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Bummer of a week for Jessica Simpson

January 30, 2009

 simpson1No doubt about it. It’s been a tough week for country singer Jessica Simpson after pictures of her new “curves” while wearing high-waisted jeans sparked some cruel headlines.

But friends and relatives have rallied round, including a vote of support from Simpson’s ex-husband Nick Lachey, who was married to the singer from 2002-2005.

“I wish her nothing but the best and I hope she’s happy — whatever size that comes in, “Lachey told celebrity web site Extra on Friday. “I can’t believe it’s this big of a story and people are making such a big deal about it. I never ceased to be amazed by people’s reactions to things.”USA/

Simpson, 28,  wearing tight black leather pants for a concert in Charlottesvlle, Virgina, thanked her fans on Thursday for their support without directly using words like buxom, fat, or jumbo that have been thrown around in her direction this week.

“Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder,”  she told the crowd, according to ” I feel like in our world today, we focus on so many things that are completly pointless.”

Simpson’s brother-in-law, Fall Out Boy  front-man Pete Wentz , also came to her defense.  Wentz   told Extra that the media “puts too harsh of a spotlight on women in general and I think it’s a bummer. Real beauty is on the inside, man.”

Simpson isn’t the first celebrity to get ripped for apparently putting on a few pounds, and despite all the furor in recent years over anorexic looking fashion models, it looks as if she won’t be the last.

Do we really still want our celebs to look super-slim all the time?


I think she looks great and as long as she is happy and feels good about herself and her body, who cares what other people think. Everybody who is criticizing and making fun of her are just plain jealous; they need to look in the mirror. I love that Nick is supporting her and wish they would just get back together already!

Posted by silvia | Report as abusive

i dont get it! you want to get it all the time! i dont care if she got a third eye, she frowns at all that jazz. My word, now its all over the news. Get a grip, people. Now how bout the economy, people??

Posted by joe pope | Report as abusive

No. People need to see that celebs are just like ever one else..They go through highs and lows.

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

OMG! What is the big deal? I feel that Jessica is absolutely beautiful, and a little extra weight does not change the person that she is; period! The media just has to have something or someone to lash out on….you go girl! Keep happy & stay strong…..

Posted by LisaK | Report as abusive

I saw Jessica Simpson 3 weeks ago and she was tiny. I think that people shouldn’t believe everything they see on tv.

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

Why do people have such an intense obsession with celebrities. Jessica Simpson is just like anyone else – just more beautiful and talented. She deserves to live a life where there aren’t millions of people critcizing her every day. Jessica, I think you are gorgeous just the way you are.

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

I have always liked thick women; boney women can’t do nothing for me! Jessica Simpson is fine as hell!!!!


I think she looksgreat..why does everyone think you must be skinny minny..If she happy leave it alone.. And you wonder why are young girls are on diets give me a BREAK!! called LA..not good..people. God made us all different..color,shape,size sex..

Posted by tam | Report as abusive

Please. Jessica’s fatness is old news. There are now rumors that her gaining weight was a publicity stunt for a weight loss program she will probably make a ton of money on. Guess what! It worked. All you women probably got hot and bothered over nothing. This publicity is all she needs so you women can buy her weight loss program.

Posted by Gina123 | Report as abusive

I also think Jessica looks just fine. Who really cares…would any of us want to be put in front of this kind of microscope??? She is welcome to gain and loose weight as she pleases…especialy when she is in love and happy. People should be more supportive instead of tearing her down!


I’ve never found Jessica to be the least bit attractive, even when she was thinner. I can’t get past the large growth on the left side of her face. Now that she is porking out, I’ll bet the growth is even larger. Makes me retch just imagining it. Is she had it surgically removed, she might lose several pounds from that alone.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I think shes is way hotter now then when she was thin.


I brake for Jessica Simpson…..and Smurfs too!

Posted by buffalobob | Report as abusive

There is way too much pressure on these celebs today…gain two pds here and loose five there. We seem to sometimes forget that these are people just like you and me.

Posted by Seema | Report as abusive

I like her ok, but if you make your living off your body your entire adult life, then it’s silly to be affronted when the body goes downhill and people start criticizing.

Posted by dougx | Report as abusive

Jessica is is a lovely woman, too bad she has absolutely NO TALENT though! OMG, who cares about her?

Posted by Marla | Report as abusive

Jessica Simpson is smart… she’s taking over where Kirstie Alley left off and is thus poised to make a ton of money advertising for the weight loss industry


I think she looks great!

Posted by Dani | Report as abusive

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson belong together. They need to put their past differences aside, realize they’ve made mistakes, and finally get back together. The way it’s supposed to be!!! Beautiful couple!!

Posted by Jacqueline | Report as abusive

jessica is still a very pretty girl.


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