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Will you shred Chris Brown CDs?

February 11, 2009

brown2It has come to this for Chris Brown. Fans of the R&B star have been asked to shred his CDs.

Top 40 radio station WBLI in Long Island, New York is holding a “Shred Chris Brown CDs and Posters” event on Friday the 13th — the day known for bad luck and, coincidentally this year, the day before Valentine’s Day — and asking its listeners to turn out at 10:30 a.m. EST at the BLI Studios in West Babylon, NY, to do it.

“We’re also pulling all of his (Brown’s) music for all day Friday to support Rihanna, to take a stance against battering women,” said Jeremy Rice, program director for WBLI which boasts about 700,000 listeners in the region just outside New York City.

Representatives for the station are quick to point out that the promotion is also a Valentine’s Day event to give all those jilted lovers a chance to blow off steam before V-day. But right now, shredding Brown seems to be an ideal way to vent romantic frustration.

The R&B singer was arrested  on suspicion of making criminal threats against an unidentified woman early Sunday morning ahead of the Grammy awards. Los Angeles police have never said exactly who the woman was, but it has been widely reported as his girlfriend (or should we say, ”former girlfriend”) Rihanna. 

The Brown CD shred fest begs the question of whether the singer is being unfairly presumed guilty of attacking Rihanna before being given a chance to prove his innocence, but Rice is right when he notes that news reports and celebrity website reports are stacking up ever higher against Brown. “He looks pretty guilty,” said Rice.

Rice said comments at WBLI’s website are running about 50:50 for and against Brown. Our own comments (see below) are mixed, too. But many favor giving him a break until the evidence — not just hearsay based on unnamed sources — is public.

YBPhony says “We should not put Chris in the dog house without knowing ALL of the facts.” True, but it still could be fun shredding his CDs ahead of Valentine’s Day.


i dont think fans should give up on him yhet they havant proven anythink and this could all just be a a story i just hope it isant true he doesant look that sort of person im here for him so anyone against that just think y would he do that to her xx luv u chris brown

Posted by jodhi johnson | Report as abusive

If this story about Chris Brown is true, this puts him among the lowest of the lowest bottom-feeding idiots on the planet. Guys who hit girls don’t deserve their freedom, let alone any level of success in life. Yes, shred those CDs into a million little pieces and let this guy fade into the shadows… in a dark and cold prison.

Posted by Brent | Report as abusive

I’d like to praise WBLI radio. What they are doing is brilliant support for Rihanna, and really highlights how such abuse is not tolerated overall, in society today. And that is such a relief. Yes i’ll shred his CD’s, i’ll also feel physically sick whenever I hear his voice on the radio again.


Why are we so quick to judge Chris Brown. Until we actually hear from him, we onky know one side of the story, which of course is designed to show Rihanna in the best light. Her injuries are consistent with a car accident in which the rider’s head hits the windshield or dash board. A sudden stop will also produce the same injuries to a rider who is not wearing a seat belt. We should give Chris Brown the same courtesy that we would wish for ourselves, i.e, don’t rush to judgement. The bite marks on her fingers and arms could very well be the result of him trying to get her hands (fingers & arms) off of him while keeping both of his hands on the steering wheel of a moving car. Shame on those radio stations that canceled his music. I’m sure those same stations did not cancel R. Kelly, Brittney Spears and others from their play lists while the jury was still out.

Posted by GLG | Report as abusive

Why would he do something like that. She doesn’t deverse that at all. He should be in jail because no needs that.

Posted by danielle | Report as abusive

The guy hasn’t even been arraigned or had a trial yet, yet everyone is siding with Rhianna like she is the victim. Of course no woman deserves to get hit, but the only two people that know what happened are those two.

Posted by Serendipity | Report as abusive

I personaly have mixed feelings about the situation. It’ obvious that he did hit her because he was booked and let go ok a 50k bond but, why? That is the question. I’m not condemning the guy just yet. I mean I sleep every night with multiple Chris Brown faces watching me from my room walls. I love the kid and used to wish I could be his girlfriend. Reality set in quick for a girl. (lol) but on a serious note, I’m waiting for the facts to present themselves before I end my support for him. The whole situation makes me want to cry.

Posted by ShawtyShotgun | Report as abusive

Who cares. You people are just as much a loser as he is for even caring about celebrities. Get a life

Posted by losers | Report as abusive

I’m not shredding my Chris Brown CD’s. I’m very mad at him for what he’s done, and I have lost respect for him. But the CD’s are very good and I love the songs on them. I may forgive him one day and regret disgarding his music. No, I’m keeping my CD’s.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

I think you all are taking this way too far. Evidently she did something to him to make him go off like that. You should get all the facts before organizing a lynch mob.

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

i dont think anyone would shred the cds, to me hes a good person and i highly doubt he did all of that to her. first off rihanna needs to get her story straight, cause shes saying different things everyday. really we dont know who to believe and we probably wont get the full on truth anyways. im behind chris brown 100% because i believe deep down hes a good person.

Posted by ambie | Report as abusive

I don’t think we should do that Chris Brown made a mistake….He needs to speak out all of his fans our shocked, hurt for Rihanna to go through this, distraught!! Chris Brown you need to talk to your fans! ASAP!!! Rihanna and Chris Brown are no more…. so sad but poor RIRI I hope you heal and you need to show yourself to your fans and show all the battered woman out there you can fight this!!!!

Posted by Tiffany | Report as abusive

Chris brown is awesome. Just think of how many other celebrities or just regular people have done this, you don’t see people shredding their cd’s! He did do something wrong and he knows that. Just leave him alone…I LOVE YOU CHRiS BROWN and im always here for you.

Posted by Shivanee | Report as abusive

I’m irritated by this whole situation on so many levels. I don’t want to hear the “spin”. I hope that the truth comes out.
There are already way to many rumors on the internet, but we have yet to hear from the involved parties.
I am disappointed by the response from young black women who are for the most part all in Chris Brown’s corner regardless of whether he did it or not.
I am waiting for Rihanna to speak out against DV.
I am waiting for Chris to be apologetic and seek some help!
My young son is a fan and so I haven’t had to explain anything to him.
I think a lot of parents need to sit down with their (misguided) daughters and sons and explain that… to say that he was provoked and she deserved to be assaulted is the same as saying a young woman who dresses provokatively deserves to be raped.
I understand that there may be mitigating circumstances, but no matter what she may have said or how bad they argued or even if she hit him first… he had no right to take it to the level where she had to be hospitalized. Seeing that he thinks he’s grown enough to be in a relationship, he needed to be grown enough to walk away!

Posted by Natalia Johann | Report as abusive

I think that the whole situation is crazy. Everyone is nailing Chris Brown to a cross before even hearing his side of the story. If he did assult her then he needs to be punished for it. On the other hand women can be spiteful and you never know if she’s a women scorned. She may have been hurt that he received a message from another woman about hooking up and threw his keys out the window, he may have approached her aggressively and left, she may have self inflected wounds as payback. He hasn’t been charged with assult, only criminal threats. Also if someone would’ve beat like it’s being reported I wouldn’t hesitate to have him thrown under the jail. Give him a chance to tell his side of the story before you find him guilty.


As a victim myself as well as a family of women abused. People should be careful to jump to conclusions. Yes, i have been battered, but I have also initiated the fight. Cheating or not doesn’t give her the right to hit him or take his car keys, they are not married. She is not GOD. He is human. If you want to provoke a man you should be ready to RUN or keep your hands to yourself. Chris Brown is still human, still talented and I am still a fan. HE IS A VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE. I love Rihanna and I pray she doesn’t go back, but she is not a invincible. Rihanna needs to get some self confidence ,why is she hated on his girl friends. She is not his wife.


This is getting blown out of proportion. If yall throw out his cd’s that yall brought, what will be the point? Yall brought them, he got paid, so whats the point? Leave this man alone please. Yall dont know what happened

Posted by Jizzy | Report as abusive

As bad as it does sound, and i realy do feel for rihanna, i feel just as bad for him. obviously im not gonna say hes not that type of person, because i dont know him, but i do feel things are getting way outta hand. we’re not gonna listen to his songs??? i mean is that necessary, there are many artists out there doing FAR WORSEE things and we still have them on top of the charts. he needs to get his arrest, and take responsibility, but taking away his career like this from him? ridiculous..and uncalled for. but everyone has their opinions.

Posted by Jenn | Report as abusive

It would be an unfortunate thing indeed if everything reported about Chris Brown was true. However, the public needs to remember that celebrities are people and are bound to make mistakes. There is no one that is perfect. Recent events such as Michael Phelps smoking weed, A-Rod taking steroids in the past, and now the young Chris Brown potentially abusing his girlfriend show us that these events are bound to happen. When they do, how will we react? Are we simply to quickly turn on those celebrities that we all too easily say we “love” or do we give them the decency to say you made a mistake and mistakes have consequences but nevertheless you CAN redeem yourself because your a fallible human being just as I am.


I honestly feel that any true fan of Chris Brown will not be showing up.. the only fans that might are the Rihanna fans. I don’t think it right that in the eyes of those fans one is guilty until proven innocent. We also don’t know what the issue was only they know exactly what occurred. I think its wrong that anyone support any wrong doing on him. I for one enjoy his music, I don’t accept violence on women at all but if proven guilty this will not stop me from being a fan. I enjoy his music, his performance, and his acting. I don’t think that will change regardless of the outcome. I just hope and pray that he is on the right end!

Posted by Cathy | Report as abusive

This is absolutely devastating. Im sad for both of them but I hope this doesnt bring Brown’s career to an end :( He’s got too much talent to go to waste like this.

Posted by Nubla | Report as abusive

Is the media now going to force Rihanna to be a spokesperson for battered women? Come on – isn’t this casting stones and judging without knowing the facts completely?? If the boot was on the other shoe would people shred Rihanna’s CDs? Before we completely destroy the young man’s career let’s not forget: innocent until proven guilty. Nothing justifies him hitting her but let’s hear the (real) facts (through the charges and subsequent hearing) and not internet rumours before pulling endorsement deals, shreding his CDs, and pulling his songs off the air.

Posted by kayla | Report as abusive

I think everyone should shred CB’s cds as soon as possible. I mean this is America where everyone is guilty unless they’re a pretty rich girl with a sex tape. I don’t really care about Chris Brown or his cds but the fact that so many are willing to take such a strong stance without the needed info is disgusting but expected. I don’t know why we even have a justice system in this country. All we need is a rumor to judge someone, revoke their endorsement deals, ruin their reputation, and put their entire career at risk. Pursuing the truth or justice seem like an troublesome afterthought that is of no concern. Not only are we willing to ASSume the worst about people and judge them without evidence we apparently have no sense of responsibilty or accountabilty that would encourage us to apologize. I would love to ask these people who have judged CB so quickly if they would appreciate the same consideration at the time of their judgement.

Posted by mp | Report as abusive

Chris Brown, you better GET OUT THERE and tell your side of the story!!!
VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is a crime YOU CANNOT run away, hide away or stay away from!!!
by the way, that was quite a show, but NEVER ENTERTAINING!
BE A MAN! face the people, before you TAKE A BOW!

Posted by Kristian | Report as abusive

Everything that has surfaced on the internet are mere rumors. No one knows the underlying facts of the case. There has not been a court case and we are already taking action against what is ALLEGED? I think this is ignorant behavior and until a conviction is made. I am supporting both Chris and Rihanna.

Posted by NY_Lee-Gal | Report as abusive

omg he made a mistake. like you don’t make mistakes…u shouldent judge when there r ppl who have done ALOT worse….ppl shouldn’t stop listenin 2 his music just because he made 1 mistake…

Posted by Whitney | Report as abusive

we are NOT shredding anything of Chris Brown! If anything, we want to shred Rihanna’s cd’s! He was wrong if he did hit her, but nobody can judge him except GOD…didnt we learn that from Tupac?

Until the facts are presented in court, BOTH of their music should be put on hold. They BOTH need to take ownership of the situation at hand. But its wrong that this conflict is making her seem to be the “poster child for domestic violence” and we dont know what really happened…for all we know she couldve been hitting on him and he was using self defense!

We love you Chris and our prayers are with you and your family…

Posted by True Chris Brown Fans | Report as abusive

I see all the “alleged” truth about this Chris Brown- Rihanna situation..

I live on the island where Rihanna is from and my mom is great friends with Rihanna’s family…especially her grandmother, Clara Brathwaite. What people don’t know is that Rihanna is so sorry and regrets how this fiasco has blown up like it did…she never thought that it would be like this…she loves Chris..and no matter how the media attacks him..all she wants to do is be with him right now, but people in his “camp”..especially his mom.. won’t let him speak to her.

They (Rihanna and Chris) are hoping that this thing blows over quickly..and Rihanna has secretly been texting Chris..He’s not angry with her and she is not at’s the media that is so stupid to believe that Rihanna will stop loving could post this on your website or NOT, but this is the TRUTH…we island girls are not as innocent as people think we are..we MAY look like kittens…but we are REALLY tigers!!!

Rihanna and Chris will be back together and she WILL not press charges against him! I can assure you that…when this has all died down..they WILL be together again!!!

They are in love!



p.s. Rihanna is not in Barbados!

Posted by Keisha | Report as abusive

Hell nawl I aint shredding anything of Chris Brown, I’ll foreva listen to his CDs and be his fan. Yes he made a mistake by hitting an unknown female (Rihanna so I heard), he’s only human everybody make mistakes sometimes. So I’m not gonna judge him I’m certainly not God I jus hope and pray that this turn out ok and he still has a career going for him when all this is over. I love u Chris may God be with u all the days of ur life. :D


I really liked both of these artists, and I really admire Chris Brown, in an age when it seems that all the males in music are gangsters or drug dealers, calling women out of there name. And here this young man is respectful, down to earth and a free sprite. And as soon as something goes wrong everyone just jumps on him. The only crime here is that he is Male. Everytime a inncident happens between a man and a woman, everyone assumes it’s the mans fault. Even if he hit her, mybe he was acting in self-defense, mybe she kelpt hitting him and he got tired and hit her back. The one mistake everyone makes is, we tell our young men that they should never hit a woman, but we fail to tell our daugthers to not hit a man. If you don’t want anyone putting thier hands on you don’t put your hands on them, no matter the sex. Grow up people wait until the facts come out before you make your decisions

Posted by Muhammad | Report as abusive

I think this is a little premature. I guess we don’t believe a person is innocent until proven guilty. As African Americans we all should know how it feels to be in a situation when the story is only one sided. I find it interesting that everyone says the two got out of the car and began arguing but none of the witness have made a statement that they saw him actually hit her or strangle her. Don’t get me wrong i don’t believe in domestic violence but no one, not me, not you, nor the media can give an accurate account of that night. Even Rihanna is not cooperating with the investigation so what does that really say. I hope if your day comes or that of one of your loved one if you will still feel the negative that you are feeling now or will you be screaming they are innocent until proven guilty.

Posted by Tiffani | Report as abusive

Rihanna and Chris are in love>>> they will make it work!!! we should wait till they come forward… then judge




Posted by Sabrina | Report as abusive

I think anyone who beats on another needs to be dealt with appropriaptely. However, I think that it is premature at this point to begin shredding his Cds and such. We need to hear the weight of the evidence against him. Did anyone see him hit her? Innocent till proven guilty. None of us would like to be convicted of a crime until we had our chance to be heard. I worked with women of domestic violence years ago and anyone who beats on a woman (or man) is sick. However, I do not pass judgment so quickly. To play devils advocate, what if someone else did this to her? Unlikely, but we still need to wait. So stop bashing and ruining his life at this point. Innocent until proven guilty.


I wish that everyone would try to be objective when it comes to this situation. No one “REALLY” knows what happened becasue no one was there but Chris and Rihanna. Everyone has been so quick to say that Chris has “BEATEN” her, we don’t know that. No one is even questioning rather or not she struck him at any point in the argument. That idea is being overlooked though b/c she is a female. I personally believe that she did strike him at some point, why else would he hit her (if he did). He is a man, men tend to be stronger than women. He could have been defending hiself from a crazed and jealous girl who lost her mind and in that aspect she was “bruised”. I’ve yet to see a pic of her with a “BLACK EYE”. I feel that Chris is a great performer and artist, the only regret that I have is that he let a woman be his downfall.

Posted by What I Think | Report as abusive

I am one of Chris browns biggest fans and yes what he done is completly wrong! but we have to give it a chance we dont know all the facts so we cant point the finger at anyone, everything that you have heard could be rumors so wait until we know everything about the incident, then we can judge

Posted by Catherine | Report as abusive

No one deserves being beat, but Rihanna must have done something crazy enough to get it. Rihanna is very controlling she banned Alexdria Burke from meeting Chris knowing that Alexandria had a crush on him. And there is something not right with this, I thought CB was in Vegas not home.
I am CB 95%
Rihanna 5%

Posted by Chea | Report as abusive

I think everybody needs to leave this alone for a while I feel really bad for both of them and I cant belive that he would do something like this am praying for both of them and hopes everything gets better..


Have you seen her face? OMG, who could do this to another person? The photo’s of her face are aweful! I have sat down with my 9 and 12 year old daughters to explain that this is not Love!! Also, just to let them know that anyone wanting to do harm to you and then say they love you is not the kind of Love anyone need. Of course relationships are hard, of course they take a lot of work, of course miscommuication is likely to happen….Come on, if we can’t manage or maintain a relationship with God (without sacrafice and work) how the heck can we expect to manage one with another human being. There is NO Justification! None, Zero, Zilch for abuse of any kind!! And for the people that say there must have been a reason, give me a break…I am a product of domestic violence, I have seen it first hand! It’s sad, ugly, wrong and pitiful! It’s done because the other individual feels insecure their own issues, their lives, and who they are as individuals. If you have been abused, seek help so that you can break the cycle. Break the abuse…physical and mental.. Sad to say, but “if” Chris Brown did do it get prepared for another famous funeral…..Someone out there is going to take his life because we all reap what we sow. Live by the sword and die by the sword! So sad!

Posted by Mama Mia | Report as abusive

NO ONE HAS SEEN THE PICS OF RIHANNAS FACE ACTUALLY! the ones circulating on the net were proved to be fakes, if u did ur research properly then ud know this!! INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY! if it was such an open and shut case, the DA’s office would not be sending it back to the LAPD for further investigation and more proof….


Posted by Zakiya | Report as abusive

all i can say is he should never come to africa, i am done with him, very disappointed and even if he wins the case or worms himself out of it, he is a woman basher and deserves no respect.

Posted by delectable | Report as abusive

I hope he learns a lesson and gets help to with the breakup. He’s young and its extra stress to deal with every little thing possibly make or break u. I still love his music and hope he comes back. Everyone needs to go to the support page and sign the book, it was just made so u could comment early. I can’t stop listening to his tracks, lol.
DONT BAN THE MUSIC! Go leave a msg

Posted by StillgotLuv4cb | Report as abusive

Chris Brown is a woman beating coward dog. I have NO respect for him. I believe this is NOT the first time he has hit a woman. He BIT her–he is a DOG! I hope the world turns their back on him!

Posted by lisa | Report as abusive

no way i love chris and them to be together


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