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Paris Hilton@Sundance. What would Obama think?

January 19, 2009

GERMANY/Did that burglar get a lot more than we thought?

Or, was just greed?

Or, is she just a swag hag?

We’ll let you be the judge.

Word comes to us late on a Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival that Paris Hilton left the Hollywood Life House gifting suite with 30 bags — 30 bags — stuffed full of free merchandise from Whiting & Davis, which makes metal mesh material and accessories.

SUNDANCE/Even the publicity people representing the Hollywood Life House seemed aghast, noting in a press release that the Hilton hotel heiress did it, “without shame.” And we’re wondering why she’s even here. It’s not like she’s in a movie at the festival.

Then again, only weeks ago her Los Angeles home was robbed, so maybe she needed the merchandise … Yeah, right.

It was only about 18 months ago, after getting out of jail, that Paris said she was a changed person. USA/She wanted to travel to Rwanda to do good. She told Newsweek magazine, “Before, my life was about having fun, going to parties — it was a fantasy. But when I had time to reflect, I felt empty inside. I want to leave a mark on the world.”

But here she is, at Sundance, with her hand — oh c’mon, her two hands and 14 other assistant’s pairs of hands — in the celebrity swag bag.  In the middle of a global financial crisis with people losing their savings, losing their jobs, losing their homes, Paris Hilton – worth tens of millions, at the least — walks off with 30 bags of free merchandise. It is, at the least, shameful. Right?


Um…nothing she does should shock anyone. sex tapes, drinking and driving, traffic fines, jail time, lies, drunken parties. She never grows up and she never changes. I have a daughter the same age who has traveled to 3rd world countries, taught English for free to Buddhist Monks in the Himalayas, raised money for a school in Africe and is now working on a Master’s Degree. Paris is still doing what she did 3 and 5 and 7 years ago. She is just a vacuous, shallow girl……money does that to people….especially when you don’t have to work for your wealth. Thanks goodness she is not my child.

Posted by victoriam | Report as abusive

To be completely honest, this behavior is expected from Paris, she’s never been taught any different. I’m not saying that justifies her actions, but what about other celebrities? We comment on Paris’ greed and selfish behavior, but other celebrities live like Kings while the rest of the world struggles and are even starving and dying. I don’t care how many of these charities celebrities support, how many kids they adopt, because they’re still wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewelry, and own millions of dollars worth of homes, cars, planes, and boats. Yes, they work hard and should be able to enjoy themselves, but there is never a limit for these people. Maybe next time they go to their 5 door garage, they could think to themselves, “maybe I really only need 1 car, because the other four could feed dozens of starving children for a year”!

Posted by SARA ROSE | Report as abusive

The best thing that could happen to Paris Hilton is to be completely ignored by the media. Every journalist who writes about her, even to scorn her vapid useless life, merely feeds the beast. Do the world a favor and pretend she doesn’t exist. I hope the next thing I read about her is an obituary.


Umm . . . maybe I am just naive, but aren’t there just crafty management organizations behind these celebs, instructing them to do the outrageous in order to make more money? Everything from breaking the law, “accidental” up-skirt photos and just generally bad behavior is all part of the gig isn’t it? I always assumed all of these antics are carefully plotted to cause more press and at some point, the generation of more cash flow.

I always figured these folks (Brittney, Lindsay, Paris, et al) have just pimped out their morals for money. It’s the current style and apparently sells. After all, I read the article and took the time to respond and you took the time to read my response.

Posted by Segundo | Report as abusive

Why didn’t they just stop her? How hard would it have been to just say no. I worked at a booth once for a contact lens company and Paris Hilton stopped by. She tried to take 20 pairs of contact lens even though we told her repeatedly that she could only have one pair. Finally my boss just told her to leave and not take any. Then she stormed off in a huff. What was so funny is that after she left everyone in the room – including some well known celebrities – gave my boss a standing ovation. This was about 5 years ago.

Posted by billie dean | Report as abusive

I am not Paris’s biggest fan, but if you did your research you would know why she was in Sundance. She was there hosting a dinner with Scott Lazerson at the Green Lodge helping to raise money for his foundation that is helping to feed the in Africa. It is pretty crazy that she left with so many bags, but she was also there doing some good.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

i wonder if someone did actually break in, or if it was a stunt because she wasn’t in the press everyday!!

Posted by haley | Report as abusive

Thats very interesting i wonder why she needs all that free stuff. Maybe shes broke. anybody here about the absinthe that they were giving away at sundance. I was interested in what kind it was

Posted by halarious | Report as abusive

Yeah I saw on other blogs that Absinthe was the main drink for all the stars @ sundance. I didn’t know it was making a come back…I thought it was still banned from the US.

Posted by kiki | Report as abusive

absinthe is nasty but it will mess ya up

Posted by Jerome | Report as abusive

I was working at the lounge when she came in. She was NOT invited and her and her assistants TOOK items that were for display and not being gifted at all. They were all rude and left everyone working there disgusted.

Posted by Cara Dance | Report as abusive

Cant wait to get my hands on some of that “Green Fairy”

Posted by poeticalmath | Report as abusive

paris wasnt there to do any good ,she was there to get attention
christie brinkly,king of the golddiggers was there grabbing bags
they are pathetic greedy empty creatures and we are to blame for making them into stars.
cara you shouldnt have stood there and watched her,
i would have told here you cant take anything
they should be ashamed of themselfs

Posted by dan | Report as abusive

sara,they do not work hard
when there on sets making movies their pampered with catered food,huge air conditioned trailers
they stars have no idea of reality,they live in a dream world
most of them have no talent anyway,the only thing that drives them is their selfish endless needs


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