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Dr Who???

January 5, 2009

matt-smith1After months of hype, speculation and guesswork, the new Dr Who has been unveiled. And the response was, aptly enough, a deafening “Who?”

In recent months, tabloid newspapers have run numerous ”beats” and “exclusives” on the identity of the next actor to play the British television time lord who travels in the space-bending Tardis. Among the candidates, supposedly, was actor David Morrissey, standup comic Bill Bailey and two female actresses — Catherine Tate and Meera Syal.

In the end, the coveted role went to Matt Smith, a little known 26-year-old. Reaction among fans has been mixed, with much of the criticism focusing on the fact that Smith may be too young to play the 903-year-old character. Smith takes over from the hugely popular David Tennant, who is 37.

Bookies are generally delighted with the outcome, with William Hill celebrating a five-figure profit after just one bet — a 3 pound wager at 25/1 — was placed on “rank outsider” Smith. They are already taking bets on Smith’s successor, and producers are also reported to be searching for a female co-star.

Are you happy about the choice of Smith? And who would make a good female foil?


Yes! Time for some fresh blood!

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woo who!

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Even if he plays his role well, he can’t be as good as a good older actor would be. The Doctor should be played by someone who looks like he has all the experience in the galaxy. The actor should be at least fifty. This casting is another sorry example of the modern media’s decadent preference for callow youth and its contempt for maturity.

Posted by Oliver Chettle | Report as abusive

Yes, would have prefered an older actor, the assistant now cant be an older person or it would look wierd
- At least they have not switched gender!

I think they should be more worried about the writing and the small budget
1) the quick story doesnt work well, it needs to build more, like the american shows, Lost and Heroes and it needs to get off of earth more – better aliens needed – even if they do it like startrek with aliens that are exactly like us except with a funny nose/ear!
Perhaps an alien assistant!?!

Posted by Saddam | Report as abusive

A more vulnerable doctor is required!!!

Posted by Adam | Report as abusive

What ever happened to the television show Daktari?

I think the new Dr. Who will probably do as good a job as the old one. They can’t really kill him off, can they?

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Nice Post….keep it up !!!! Good job

John Lochrie

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