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UPDATE – “Twilight” sequel already feels the bite of fans

December 17, 2008

USA/(Writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

The blood is not yet dry on “Twilight,” the vampire romance movie based on author Stephenie Meyer’s book, but already fans are dissecting every announcement studio Summit Entertainment has made regarding the upcoming sequel.
The follow-up film “New Moon” will come out on Nov. 20, 2009, just a year after the first movie, prompting one commentator on the fan site to write in full Web lingo, “Kool. We don’t have 2 wait too long.”
But it has not been all about breathless anticipation for the young and USA/mostly female fans of “Twilight.” The latest controversy involves the casting of Jacob Black, a shape-shifter who turns into a wolf. In a statement about “New Moon,” Summit Entertainment named Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as the actors who will reprise their romantic lead roles, but the studio did not name the actor for Black, who in the first movie was played by Taylor Lautner.
“Sorry, dude but you don’t beat out Taylor. I swear, if they change Taylor, Summit Entertainment will have a riot of teen girls and their parents on their hands,” one fan wrote on Monday at the fan site

AND HERE’S THE UPDATE: Lautner, 16, told cable channel MTV on Wednesday that he is packing on pounds so his physique can match the description Meyer gave his Jacob Black in “New Moon,” the book the sequel is based on.  ”I have been working out,” Lautner told MTV. “I’ve been working out since the day we finished filming ‘Twilight.’ I just weighed myself today — I’ve put on 19 pounds.” Lautner added that he is guaranteeing the director of “New Moon” he will add 10 more pounds by the time filming starts.
The “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” star Ben Barnes, 27, has been talked about as a possible actor in the sequel for another role, that of a vampire named Aro, and that hasUSA-PREMIERE/NATIVITY STORY also generated buzz.
“If they keep casting really hot guys in these movies I will be hyperventilating all through the movie!,” one fan wrote on Monday at fan site
“Twilight” has already made more than $186 million worldwide since its Nov. 21 opening. That sets a high bar for the sequel, as “American Pie” filmmaker Chris Weitz takes over as director from Catherine Hardwicke. Commenting on the fan site, an Internet user with the screen name Sweet Sofia wrote about the choice of Weitz, “I dunno. A Guy? We will wait and see.”


um, the site is It’s misspelled in the article. Just thought you should know, as I love that site.

Posted by k | Report as abusive

I’m sorry, but quoting and lurking fangirls is just ridiculous. The Twilight fandom is already rabid and demanding enough, but to listen to them? Are we the ones making the film? Can you at least post some intelligent and reasonable quotes, not quotes like “Kool…”?

Also, it doesn’t matter if the director is a guy or girl. Titanic and The Notebook were successful romance films directed by males. I guess that some people in the fandom are not just rabid and demanding, but a bunch of sexists. (This coming from a girl.)

Posted by Alyssa | Report as abusive

We’re not upset because they’re casting Jacob because he’s not big enough. We’re upset because Summit is so cheap that they actually have to go and put a ridiculous budget for New Moon knowing it has WAY more effects than Twilight. I mean seriously a 50k budget for a sequel to a movie that made 70 mil in it’s first weekend? I think they can afford to pull some strings with technology, because we do have it nowadays!, to make Taylor look bigger in New Moon, and from the video I saw he did with MTV he DOES look noticeably buffer. I’m just hoping they don’t change him. Why? I already fell in love with Taylor in Twilight. He was the Jacob I had always envisioned and he and Bella had that chemistry that I think is going to blow up on screen in the sequel. We shouldn’t have to settle for less and this is going to go down really badly if they replace Taylor for someone who is older. The majority of the people that read the Twilight Saga are teenagers. We don’t want to see 30 year old men on screen with 17 year old Bella. That’s just my opinion and isn’t it enough that they take Catherine Hardwicke away from us?!

Posted by Gisselle | Report as abusive

50 mil** sorry!!! =]

Posted by Gisselle | Report as abusive

OMG there is nothing wrong with a skinny guy playing Jacob Black…I mean Alice isn’t really short and most of the other Charectors don’t meet their physical discriptions so like the director should just like deal!


This is a great incredible movie and book.I love this movie like when edward collins tried to kiss bella he really wanted to kiss her.duhhh.When Edward`s eyes change colors thats so cool.It seemed like they were ment to be together.I really really really like the whole intire movie. Great movie to eveyone that played a actor in it.O, the director,producer and many more helpers thanks for a great movie.


Oh Geez…. I think they should just leave Taylor alone! All through the series he keeps getting bigger, and his character is the only one that will benefit by all the time they are taking… as long as he starts buffing up(which he already has) and as long as the fans see some kind of change (which some of us have)…. then what is the problem?!?!? I would so much rather see all the original actors though the entire series, I think it makes for better chemistry and better movies altogether! I just hope they focus more on the special effects! I read someone elses comment about them putting some ridiculous budget on this film…. Summit needs to pull their heads out of their ***…. Twilight made enough to film the other 3 movies… they will make plenty of money in the long run!

Posted by Leigha | Report as abusive

I loved the movie so much I seen it five times. I read all four books two times. I agree with some of the other fans. Don’t change the characters in the sequels (it won’t be the same). It’s not that were not open to change, but there is technology out there that can make him look taller..Come on Summit Entertainment the first movie made big bucks. No excuse why not to make the next three sequels. Us Twilight fans will continue to support the next movies.. I Love Edward Cullen and Bella…It will be a “GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT” if the sequels are not made…Please make the sequels…..

Posted by Gabby | Report as abusive so inluv with this movie..luv da characters in it…i luv edwards character the most…very protective and handsome guy…cant wait for the sequeal to come it…lol

Posted by tua | Report as abusive

Well, I understand what you are saying about Taylor and I, too, will be disappointed if he is replaced for New Moon. Taylor was made for the role and it suits him well. I truely hope he does keep the role of Jacob-or the fanbase level is sure to drop great percentages. And even I would probably not see New Moon if he is replaced, though I am team Edward all the way…
~twilight [ocd]

Posted by twilight [ocd] | Report as abusive

Listen o.k. This movies is a hit mostly because of the role Edward plays. He’s hot, he’s protective, he’s every girl’s dream. The fact that he waited so long to find his soulmate just adds to the dreamy like quality.
Want the sequel to be a hit ? Play him up with Bella.
Don’t change the characters, change the plotting. Mor4e action ( romance & vampire actions ). & yes.. This from a girl.

Posted by Angel | Report as abusive

I have to agree. If they change one character in these movies they are making a mistake. I have read the books and have a teenage niece. She likes Taylor Lautner better than Rob Pattinson. And, the kid established the character. I think film makers can do a very good job in representing the character of Jacob Black through Lautner. And, he is one of the few actors that is actually the age of the character in the book. Let the kid show his acting chops.

Posted by Erika | Report as abusive

I love the movie Twilight!I love Edward!He is hot!I wish he was my bf………..

Posted by Sara | Report as abusive

I have read the whole series twice, I think that Taylor Launter has proven himself and from recent pics he looks like Stephanie Meyer described. I have saw the movie Twilight about 20 times. I cannot wait until Febuary 14 because thats when the DVD comes out. I cant wait until November 20, 2009 because that is when all the real action is starting. (SPOILER ALERT) When Edward left Bella I cryed for a couple of days I really diddnt want to read anymore of the series but I got up the guts and finaly read the rest. I got to say it is going to be fun to sit back and see how Summit Entertainment is going to finish the series. Breaking Dawn is going to be like rated R with all the sexual themes and when the baby comes out.


listen,I think Taylor suits Jacob black so much more than this”Ben” guy.If they change Taylor the company will have to deal with very angry fans, not to mention the crazed teens! it will bring their stocks down and a lot of people wont go to see the sequel. Jacob is very “cutsie” but that suits the character well due to the fact that he is little flirty with Bella in the movie. hes in love with her. duh! Ben doesn’t connect with Kristen Stewart, i think he’s way to mature to pull it off. I think that Jacob needs a bit of child like features because after all he is younger than Bella!

Posted by ash | Report as abusive

Oh thank goodness, Taylor would remain as Jake!
i’m pretty excited for NM now!!
I wonder who’d be casted as Jane~
Some ppl said it MIGHT be Dakota Fanning~

Posted by meSAYS.rawr | Report as abusive

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