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New “Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi brings feisty opinion to show

January 9, 2009

LEISURESongwriter and producer Kara DioGuardi joins the “American Idol” judging line-up when the talent show returns for an 8th season this coming Tuesday, adding a fascinating twist to the Paula-Randy-Simon dynamic that has been as much a part of the TV’ show’s attraction as the contestants themselves.

But how will she fit in?  DioGuardi, who has worked with former Idol Kelly Clarkson and written songs for Carrie Underwood,  described her own persona on the panel as  “pretty feisty and opinionated but  also coming from a good place and who is trying to help the contestants.”

In other words, a combination of all three of the reigning judges.

“Paula has a lot of heart, Simon pretty much tells it like it is. Sometimes he can be pretty harsh but usually he’s right.  Randy’s the diplomat,” DioGuardi told reporters in a conference call this week.

“I do feel I have a heart. You want to make sure you encourage the contestants. I may say things that are negative but  I always try to say it with some heart,” she said.

DioGuardi’s arrival sets up some interesting two way ties in the early audition rounds but the acerbic Cowell gets the final casting vote.

One big question for the show this season will be whether DioGuardi’s addition be enough to keep up the slipping ratings for “Idol” after six years as America’s most-watched show. Also, we wonder whether Simon be getting the casting vote? What do you thinK?


“Paula has a lot of heart, Simon pretty much tells it like it is. Sometimes he can be pretty harsh but usually he’s right.”

Simon can’t be “right” because he is just giving an opinion and opinions are neither right nor wrong. An opinion is just an expression of who you are. Journalists, somehow, don’t learn this important difference, which is the root of many misunderstandings.

The American Idol show is a rip off of a Dutch show “Star Academy” which debuted in October of 2001 about 8 months before American Idol first showed in June of 2002. American idol is a spin off of a European idea and show, not the other way around. Smug American journalists at work again! Sort of like the Russians who claim inventing the telephone, etc..

The format is horrible for both Star Academy and American Idol as they both exploit a crude bloodthirsty nature of many humans that degrades and humiliates each other. These are not positive show formats and really designed to appeal to the base instincts of humans and as such, they are very successful. It is really important to keep in mind that these are shows, designed to rake in bucks through ratings and sponsors and not really noble talent searches. It is their desperate pursuit of fame and fortune that causes the contestants to endure the torture of going through this hazing process at the hands of a group of public sadists.

Other than being coaches, the “judges” should have nothing to say about the elimination of the contestants and audience voting should be the only determination. The “judges” should be the ones who are rated according to how well they manage and develop the talent they have chosen to be on the show.

But then, I remember complaining to the manager of a big contest about some unfair practices I noticed and he looked at me incredulously and exclaimed “WHEN DID YOU EVER HEAR OF A FAIR CONTEST????”


Posted by Willo in France | Report as abusive

The new judge on American Idol is a big mistake. She is so annoying and unnatural! She needs to be removed. She doesn’t help the show but to the contrary, makes it worse!

Posted by Tamuna | Report as abusive

most people have heard the term, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. American Idol was doing just FINE without Kara DioGuardo. We didn’t need her all these years, and we don’t need her now. America was quite comfortable with Randy, Simon, and Paula, they are suitably fit for the show, Kara is not, why ruin a good thing?


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