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Chris Brown guilty? Popeaters think so

February 11, 2009

brownIs Chris Brown guilty of attacking Rihanna? A snap poll of readers at AOL website shows most people thinks so.A full 71 percent said they believe Brown did attack his girlfriend, Rihanna, in the early morning hours of Sunday ahead of the Grammy awards. Only 7 percent answered ”no.” Twenty-two percent said they had no idea, which is hopeful for all those who presume a person is innocent before being proven guilty.In fact, we don’t yet know 100 percent that it was Rihanna he attacked (yeah, right) because the Los Angeles police do not identify victims of domestic abuse. So far, the cops have said only that Brown attacked an unidentified woman, was arrested and later charged with making criminal threats. His actions of Sunday morning remain under investigation.Still, ever since both cancelled appearances at the Grammys, the buzz around Hollywood — never denied by anyone — has been that the singer of songs like “Umbrella” is the one whom Brown attacked. The question is less was she a victim, but more a victim of exactly what? While details have been splashed all over celebrity websites and magazines, no one except Brown and Rihanna truly know, and they aren’t talking — not publicly.Popeater also asked if Brown’s career — his hits include “Forever” and “Kiss Kiss” — is over, and it is hard to believe the 19 year-old’s fate is now and forever sealed as a pop singing has been. In fact, 63 percent of those responding to the poll believe he can make a comeback and only 27 percent said he’s finished. We’ve all seen a lot of celebrity scandals over the years and it seems most stars, after a stint or two in rehab, seem to be able to make it to back to some level of notoriety. Maybe Brown can get over this one, too.But we’ve had a lot of comments on our previous post on Brown and Rihanna, so we thought we’d take a stab (pardon the pun) at this question, too. Chris Brown, innocent or guilty or should we at least give him a chance to explain himself?


Wow i cant believe some of the things that people are saying, its pretty obvious that he did it when they both did not show up at the grammys and both canceled several huge events after that, famous or not he should rot in jail, of course people are going to make a big deal because their famous that just reality, my mom was abused by my father and i was hit by my cousin who is male and about 200 ibs heavier than me, so i can tell you fore sure that if i saw chris brown no matter who his victim was i would give him a piece of my mind and i can tell you ill never buy another cd, or anything from that woman beater!!!!!!NOT COOL

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Okay here’s some info i just found out about the case that is on chris’s behalf.. Or so i think.”sources described Rihanna’s injuries as “horrific.” Photos of the wounds reportedly show major contusions on both sides of the 20-year-old singer’s face, with serious swelling and bruising, including a split lip and a bloody nose, as well as bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers.” Source as I am reading this I am thinking to myself wow Chris really messed up big.. But as i read on and on i get to the last sentence and notice this statement.”as well as bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers.”Why in the world would Chris Brown bite Rihanna’s arm and fingers, now to me that sounds like Chris had to struggle or something biting is like last resort!SELF DEFENSE = CHRIS IS INNOCENT!

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LaBritteny is an idiot. No matter what Rihanna did she did not deserved to get beat up. Im not sure how you were raised or what kind of relationships you have been in but it is never ok for a man to hit a women, get yourself some help.

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chris brown is so mean rhianna is way better then him wont be hearing any more music of him i hat him

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I feel that Chris Brown deserves to explain himself. According to what I heard on the local stations, Rihanna was practically “stalking” him. Anytime a person pays individuals to watch your every move and blow up your phone all the time, that tells me that this person has stalking mentality. A person like this can provoke you to do something that you would normally not do. Before we judge and discredit him let’s hear his side.


Chris Brown I do NOT think is guilty

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i dont think that he was the one who hurt her. he was seeing another woman…how do we know that the other lady is chris life didnt fight rihanna …and chris could be tring to pertect the reputation of the up coming atress if you dont know ots the canadian native who plays the late aaliyah in her up coming tribute movie…that could also be the reason why rihanna hasnt said her abuser was mr. brown because it wasnt it was the other woman and rihanna doesnt want the world to know she was cheated on …we need to understand rihanna is a strong confident woman plus she is from the islands she will defend herself she probaly foughr back against the other woman and chris brown which is the reason he had stratches on him…a man wouldnt bite a woman its wasnt chris hitting her it was a woman

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There is NEVER an excuse for a male to hit a female! So much credit was given to this young man, (unfortunately cannot refer to Chris Brown as a “man”, since NO REAL “Man” would ever hit a female! It is so awful to have a huge let down, especially knowing what he has experienced growing up, seeing his Mother being hit by a male! Sad to see, another black male, having so much going on, just to loose it and become just another statistic! Prayerfully that young lady has support, help and will not ever be attracted to that type of male! As for Chris Brown, prayerfully he will get immediate help and not be someones “girlfriend” in prison!

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“charged with making criminal threats” that could be anything… but doesn’t sound like he hit her… More like …”If you don’t stop stalking my ass, i’ll burn down your 12millondollar house!”But if he hit her, she should have poked him with her umbrella! haha! DOMESTIC ABUSE IS SERIOUS AND IS NOT A JOKE. But I reckon this has been blown outa proportion due to their status! Innit :) x


I do not think this young man is guilty. I think he is accused by a woman scorned. I am a woman and I know how many woman can be. We tend to not want to face our faults and end up loosing the people we love. This young man is not a disrespectful entertainer like most. My prayers are with him and her as well as their families.

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I think innocent until proven guilty. Hope Rihanna is alright, but at the same time i hope the same for Chris. There’s two sides of the story and you all know it takes two to tango. He might of exploded at her for somethin and started the whole thing, then again she might of started the fiasco and hit him first. Hey we know how females get sometimes…….just because we are girls don’t mean we can knock a brotha upside his head and expect not to get a whack back. They have to have self defense too. Either way it goes hitting each other…especially if your in a relationship…is ALL WRONG.

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only idiots and jaded naive Chris Brown fans can make excuses for why he’s innocent.God, it’s ridiculous how … retarded(?) the fans of they black hip hop rapping and r&B singing boys get. They can shoot at people and fans will sing “stand by my man”…Yes he hit her, there is a police report…no there is no conspiracy theory…no he’s not protecting his vixen on the side or any of that bullshit. Get over it, the boy you all loved so much beat his girlfriend!!! Stop making excuses for him!!!

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I don’t think noboby should hit nobody: Man or Women! Women always talking about equal rights!

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They all need to learn some self-control. That is the key, self-control. Men and women do not need to be hitting each other. There is no excuse. Just exercise a little self-control. It does not matter the reason there is no reason for violence.

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This article is so badly written. The stab pun, the “In fact, we don’t yet know 100 percent that it was Rihanna he attacked (yeah, right)” The fact that the research used for this article’s base of proof is a pole of those convinced and brainwashed by media outlets is full of credentials (yeah, right). This only has so much attention because it involves celebrities. The fact that half the article focuses on whether Chris Brown will be able to “come back” from this is ridiculous. People care more about the lives of celebrities than ones that touch closer to home it seems.I hope this is not too “offensive” to you and you will still post it.

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women get beat everyday by men. women beat the hell out of boys all of there life growing up(you know when ya moma beats you wth a belt) but she dont want a ruffneck to go upside her head… to all future blogers MOMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT IM GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT!!!!CUZ U GOT KNOCKD THE ….OUT SMOKEY

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I think that this is ridiculous. Thousands of women that get beaten in the same area every day don\’t get this kind of news.I think the consequences should be dire if this is true though. It\’s ridiculous that any arguement would lead to physical violence on both parts- male or female.Our radio stations have pulled all of Chris Brown\’s songs from the air. They do not condone violence in relationships, especially against women. It is completely and udderly unexceptable. I am impressed by the media\’s reaction so far. They are not trying to spice it up and make it look like it\’s okay- like maybe it was her fault. The media has done it\’s part by saying, any violence against women is wrong. I think that violence from either parties in a relationship is wrong- but against women is very hard to get over, because women are generally the weaker and easier to break of the two.I hope that Chris gets help, but I refuse to condone this kind of action.

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And by the way, for all you people who are saying “maybe it’s self defense and she attacked him first…” That could be true, but you can not honestly tell me that little Rihanna was fighting so hard that Chris couldn’t pin her and get her to stop with out breaking her leg and giving her serious head injuries, as well as biting her? I honestly don’t believe that he couldn’t have pinned her. ESCPECIAllY if he was being attacked. Adrenaline gives you more of an ablitiy to pin her. She is not a strong girl, and he is a strong man. Honestly.

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Some of these comments are upsetting. The idea that people, especially women themselves, are so hesitant to acknowledge the reality of domestic violence against women as a real issue is upsetting.Sure, people get into fights. Yes, violence is never ok. The truth is though that women are not as strong as men, nor as likely to enact REAL and threatening acts of domestic violence.Girls, I loved Chris too. But don’t make excuses–No man should be threatening a woman to the point of her being afraid enough to call the police.

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thank you charlee drew for making an intelligent observation. many people do allow themselves to get caught up in drama and moments that dont concern them, public or private, and make judgements based on assumptions.

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From a lot of recent articles, it seemed like RiRi was a little over jealous. I know that that is no reason to strike a person, but she could have possibly attacked him. Think about this, why would he pull a vehicle over? Maybe because he was being attacked and wasn’t able to control the vehicle anymore..?? I have personally been a victim of abuse and I know that when you are in a confined space, it is hard to find safety. I’m trying to think logically as to what has really occurred and this seems like it could have possibly been the case.

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if this were 50 cent or anyone else the way everyone views it wouldbe complete opposate.its not fair to react this way twords one personand not the rest.chris brown is a good amazigly talented person andhes being treated cruely.he hasnt done anything wrong before and hesnever hurt anyone,noone even knows exactly what happened!itsrediculous that hes being taken off the radios and treated this wayfor one thing that noone is even sure of!atleast he hasnt denied thathes done something worng and actually turned himself in as having doneso.people need to just back off and let them breathe!the only reasonanyone is reacting this way is because of his public persona and theimage people portray.i dont care what he did,hes an amazing artist,ilike his music and rhiannas,theyre both great.i will continuesupporting them both but everyone needs to back off and leave chrisalone.there are far worse things done every day and people arepraised for them[eminem,50,etc.]CHRIS BREEZY!


ok so here is what i heard…a gurl called chris and juss like any other woman rih got upset. now im not sayin he right for hitting her but she was hitting on him first….if some of you guys remeber the movie baby boy this same exact thing happened when his baby mama was hitting him upside the head…he juss snapped!!! sure yea he should have pinned her down and stopped her but he is human. he didnt think and he messed up. knowing this i say no his career not over..yea some girls gone be like what ever they dont like him and some guys might want to whoop him but ri snapped to. its a double standard i kno but i can completely understand how it happen. now if down the road he’s beatin women up then we would be like o ok he crazy get him help.until thenim praying for him

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CHRIS, you betta not have hit my sista, shes da bomb is u touched her , there will some issues! mwahhaha, well <3 U RIHANNA!!!

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Its funny to read how many people are getting so involved in this, just because they are famous its like hot gossip. So much domestic abuse goes on in everyday life that no one even knows about or ever hears of. Its pretty sad. Sorry to see both their names and anyone involved names will be dragged through mud and reps ruined before anyone knows the truth!

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i dont think anyone should be violent or abusive i think they should stop living the high life and get offthe drugs they are all on , and have a good time without it.

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umm julia she started attacking him while he was driving… pretty hard and he didint break her leg?? and yes she had bite marks but why would chris brown bite her? not very effective beating lol

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this so stupid i definitely reckon everyone should let chris brown explain, dont forget his still human just cos hes a celebrity doesnt mean he wont make mistakes either. no one even nos the actual sistuation so i think everyone should stop judging him on what happen and just leave him alone. i really hope this all passes by, we love chris brown for his singing, dancing and incredible good looks why should this make a difference? sometimes a girl just has to get slapped

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Whether it was Rihanna or anyone else, what gives him the right to violate any person like that? Does he want to be treated that way? Remember do unto others? I’ll definetly cancel him off my daughters list of idols.


omg ppl what the hell! you dont evan no the story. you dont know if it was rihanna he hit it could have been self defence or not it could be some self obsessd fan,you all dont know the story untill chris brown or rihanna comes out and tells.yea so it looks pretty obvious that rihanna was hurt or something coz all this stuff bout her in hospitial and shes cancelled show and her 21st birthday party and but you still dont know the story.i WANT chris to be not guilty but im not saying anything till i hear the whole story.and i hope rihanna is ok if she was hurt at all?!

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Chris brown should be given another chance. Every celebrity has a slip up now and again and i dont think the music industry can afford to loose him hes so amazing. :D Hitting a girl is the lowest you can get I think and he has let down alot of fans like myself but im prepared to give him a chance and i know that C Breezy will make a come back. Hope rihanna’s ok!!!! ;) ;) Oxxxxx

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i think all the people who wrote comments should not say any thing until they know yhe truth.

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I believe if both of them should get in trouble hitting while he is driving is not smart and him putting his hands on him isn’t too bright either so if one gets into trouble both should. because if not then its not fair okay if he had just let her hit him she wouldn’t have got in trouble but he gets in trouble when both thru blows I do believe she should get into some kind of trouble as well. People would be honestly stupid for just accusing him when it was clearly both of them.

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yall betta get yalls stuff togerher i love both yall

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I dont believe it is fair to try and accuse someone of being guilt without giving them a chance of being proved their innocence. To better understand chris browns situation as a child and having to deal with witnessing his mother brutally beaten, ask yourself the question, when a dog is injured and you attempt to help it, what is the dog’s initial response? It becomes defensive and will even try to bite you because it is in pain. Im not trying to defend or justify chris browns actions but to help the fast-judging world out there a reason why chris brown could have responded in that violent matter.

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We should not put Chris in the dog house without knowing ALL of the facts. She struck him first and insiders say she is and has been very insecure with their relationship for the beginning. I know its hard to believe that such a beautiful girl would have selfesteem problems…but please believe that it is possible. Lets give this some time to blow over and see which way the ball drops, because females have been known to blow their tops, act out and then bat their pretty green eyes while asking for forgiveness.

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well, what i think is that they both should be givin a chance to come fourth and tell what realy happen at the grammys……and this is what being famous would do to you a bunch of lies and tells of you…..people need to mind there business some times……

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YBPHONY:Regardless of who hit who first, he is a coward for hitting her, trying to choke her and threatening to kill her.I had respect for him but after this incident, he equals trash.

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although im the biggest fan of chris, i think it was his fault i had 2 admit dat but i would luv to stick up 4 u but i think in this case u were wrong


For those peple saying she hit him first. yep, we see how messed up his face is, he had every right to continue beating her until her face was as messed up as his.Good thinking people.

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Do I think it was right for him to hit her??? Absolutely not. But we don’t know what the heck happened in the first place. And there were bite marks. Bite marks… seriously. That right there says something sketchy was going on. People don’t just bite others. Biting is usually some form of self-defense. So who knows… maybe she was the one attacking?? Hmmm? Little Miss Rihanna isn’t as innocent as everyone makes her out to be. “Good Girl Gone Bad”… it kind says she’s no angel. But again I’m saying, he shouldn’t have hit her. But if she hit him… she needs to realize that as much as everyone hates to admit it, you don’t hit a man LIKE A MAN if you don’t want that man to HIT YOU BACK. Guys need to defend too.

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Yo, I don’t think any man should hit a female, thats just BS! Jay-Z is gonna get you fool!

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First of all, most of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Your ignorance is glaring! Reserve your judgment. You are working with only a few facts and a whole lot of speculation. After you get the facts, it’s okay to share your opinion, but attempt to do it without passing judgment. Let the court and God take care of that. Secondly, copy your comments and paste them into a document with spell check. You are butchering the English language, regardless of your “shorthand”!

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i think chris brown is innocent because rihana kept messin wit him such as hittin him and stuff like that and shes still in hiding i think she started this whole thing at first i br=elieved her but then chris brown would never do that to a girl unless the girl was tryin to make him hit her which was rihanna i never trust her

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i love u allllmooooah kiss

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i believe that chris brown is not guilt! i think rihanna plannd this out! i think she was jealous that chris is a better singer than her and that he makes more money than her! i used to think they was a cuttteee couple but now i think that riahanna got some mental stuff goin on!

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i think that to hit a women violently is unacceptable, Chris brown is still young and there’s a lot of things that he needs to learn, it is no use if you are famous but if your attitude stink you will go no where, this is a mistake that i believe will change his life totally.


I think he is innocent until proven guilty.I agree with samantha.If he’s guilty, he’s guilty.Don’t judge him so fast.No one but Rihanna and Chris Brown know the whole story.Everyone has a theory, everyone has what they think happened in their heads and they’re not actually THINKING…You need all the facts.

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