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Celebrities come knocking for “Twilight” sequel

February 12, 2009

Vampire romance movie “Twilight” proved a blockbuster hit last year anthe-jonas-brothersd has made more than $356.8 million worldwide at the box office. The movie’s success was unusual for Hollywood, because at its heart “Twilight” was an indie movie, and box office leaders often come from the major studios. “Twilight” was made by independent studio Summit Entertainment and it starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who went into the production as working actors and came out as instant celebrities.

Now, established celebrities are thirsty to be part of Summit’s sequel “New Moon” due out on Nov. 20. The latest stars knocking at Summit’s door are teen pop sensations The Jonas Brothers, who told MTV they would love to contribute to the “New Moon” soundtrack.  ”The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part (of the sequel) that would be great,” Nick Jonas told MTV, as his brothers agreed.

Not so fast, Jonas Brothers. Not all the “Twilight” fans are happy with the idea of the Jonas Brothers, who gained their popularity on the Disney Channel, playing a part in the next installment of the movie franchise. One commentator at the MTV site wrote, “This isn’t some stupid Disney movie so stop trying to turn it into one.”

The Jonas Brothers are not the first Disney stars to eye a role in the “Twilight” franchise. Vanessa Hudgens, a star in Disney’s “High School Musical” movies, has also sought a part in the “Twilight” franchise, MTV reported last month. And Dakota Fanning, 14, one of the most famous and acclaimed child stars of recent years, is also interested in winning a part in “New Moon” as the bloodsucker Jane.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed “Twilight,” has been replaced with Chris Weitz. That change also ruffled some feathers from “Twilight’s” passionate fan base of mostly teen girls and young women. Weitz is more of an inside Hollywood choice for the movie franchise, with proven box office success on the 1999robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart “American Pie” and the 2001 sequel, whereas Hardwicke before “Twilight” had more modest box office success. Even so, the style she brought to “Twilight” pleased many fans, who are still on the fence about how Weitz will handle the sequel.

 Stewart, the 18-year-old star of “Twilight” who played Bella Swan in the movie, is still adjusting to the roller coaster of fame that came with the movie. Will she thrive if called upon to star opposite Dakota or Vanessa? More importantly, how will fans react if “New Moon” becomes studded with celebrities? Will they like the change or not?


I think that because Twilight was meant to be an Indie film that it should be kept that way. If big actors and Disney channel actors and singers were to contribute to the next film then that ‘Indie’ title would be lost. And it would be nothing more than a child’s film. People of many ages have read the book and have expectations for the film, these not involving actors who would turn it into a 7 year old loved frenzy. That is what is so good about the film Twilight, it’s unique use of unknown actors. This reached those expectations of the readers. Dakota Fanning may be a great actor and would be good to star in the film, but other Disney actors would decrease the amount of people pleased with the next instalment. Including me.

Posted by Shelly | Report as abusive

I think that they should not let any Disney stars because they will ruin the movie

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

If you want the rest of the Twilight movies to be a big hit I think that you should not include big movie stars like Vanessa because Twilight is a very unique movie with no BIG stars and I think that is why it was such a big sucess. And adding big stars would take away from the realness of Twilgiht. It was like it was real. everyday people that no one has really heard of and it really made the relationship between Bella and Edward seem real. And adding the bigger stars will just take away from that.

Posted by Jasmine | Report as abusive

Although The Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Ann Hudgens are great actors, this is not the movie for them. This movie has a cast basically made up of people who we have heard very little about and they are new. I believe sticking popular actors/actresses would really ruin the meekness of this film. When I see the characters I dont see big stars. Stick to the basics. In this dont go big.

Posted by Reba | Report as abusive

if commenting on this will help with the installment of upcoming actors into the twilight series then heres my say. i agree with the idea of keeping the actors chosen low key. If you put big time stars in it then it changes the movie into more fake Hollywood when Twilight is based on the chance of being somewhat real. The movie was good because you didn’t see familiar faces. I got inspired by twilight because of who was in it and how it was seen to the public. Disney stars also automatically turn it into a ditsy movie which is not what twilight is about.

Posted by me | Report as abusive

i totally think that there shud be NO big or disney channel stars, AT ALL! i absolutley wud hate the movie and like never ever see it if it had any disney stars or a song frm teh jobros, i hate them. as a twilight fan, i beleive that they shud go with undiscovered talents rather than the bigshows of hollywood. Twilight was an indie film 2 start eith, i think it shud end with it too.

Posted by dharti | Report as abusive

I believe that the film worked great with lesser known actors. I think it should remain that way! I also love the fact that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not out of their heads about it. Their newness allows them to be genuinely awed with their success and that is awesome to witness. The entire cast did a stellar job and I am looking forward to a sequel (and more hopefully) that is just as good! Leave the Disney stars and other bigger stars out of it.

Posted by Tiffany | Report as abusive

hmm… all of a sudden, everyone wants a part in the Twilight Sequel. I wonder why? Before it hit them, Rob and Kristen didn’t even know that the film would stir up a storm. Now, they’re going to be featured in the upcoming Oscars. I think Rob’s going to present something. I don’t really mind who’s in and who’s out. They’re all tiny parts compared to Edward and Bella. Jane would be in for all three sequels though. I guess Fanning is smart in that sense. I just hope nothing goes terribly wrong and they’ll start filming soon. I expect it in November this year. Not a day late.

Posted by gloria | Report as abusive


you dont have to change the characters in the twilight!!!!
you can add!!!,, BUT dont change the main characters!!!


AHH! NO! disney actors should STAY in disney, New moon and ALL of the twilight movies should have not-so famous actors!! it makes it alot better!

Posted by Helena ? | Report as abusive

i do not want any disney people in the movies and if they do that would be so stupid or any big time star that would ruin the movies and i am still on the fence about this new director i like the first director she was amazing all i am really trying to say is stay true to the books and along the lines of the fist movies (meaning how the movie was shot)


sorry jennifer again dakota fanning would be ok cause she isn’t really that big so she would be ok but no disney people stay out of twilight

Posted by jennifer | Report as abusive

Please do not put the Jonas Brothers in the movie. You would definitely loose your “Cougar” Audience. You know the ones that pay and pay for their daughters to go to the movies, buy the books etc. They beauty of this movie is that the actors were not widely known and putting them in would ruin the whole draw of the movie. It would just be another Jonas Brother movie for teenie boppers!

Posted by Cathie Huber | Report as abusive

Whats up with all these stars suddenly wanting to be in twilight? they should keep it the same!

Posted by Tiffany | Report as abusive

It sucks how all of a sudden all these “celebrities” want to be in the sequel. I’m sure they would have declined if asked to be in Twilight. I love Twilight for the actors in it now. Dakota is adorable. But the Disney kids need to step back.

Posted by Melly | Report as abusive

No dakota, fur sure (you don’t need them to sell the series). I listen to the cd everyday, no jonas (too kiddie). Use the budget money for actors already on the job (love them), good script & effects. Chris & company, DO NOT ruin this for the FANS, we have spent mucha bucks for the love of Twilight. No vanessa, hilary etc., please. Oh yeah, make sure Robb sings on the cd again, muse, paramore & others of the like.

Posted by shar | Report as abusive

I hope they don’t allow Disney stars in the sequel. I think the fans of the movie and books would rather see not so famous stars in “New Moon”. Unknown characters make movies from books seem more interesting and mysterious.

Posted by kate | Report as abusive

The Jonas Brothers don’t have the right kind of sound for this movie. They are too peppy. It needs something more deep and meaningful and that fits the tone of the movie. Please, please, please no Vanessa Hudgens! Number 1 she definitely cannot act and it will make it all wrong. I’m kind of liking the Dakota Fanning choice. Her face is angelic enough with a little bit of possible sadism behind it. They just need to evil her up a bit. Big name isn’t going to do it for this movie though. Let it be what it is and help us find some new people to take part in the celebrity world and to bring these characters that we all adore to life.

Posted by Christine | Report as abusive

Are you kidding me?
i mean i love all three. but in their own movieeee!

twilight was amazing.
it will break my heart and millions,
if the same actors do not remain as is.

Bella, Edward, Alice, Dr Cullen.

it was perfect to me.
their skin tone,
the awkwardness and how it was pure perfection,

pleaseeeeee dont ruin twilight.


never done this before but i thought i must experss the outrage i am sure many will feel if the Disney actor made there way into Twilight. NOT HAPPY! please please Disney stay in your own movies, or you will upset a number of loving fans. by the way liking Dakota Fanning for jane sweet, small could be very innocent but will easy to evil up a bit. LETS KEEP IT REAL PEOPLE!

Posted by Nothappy | Report as abusive

Please do not make this movie into a Disney flop. Not all people who love Twilight are women in their youth. As a middle-aged woman, I know many of us that love the series, and we hope that this new movie remains in the genre of the first movie. I wish that the old director had remained, as, in general, movie series that suffer a change in director, suffer at the box office. And this movie also does not need “stars” who just want to join the bandwagon. As for the music, please don’t fall prey to the gimick groups.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

no way should the jonas brothers be involved in twilight, if u looked at the first soundtrack you will see that there music doesnt go with any of the previous ones at all! there is more rock, punk feel to music and there are no pop songs on there so no way!!!
and u dont need pretty people like vanessa for twilight, all the vampires and wolves are all serious characters and therefore the actors should reflect that, not soft faced sweet teens like vanessa.

Posted by beck | Report as abusive

i dont think the audience will like the cast being changed around too much. Most people liked the fact that it is a relativly unknown cast and making the movie too disney will loose some fan base.

Posted by Bellah | Report as abusive

Please don’t turn the next film into American Moon Pie staring every Disney “real actor watanabe”. Twilight was filmed with maturity and restraint. The music and visual beauty were as important as the story. Think more Harry Potter, or Lord of the Ring and less High School Musical 1,2 and 3.

Posted by TB | Report as abusive

vanessa or the jonas brothers should not be part of this amasing sequel! if they join it would be a total disaster!!! who wants some stupid people from the disney channel! ugh!!!

Posted by kattherine | Report as abusive

umm NO!! jonas brothers and vanessa would totally be a mess here. who wants them in new moon? summit should keep it like it is not with this disney freaks. ewww i will totally be dissapointed with this. hell no! first vanessa seems a loser jonas brotheres they seem gay!!! my answer is DO NOT PUT THOSE PERSONS IN NEW MOON!!! PLEASE!

Posted by isabella | Report as abusive

for all the true fans of twilight please don’t turn new moon into a farce!!! it needs to stay true to the story and feel of the book without any cheesy disney influence! (can’t really imagine sitting there at the cinema and vanessa hudgens popping up as a member of the Volturi!) A lot has been written about the obsessive nature of Twilight fans, and yes i suppose we are, but thats only because we care so much about the story and characters and wanna protect Twilight from being ruined!!Only unknown actors, actors staying the same and if we must have a change of director…well i’ll wait and c!!

Posted by jess | Report as abusive

um have you HEARD jonus brothers song Love Bug? HECK NO we dont want any sugar coated baby boppers messing up the authenticity of this saga! this series is about passion, and pain, and anguish, and love, it is not a cinderella story. no disney stars!!!!!!!!!!!! i do however think that dakota could possibly do great as jane but really we dont need high priced stars to make it wonderful…this isnt about fame. its about who makes the character true to what the fans are hoping for and who fits the image theyve formed in their head. none of us were reading the books and placing hollywood celeb faces in our minds to fit the people descriptions!

Posted by julie | Report as abusive

NO, i dont like the idea of someone else playing bella i mean come on she is the best person for the part kristen dont quit you can do it no matter what

Posted by ELIZABETH123 | Report as abusive

ON the subject of stalking!!!

It does not matter what we have to say nothing will ever change for celeb’s.
the press do their job the actors do theirs.
The fans love and hope to meet the actors they see on screen that pull them away from there normal lives and reality.
This is the sacrifice of stardom.

Privacy is of course never respected when a much needed cry for photos and info on certain actors is requested by half the population.

Everyone has to adapt and know that in some time things will die down for all to take a breath.

but the question is at what COST!

Posted by Krissy | Report as abusive

Your the best Robert Pattinson!!!! Keep it up Robert!!!

Posted by Alexandria Shelton | Report as abusive

i’m not going to diss any actress or actor, or group or singer, on their performance, simply because i cannot act or sing myself. however, i am going to ask a simple question if twilight made 356.8 millions dollars world wide, without the disney celebrities, or any hugely-wide known celebrity at all, doesn’t hollywood and weitz think its sequel is just as capable of 356.8 millions dollars, and even more? also, i have a statement. obviously, stephenie wrote with originality. so, maybe the movies should use “ordinary actors/actresses,” to show her beautiful creation some respect. if i were the author of it, i’d be disappointed if hollywood transferred my baby into something it was never supposed to be. hollywood and weitz, leave twilight and the sequels (i’m strictly referring to the movies) the way steph, catherine hardwicke, and summit entertainment created them. :) :) :)

Posted by ashley | Report as abusive

I dont normally leave comments but i dont agree with all these celebrities wanting ti be in the film. It did fine on its own and these disney channel people need to stay on disney and not come and ruin this.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

I honestly agree with the others that NO ONE from Disney should be in New Moon. Dakota SHOULD be in it!!!!!!!!!! ABSULUTELY no Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Marissa | Report as abusive

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