusive

She is so very lame. She is the girl next door-plain, average Jane Doe. She has a long chin a la Leno and is super insecure. The luckiest thing that ever happened to her was to have nabbed Brad, and with her acting skills and looks, she should have bent over backwards and started having some kids. The facts are that she thought (erroneously) that she could be a superstar. Brad was growing in a different direction-wanting to become involved in world affairs and helping people with his celebrity. Jen wasn’t into that. SO nobody should pat such a shallow, selfish woman on the head and tell her she’s hot-when clearly she’s not. Her movies simply aren’t hits.

Posted by kendall | Report as abusive

Jenifer is the real deal, comes across as the most down home actress in America. Aother aquarius awesome, Wow I have something in common with miss Aniston! P.S Great pose by the way, very tasteful.

Posted by Wade | Report as abusive

Not to take anything away for Jen, but where can I get that tie?


Jen bare naked save for tie n’ toe-ring in the chilly January issue of GQ: well, now, who ever said hell hath no fury like a woman dumped …


Cute photos! Sexy but not salacious. Wish I’d looked that good at 39. Go, Jen!

Posted by Lisa Williams | Report as abusive

Just in time for her new film. This is called “Publicity Stunt”.

Posted by JB | Report as abusive

Wrong Move Jen……

Poll from AZ


How sad…..I hope she doesnt become another Britney.

Posted by Betty | Report as abusive

Neither Jen or Mayer are anything to look at. I don’t care how much plastic surgery she has done. She is a plain jane who is trying to be sexy. John Mayer looks like Edward Scissor Hands.

Posted by TERESA | Report as abusive

We all think Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful actress on the screen and everyone thinks she’s the best


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