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Mickey Rourke?! Too old for me, Evan Rachel Wood says

January 29, 2009

SAGAWARDS/Mickey Rourke has been feeling a whole lotta Hollywood love recently — but his “Wrestler” co-star Evan Rachel Wood wants to make clear that none of it, physically, is coming from her.

Rumors that Wood, 21, and Rourke, 52,  were involved in a romantic relationship were fueled by reports that they were seen kissing at a Screen Actors Guild awards party in Los Angeles at the weekend.

Wood played the estranged daughter to Rourke’s Oscar-nominated, lonely, washed-up GOLDENGLOBES/character in the comeback movie “The Wrestler”.

But on Thursday she told Rolling Stone magazine that she was distraught at the rumors.

SAGAWARDS/“Im upset because I feel disrespected by the press and by Mr. Rourke,” she said. “Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of me. It’s unfair that the performances might suffer because of all these distractions.”

Wood, whose two year romance with rocker Marilyn Manson, 40, ended in November last year added; “I’m not attracted to him (Rourke). He’s too old for me. Nothing ever happened and nothing ever will.”



I doubt that Mickey Rourke will be “injured” that Ms…., his co-star in the Westler does not desire him. Strange, the beautiful Ms. Harvey said he never laid a hand on her and that she thought him one of the best humans in “Domino”. Perhpas Ms….(I can’t think of her name) the female lover of Marilyn Manson would made that statement. She probably was not born when Rourke was married to Carried Otis, a gorgeous creature, when he did 9 and 1/2 weeks, or when Lisa lost her career by starring with him in Angel Heart. Mickey always manages some how! Maybe Brando had this same problem?


Rachel Evan Wood is not worthy to lick Mickey Rourke’s boots in acting chops or attractiveness. Marilyn Manson may be younger, but Mickey is still tons sexier.

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

Her name is Evan Rachel Wood – not Rachel Evan Wood. Come on Reuters….

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

i doubt mr. rourke fueled these rumors on his own or deliberately.
it is the press’ fault. anyway i have to agree, mickey is rock n roll, way too sexy to have to flaunt or need ms ERW. She should be ecstatic that he bestowed so much attention on to her, for which she is obviously not worthy.

Posted by gizmo | Report as abusive

as i recall….didnt ms ERW smooch mr. rourke in public many a time.
Remember red carpet at venice film festival she was all over him, and she has been all over him at all the parties like a groupie!!!! and now she is upset because of the rumors SHE FUELLED!!????

Posted by victory | Report as abusive

Please Mickey would never deal with this jobber! He’s a great guy. She would work for the ring crew.

Posted by Mike D | Report as abusive

Mickey Rourke is a god!! If ERW’s tastes are for men(?) like Marilyn Manson I would say that Mickey is way too good for her.


i think i know why all this as said by her…Rourke did not admit to her as a girlfriend on Larry King but passed it off as he is who is he is with, depending on what he has to drink (paraphrasing here)and confirming he was single…probably because he knew it’s bad press to be dating her, because it looks so sleezy. both are being skanks.


so if she was really rumored to be giving other girls “death stares” at the SAG event, kissing him, and if here goal is to be or she wants to be his high-profile actress girlfriend, now she would feel “disrespected” because the rumors would not mean that they were a “couple”, but that she was just hooking up with him, which makes her look cheap. THAT’S why I think she saying she feels disrespected by Rourke. and he still could have leaked the info of what happened between them.

just a theory. both are desperate to have fame and lame.

Posted by ollie | Report as abusive

wasn’t “ms. harvey” gay? of course, no hands would be laid on her by “mr. rourke” in domino. duh.

Posted by april | Report as abusive

Go Mickey,she’s hot!and it’s only 35/31 years as no one can get his age right

Posted by drew | Report as abusive

OH COME ON!!!! Evan Rachel Wood was with Marilyn Manson for quite some time, and he’s significantly older than she is. I seriously doubt Mickey Rourke was interested in her at all. She’s not even attractive. Mickey’s ex-wife Carre Otis was – and still is – WAY better looking.

Posted by Elinor | Report as abusive

I totally agree. Mickey is damn sexy and Manson is just damn scary. She’s a young girl, a very beautiful one. Mickey ir a rockstar and one of the best actors of our time. She should be happy she’s getting so much extra press.


EVANRACHELWOOD.NET DESPITE WHAT SHE SAY’S, EVAN IS ALL OVER MICKEY IN THE PHOTO SHOOT.( go to the photo section on the web site to see for yourself .)

Posted by Seeing is Believing | Report as abusive

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