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No Grammy, but Sir Paul goes backstage anyway

February 9, 2009


Even Sir Paul McCartney is a good sport when it comes to losing, pretending to weep but making light of the fact that he lost an early bid to get his first Grammy in 29 years on Sunday at the 51st annual Grammys.
“I am really annoyed. That is why I didn’t come. I don’t come to win it, I come to be in it,” said McCartney backstage, sporting a t-shirt of the four Beatles with clown noses  designed by his daughter to benefit the charity Comic Relief.
“It is a great thing and I am honored to be asked. I was watching the Golden Globes and I saw Mickey (Rourke) win for best actor. And in the audience there’s Clint (Eastwood), there’s Brad (Pitt) — they come to be a part of it, not necessarily win it.”
McCartney is the most-honored former Beatle, with 13 Grammys, but his chance at topping that eluded him early on at the Grammys on Sunday. He was competing for two awards and was also scheduled to perform with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.
McCartney lost out to John Mayer on Sunday in the best solo rock vocal performance category. The former Beatle had been nominated for his cover of the early Beatles tune “I Saw Her Standing There,” a track from the 12-inch vinyl release “Amoeba’s Secret.”
McCartney, 66, is also nominated for best male pop vocal performance statuette for “That Was Me,” another track from “Amoeba’s Secret.”

(Reuters photo by Mario Anzuoni)


The Grammys have became nothing more than a big corporate freak fest. Many of these acts (lil Wayne for instance) couldn’t sing their way out of a paper sack if not for auto-tune and other digital vocal correction tools.
Help save real music from extinction!


Paul is the coolest. He doesn’t need another award.

What hasn’t he done already?

Posted by Spike Wilbury | Report as abusive

Paul is the best! He is so talented, and no one can top him ! he and the Beatles are classy, and never will go out of style!
“Stars” of today are no good!

Posted by Alexis Casso | Report as abusive

Awards? Paul McCartney and/or the Beatles do not need awards to justify any musical validity. The Beatles music is fantastic just because it is. Am listening now to “Magical Mystery Tour” after “Rubber Soul” and “Meet the Beatles” and marvel their musical development. No pop/rock band can ever come close to what the Beatles achieved. No award could ever capture anything close to the musical wonder the Beatles music gave the world.

Paul McCartney is a class act through and through. I owe him and the Beatles so much. “Let It Be” helped me enormously as a kid and now as an adult, I still love that song. What more is there? What a gift!

Posted by renee | Report as abusive

If you watched the Grammy’s, and I’m sure many people that will make comments here did, you saw Paul sing, get mentioned by many of the artists on the stage and have a blast watching all the great performances. He didn’t have to win an award, just being there was fun to see the camera on him all night long. I’d also like to say that Samuel L. Jackson had the best seat in the house next to Paul and Nancy – Good Gig!

Posted by diane carroll | Report as abusive

Listen to the latest “Fireman” album and show me something new that challenges this 66 year old genius. God bless you Paul, you’ve still got it.

Posted by gigi | Report as abusive

Paul McCartney as well as The Beatles stand alone in accomplishment.
45 years ago tomorrow The Beatles debuted on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Their magic can never be duplicated.
They are second to none.


Paul McCartney is an icon for my generation . . . his music brings memories of past times and continues into the future for my children and theirs. Wow! What more can be said of Sir Paul and his three mates?

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

what would paul and or the beatles need another award for?
the beatles are the only artists who ever have and ever will give us awards. the fabricated music junk of today is a joke. spread the word. young people need to grow up and listen to real music. not this manufactured slop. what a joke.

Posted by jack fish | Report as abusive

On every news broadcast – radio included – have not heard even a peep about Paul playing last night at the Grammy’s. Why the “blitz”?

Posted by Stephanie Giannini | Report as abusive

Could someone please tell me who was playing with Sir Paul besides Dave Grohl? The two guitarists? One looked like Davey Jones? Could it have been?

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

Where can I get Stella’s Beatles clown shirt (for comic relief)?? It’s a classic!

Posted by glimmer-twin | Report as abusive

The new ‘Fireman’ album is already considered to be possibly the best solo Beatles album ever. Even at 66 Paul can deliver the goods. A true genius.

Posted by Tony Bailey | Report as abusive

he stopped receiving Grammys after “Rockestra Theme” which means after Lennon’s death. John still is a favourite Beatle for “The World Leftists”.
In the recent years Macca was nominated for nine consecutice Grammys and lost…nine times. Of course there were weaker nominations (Fine Line) but three recent years awards should be Paul’s – it’s evident – Only Mama Knows, Jenny Wren and Album of the Year category for Chaos and creation… it is a discrimination of the Irish genius in this American one-sided ghetto!!

Posted by JUREK | Report as abusive

Paul, Robert Plant, Alison Kraus and Stevie wonder rocked the Grammys. Everyone else made me want to run for the nearest trash can.

Posted by Christy | Report as abusive

What was sad was that Paul did one song and was gone. Acts like JayZ, Justin Timberlake and others did a couple of songs. These acts like others featured on the show will only be little footnotes in music in a few years. They will never be the legend Paul is. There should have been more respect shown. It was great to see Robert Plant also enjoying the night. The Grammys have been a joke since 1979 when Christopher Cross beat out Pink Floyd’s The Wall for Best Album. Where in music history does Christopher Cross fall now?


The Beatles were, still are, and
always will be, the best band in the world!!!!

Posted by Colin | Report as abusive

After Paul did “I Saw Her Standing There” it seemed so natural that he should go right into another song. It was great, but we could have used more from him! The Grammys have been a joke for a long time. It took them forever to even ackowledge The Beatles. This was the best one I’ve ever watched. To look at him in the front row, see him enjoying himself, watching Robert Plant beat out those young whippersnappers! Nancy looked great. Would love to hear an interview with her too. Paul rocks!

Posted by Pamela Pieroni | Report as abusive

Paul is by far the biggest star in the world today. He has been for many years. The next biggest star is Ringo. Then way down there comes maybe people like Jagger, who once called the Beatles “the four headed monster” – sort of four Elvis.
I wonder who is the best advocat of promoting “love” thru out the centuries? Perhaps the Beatles beat Jesus after all?

Posted by staffan | Report as abusive

Even these music-scene journalists are vacuous: In what universe would Sir Paul performing one of his own songs be called a “cover”?

Posted by EdSullivan | Report as abusive

Paul McCartney losing to John Mayer is a crime! Mayer’s presentation and voice are average – at best. Paul has more magnetism in one finger than Mayer has in his whole body. I’m lucky to have seen Paul in concert, and recommend it to anyone who gets the chance. He’s a dynamic performer and still loves it, and it shows. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see John Mayer.

Posted by pulcrit | Report as abusive

I couldn’t agree with you more about McCartney losing to Mayer! Who picks the winners anyway? It was good to see him perform on the Grammy’s. Love McCartney and the rest of the Beatles.

Posted by Linda Whiteside | Report as abusive

Who is interested in a looser at the grammy awards? With the article and the choosen picture you support Paul McCartney who only makes advertising for a family firm at the false place. That´s surreptitious advertising and unfair competion. Who is normally interested in what a looser says?

Posted by bridget | Report as abusive

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