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UPDATE-What went wrong between Chris Brown and Rihanna?

February 10, 2009

R & B supercouple Chris Brown and Rihanna suddenly found their relationship thrust into the headlines when Brown was arrested on suspicion of attacking a woman widely reported to be Rihanna.rihanna-chris-brown

While various celebrity web sites, citing sources near both Brown and Rihanna, reported details of an argument in Brown’s car in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the fact is that right now, nobody really knows exactly what happened except those two, and neither is talking to anyone but the police. And the police have been equally quiet.

Brown and Rihanna scrupulously avoided discussing their relationship in the past, which makes what went wrong even more of a mystery.

Last fall, shortly before a show in Australia, Rihanna was interviewed by Melbourne radio station Fox 101.9 and talked about Brown, but would not confirm they were anything more than friends. “We are very good friends, we are cool, we are best friends, we hang out all the time, and now we’re doing a tour together,” she told the station.

When asked about why she did not want to talk more about the relationship, the Barbados-born pop diva said that she had her reasons to be close-lipped. “I speak my mind and I don’t really have any regrets, even if I said something now and things change, things always change you know in life. People change,” she said. 

Brown also did not speak much about his relationship with Rihanna. But in 2007, he told Giant Magazine  that his former stepfather used to hit his mother. “He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself. I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I’m just gonna go crazy on him one day…’ I hate him to this day,” he told the magazine.

Here’s the update. On Tuesday, celebrity news outlet Access Hollywood reported that Brown’s former stepfather, Donnelle Hawkins, denied Brown’s 2007 allegation.

“There was a lot of arguing between his mom and I,” Hawkins told Access Hollywood. “I never raised a hand at his mom.” 

For a couple who tried to keep their relationship quiet, the latest incident is sure to be a personal nightmare for Rihanna and Brown.


Chris im not sure wut to think. I dont agree with puttin your hands on a woman in that manner but with the reason u did it that im hearin, , ,if its true i could see how it was nearly impossible to not release your anger on her.

Posted by yungdtor | Report as abusive

i dont really kno whats goin on with them two and nobody can really get to know all the details….in fact it is something very personal and very sad…i been a fan of both and its very hard to believe he would do this to her or any girl..its very shocking and if found to be true and he is guilty he is going to have some trouble with his fans..things will never be the same for ether of them…. i hope them the best but there are always concequences that go along with out acts,

Posted by veronica | Report as abusive

I was very shocked to hear about the situation. I do not think Chris will just up and hit that girl like that. He seem very sweet. It is a lot to that story that no one knows. I am sure she had a lot to do with the fight too.

Posted by Jerilyn Kirkwood | Report as abusive

I very shock that Chris will do that after having to grow up and see his step father hit his mother. SO to be honest i still have a crush on Chris because i don’t believe he woul ever hit a girl. LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!!XOXOXCHRISXOXOX

Posted by Sheniquor | Report as abusive

no man should ever put his hands on a women


chris brown is so dum… how could he hit a lady…


It doesn’t matter who did what in that relationship, no one deserves to be hit or bitten!! If Chris Brown did this then he deserves to be in jail and lose all his endorsements….


i believe that Chris Brown did it, he did mention that he grew up in hostile home where his stepfather raised his hand at his mother and hit her, that can affect him if he got mad enough. Rihanna said that “People Change” maybe he was already doing this to her, maybe she was trapped and didn’t know of a way out, maybe she was hoping he would change. I don’t know but that’s what i believe. He is terribly wrong for laying his hands on her and he should be locked up.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

I can tell most of the posters are young and naieve. Ladies, unless you have been through it yourself you will not understand. I know how it feels to be attacked by someone you love, and controlled. YOu can never go by a person’s looks. Chris Brown needs to get some psychological help and fast. My heart goes out to Rihanna – no decent man would beat up his girlfriend or wife- he could of just walked away.

Posted by chocolae | Report as abusive

i dont think chris brown hit rihanna.and i dont understand how people can just jump to conclusions and say oh he hit her you dont knoe that or the media so stop going off of hearsay.the only people that knoe wat happend is chris brown and rihanna and there not talking.


I don’t think that Chris Brown my baby hit Rihanna. That is straight out crazy. I don’t know why ya’ll people are thinking that. He is better than that but Rihanna and Chris Brown do make a “good” couple but will be a better couple with me. Im so sorry for both of them but I hope that everything turns out to be ok.

Posted by Kenya | Report as abusive

I really don’t think Chris Brown my baby hit Rihanna. That is straight out crazy. I don’t know why ya’ll people are thinking that. He is better than that but Rihanna and Chris Brown do make a “good” couple but will be a better couple with me. Im so sorry for both of them but I hope that everything turns out to be ok.

Posted by Kenya | Report as abusive

i think that he did hit her…..i’m sure he didn’t mean to, it’s just that his anger got ahold of him and he needed a way to put himself in the article is says his stepfather use to hit his mother………………. and every child is a product of their enviorment. like father like son.

Posted by Taylor | Report as abusive

It is hard to believe that Chris Brown would hit a woman (I say woman because we don’t know if Rhianna was involved). Yet, he did hit a woman and she should be ashamed for doing it.

Posted by Rouge | Report as abusive

I’m a great fan of this two,and i am disappointed in the two while because they is a saying that “those who live in glass house do not throw a stone” “meaning since there are public figure with media surrounding them here and there, the shouldn’t have wash their dirty linen in the public”….For brown,he’s a man,he should learn how to control his own anger,you don’t have to follow women word by word or you easily get pissed and you do what you are not supposed to do in that very environment..the should be cautioned and call to order.Thank you.

Posted by GABRIEL | Report as abusive

It unbeleivable to hear that Chriss Brown hit Rhinna. It is actually bad, no matter what the misunderstanding may be he should have control his emotion. However, Rihana should be good enough to forgive his boy friend and not allow him to spend his time in Jail and this will serve as a leason to him.

Posted by Nyumah u.k sesay | Report as abusive

Right now I am thinking that this is a prank to throw everyone off on what they are really doing, because during the summer when Chris was with Rihanna’s family in Barbados they couldn’t get 5 seconds of privacy. They probably went to go get married remember after new years Rihanna was sporting that big diamond on her ring finger.

Posted by Sebby | Report as abusive

I agree, no one really knows what happened but those two. If she told the police Chris (HIT her) wouldnt it make sense that the police would have charged him with assault instead of making a criminal threat??? There is def more to the story than any of the public knows right now and for everyone picking sides, passing judgement, its just ridiculous and needs to stop. We dont know til we know, where is the copy of the police report? Where are the actual pictures of Rihanna’s injuries? Whether we think he hit her or not is irrelevant until the FACTS are presented, so all the rumor mills should just come to a hault until everything has been revealed. Wish them well, say a prayer for them both (because BOTH of their careers can be harmed by this) and stop the madness. Love from afar and wish for the best, Its disgusting that folks just want to see people who have made it big (In some way) crash and burn. Its extremely pathetic!

Posted by LB | Report as abusive

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